What Does Awakening Feel Like?

By Leo Gura - August 20, 2021 | 3 Comments

A phenomenological description of pure awakening

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Max Gron says:

Of all the videos that I’m happy with it’s how to get rich, this awakening video, and as many success videos as possible, well done.

to fandango says:

If God went though all this trouble to deceive itself, why would he want to awake?

When I am sleeping, dreaming and I realize I am dreaming, I try to enjoy the dream, not to keep reminding myself that I am in a dream all the time. I dont take advantage of this knowledge to do crazy/toxic stuff either (most of the time heheh), but try to have a beautiful dream and enjoy it.

Shouldnt we just live life knowing that nothing really matters but at the same time that is death serious in a way? Maybe have some awakenings to keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming, but not make the dream about knowing that is a dream, but use it to make the best out of it?

from fandango

to fandango says:

he would want to awake because he exactly hates self deception, he hates it so much that he had to outsource the hate and offload it to others.

its exactly that: nothing really matters. whatever way you read this, the quality of nothing does not change, except if the quality changes. we does not concern him, what concerns him is him and his ranking within that. he does not get the logical failure about him developing a nightmare vs you dreaming a dream and you wont realize until the story of your dream takes a turn. might be you dont realize, you are not the only dreamer, that realization would really matter.

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