The Launch Of Infinite Insights - Leo's Blog

By Leo Gura - January 30, 2017 | 8 Comments

Announcing the launch of Leo’s Blog!


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simon says:

My definition of enlightenment: Finding something to enjoy about/in the present moment…it’s a process, let’s say that someone is extremely mind identified, out of control thoughts stemming from the ego. Deeply unhappy because they are so identified with their ego, constant worry, repeating the past and rehearsing the future. Let’s say this person begins their enlightenment journey, they begin to find something beautiful about the present moment…still 99.9% of their reality is ego derived, but now at least they have that tiny bit of enjoyment from the present moment, as time goes on they keep working, ect ect they eventually see about 10% enjoyment of whatever is happening in the present moment, eventually with enough work all the negative ego derived bullshit falls away and they have 100% enjoyment of what is happening in the present moment, no more negativity just 100% bliss. Then they have reached perfect enlightenment.

simon says:

The more their enjoyment of the present moment grows the more their ego derived thoughts fall away as these two states cannot co-exist simultaneously.

Daisy says:


A gift of silence from me to you!

An illusion of the mind is what I call lunacy

 High strung ideas, ego crouched under the surface

Thoughts weaving patterns that have no basis,

 in the early mist of daybreak

 ideas …like vapors penetrating through cracks of our brain

Who is here to hear our logic?

Hours spent contriving plans of generic concepts, to convince who ?

we all have our own intricate movies playing, portraying our muses
Oh come, try to see things as they are

A tree for example….. is it just a tree in your eyes ?

What preconceived notions do you have about it

 I spend many days trying to separate the tree from me

I spent many weeks feeling my emotional turmoil

I spent hours listening to my heartbeat

I realized many things, during my time spent in silence

eventually I was able to separate the tree from me

eventually I saw you as just you, and me as me

eventually I was able to hear my heartbeat loud and clearly

in the stillness of my mind, I mastered time as it ticked

now I can see the wind fill the tree with life

I pick out a melody playing in my heart

and I can love you, simply for you

and my life has transformed from

colorless to nirvana

Daisy 2017

Unfolder says:

Yes!! I love how you focused on extracting the golden nuggets of wisdom and presenting them to us in bite-size chunks to ponder. Gratitude my friend!

One thing: in the example of the stereograms you ask the readers to cross their eyes, but this will cause the emerging image to go concave instead of convex.The gaze should go parallel.

Cheers mate!

Stephanie says:

Love the song you shared from Will Young.
I look forward to hearing what you have to say about ecology.

I love your work.

Your videos have been of great help.
Thanks a lot Leo.

Mayur says:

Insights blog is really helpful and kind a cool too.

Eden says:

Hey check this out from a whole different perspective!
Video called – Smartest prank ever – from brazil by channel Garytvcom.

Until you see it with your own eyes, now you feel bad, guilty, and disgusted? I love this video and proves so many points. REFERRING TO ECOLOGY AND YOUR WILL YOUNG VIDEO. – dreamers disease

Katelyn Persyn says:

Evil lives within
My ego my enemy
Hidden behind fear

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