Understanding War & Conflict - Part 1

By Leo Gura - March 17, 2022 | 11 Comments

A deep explanation of the existential cause behind all war

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cancel this says:

the guy is a putin supporter and talks about how to abuse women on their psychological male/gender speciffic issues, as if second order humans in his forum 90% of the time at the same time while civilians, women children, old people in ukrain die. if there is anything exteme right in his brain then his political orientation. its a farce him claiming to be a democratic supporter, the platform a big lie, while autocratically structured.
his forum is like finding out you are in the middle of a right wing facebook group only after accepting the friendly offer to be open minded, sharing your self development practices with someone who does not practice self development – there is no friendly offer by a mysoginist, rape supporter, putin supporter, with a christallin cis mentality, the things he is woke about are not the same concepts as what woke means in political or spiritual enlightenment.
meaning (originally) is a matter of better discernment not of assignment to whatever consciousness – WOKENESS IS NOT CONSCIOUSNESS, ITS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

Joel Tepper says:

Being coherent is not your forte.

cancel this says:

if its incoherent for you, question your logic.

cancel this says:

another way of more coherency in your favor, is questioning the guy about his political or spiritual ethics, he is in denial about a value system in ethical questions. was against trump, but apologetic on behalf of ukrainian invasion. for me its not coherent if a claimed democrat is in any ways pro nationalism. it has nothing to do with being left to support putin, the left today and even IN THEORY of historical militant left leaders has a standard about cultural selfdetermination in a democratic sense. although in history we evaluate them about their deeds and not their theory. as a russian descendent its a bit like he can not get his own nationalistic interests straight, even if russians in russia are taking risks to speak openly against war, he repeated in his forum the russian media marketing gag, that nato is the reason for what is happening in russia, probably not only in terms of war but innerpoliticaly its probably also nato. because he also favours a similar form of authority in how he constructed his forum, the reason for that is probably nato.
all he came up with is a video about war and conflict. its in no way close to having a non biased perspective. it is pretty coherent with his sexist and apologetic standpoint towards rape proclaimed in some of his videos and in some sense laughable that his highest values are consciousness, while the picture of consciousness he draws seems to be a grotesque replika of historical occurrences of reality, he asks people to not interprete into right or wrong, not left or right, morally directionless regarding human ethics. tearing down ethics and religion at the same time, to a farce of spiritual dishumanification of the term consciousness, classifying consciousness as sth that is but not assigning it to animals or a quality anybody could have.
placativeley using words used in conscious discourses hollowing them of meaning to the point of indiscernability, in a selfrighteous way, getting closer to a theory of existentialism than one of consciousness.
i mean yeah, existentialism is a legit worldview, in a relative way, it is not very compatible with a creative or consciously developed one though, not in this century. especially if existentialism is paired with a weird form of hybrid nationalism for legitimacy reasons of both sides.
hybrid nationalism is not the same as cultural identification and never will be. the synergistic effect of hybrid nationalism and existentialism is pretty toxic in all cases, without exception.

cancel this says:

hej joel, i have an enlightenment joke for you:

what happens if one man gets a hold of a state of art?

– by unknown artist –

Bojan says:

Why are there not more people like you in the world? Please build teams of translators for your videos in every single country. Maybe you are not on TV in America, but you could be in I don’t know…

The translators should literally speak for you in the video like they translate movies into other languages. Too bad you cannot be my president or superior, I mean I have no problem with you having power over my life, which you have very little of. Being your citizen would be my pleasure.

Max Raoy Gron says:

About war over things in the world, my war is a battle over who gets the upper hand. With the workers of where I live, my war is about the mistakes the workers have made and me stepping in to get angry to get things done, that’s them arranging things when they should’ve done something for me, and as for perfection, that also becomes a problem, because it’s a war of telling me how I should behave when in reality (I’m not going to admit it) I want perfect freedom and it’s going to push me to demand perfection, and perfectionism does make wars, it’s a conflict with imperfect things and it’s fighting everyone else and being satisfied when something perfect happens, the problem with this is that it’s perfect when you get your fish and chips when you don’t need fish and chips, then it’ll make you fat so an ideal option is to not get the fish and chips, also my religion and its diet are at war, it’s a conflict of precisely getting people to cater to the foods my religion allows, like green vegetables, and people have to feed me my diet, and I’m not satisfied until it fits a Puritan diet. That automatically means I can go around telling the servers to serve me chicken, broccoli and potatoes when a Puritan eats chicken, broccoli and potatoes. It automatically gives me the licence to demand people to listen to my religion so when I say something’s against my religion people have to accommodate it and respect my religion, and listen to my religion. It automatically means I can go around drinking in any house I want since my religion didn’t stutter, it said you can’t get drunk or drink alcohol for longer than an hour, that automatically means I can go around dressed in brown clothes and a big hat like a Puritan, wear a brown coat without pearl or gold buttons or gold or silver thread, because my religion said so, meaning my religion is at war with anyone who doesn’t respect that, who doesn’t respect that it’s my rules and I have to obey them.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Why am I insisting on puritanical behaviour? It doesn’t reduce conflict having curfew at a parent’s house when they’re eager to get rid of me, it’s a conflict in and of itself. I can have some peace publicly eating porridge, and not revealing that I’m eating meat. As for that ridiculous religion of mine, you’ll be laughed out of England in the 17th century. Still, things conflict spiritually between two yogis and two gurus, they’ll fight with each other, and it goes on being conflictive until there’s no religion left, I can’t have any peace until I’m friends with the Muslims, it’s so, as it’s so it goes on to mean conflict ends if you’re not fighting.

Maxiwrong says:

God lets war occur because he’s a dickhead, in a religion where God lets bad things happen it’s a horrible religion, I prefer Fortune because at least she comes in rewarding you for eliminating your misfortune, yes, it’s a gift, what does God do? He does nothing, he’s malevolent, but of these anti-intellectual beliefs like religious shit, I’d rather be an intellectual (one following John Locke), or maybe not you stupid idiot, believing in God, it should be pessimism.

Max Gron says:

Fuck God then, God is an idiot, the reason Jesus had a suspicious method of his stupid religion is because he’s stupid, wise people are idiots, if a wise person gave me cow shit to drink I’ll say “fuck off”, that stuff is disgusting, if you can corrupt God with your ego, then God is fucking lazy, I want the weakest army, the weakest war, and to just be selfish, God gives me no power?! God can’t create a peaceful world, I rest my case, fuck God, God is asleep in the clouds and he won’t get off his arse except to watch you wank yourself, I’m not believing this shit, I think God will send you to heaven just doing Kierkegaard’s philosophy, any religion that doesn’t do any good, that does nothing, is false, it’s a lie. Clinging to God, fine, if you’re feeling insecure, religion is fear, it’s insecurity, you cling to God because you’re a fucking coward! People who believe in anything are cowards!!!

Max Gron says:

What the USA is doing with its approximately 52 states with different languages, mostly American English, is a division, not very much a unity, North America is fighting with people in the South, uniting states together? it didn’t work, some of the states speak French, Pennsylvania speaks German, did Australia work as a British colony? No, there are German Australians in Hahndorf, non-Muslims in Melbourne, there’s the right conservatives in South Australia and some patriots, Adelaide supporters in Adelaide, Australia is itself divided, the Victorians already divided themselves from the NSW people who call Victoria Mexico (“south” of the “border”), there always was tribalism amongst British-descended Australians, if they’re different, they will fight!

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