The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Fear - Part 1

By Leo Gura - September 16, 2019 | 7 Comments

How fear works

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John says:

This is your best so far. I can’t wait for part 2. Thank you for all that you do for us. You inspire us to reach deeper and become what we are all capable of being.

Joel says:

And so GOD, in his infinite imagination created a human being who with one exception was able to shed all his attachments and fears including the fear of being totally alone for eternity. But he never reached enlightenment. He could not let go of the fear of LAW AND ORDER reruns ending.

Emperio says:

beautiful post
never stop, study and reach goals,
this gives strength. thanks

Steve says:

Haven’t watched part2 yet but would love to hear more on creative fear – something I have been struggling with since taking a certain job 4 years ago. Great vid though, the penny dropped. Look forward to the next one – Thanks

Kelly says:

Wow…. Thank you so much!!! I’m in the process of becoming a doula and realizing that reducing fears will be my bread and butter… women fear they won’t be strong enough, they won’t stretch wide enough, they fear the “pain” thats all made up in their head, they won’t produce enough milk for their baby, they won’t love their baby, they will be a bad parent… and on and on.

And then there’s the hospital interventions. Instead of helping women work through their fears, almost all the interventions validate them… anesthesia: pain, cesarean section and inductions: your body isn’t working or your baby is too big for your body… constant fetal monitoring: baby is more important than the mother… and on!!!

ANYWAYS… thank you, thank you for your work. I will definitely be recommending it to my clients!

Simon says:

Hi Leo

Great video, looking forward to watching part 2 once I have done some homework.

One thing that made me laugh though was when you started talking about micro fears, the first one you mentioned was people fearing that they would run out of toilet paper. As I write this the world is facing the threat of corona virus and what is the one thing you can’t buy anywhere for love nor money due to panic buying?…….Toilet paper

Good call Leo haha

Many thanks for all the great content you put out.

Cheers Simon

Scarlett says:

Suppressed inventions are hidden by Illuminati Queen governments corporations

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