The Dangers Of Spiritual Work

By Leo Gura - October 22, 2019 | 6 Comments

The dangers and traps no one tells you about

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Praveen says:

Sir, your theory of Taking births in increasing order of consciousness is absolutely correct.
Indian addiction- If one meditate and does not become God in this life span then, in next birth he will be given better environment to meditate than before.
Kindly, address the issue of sounds and light in inner regions… About which various Indian as well as written in Bible

Victor says:

People have success with self development program (method) –

Joel says:

Just as an experiment I decided to greet some of my friends by saying, “I know you are imaginary and illusory.” I discovered they didn’t like that. If there are infinite dimensions and possibilities, there must be a dimension in which after I greet my friends with, “I know you are imaginary and illusory”, they would reply, “Of course.”

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Of course!
Old friends are hard to come by. Keep in mind that in your dimension, today’s new friend is someday’s old friend. And “of course”, “now” is eternal in our dimension. Enjoy! DON’t WORRY, BE HAPPY.

Tayyeb says:


I was attending a three weeks workshop with Peter Ralston recently and many were desapointed of not reaching the enlightenment expected.
We were about 20 participants.
The workshops with Peter Ralston (Cheng Hsin Center) are famous and the best you can find for enlightenment and meditation coaching.
Leo is right: there is no fit for all in growing up and waking up.
Some, like Peter Ralston are enlightened early in life, others have to go through many challenges before beeing opened to a profound insight.
Truth is so personnal….and not.
Holding on to not knowing, wandering, I guess is wise

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