Life Unfolds In Chapters & Phases

By Leo Gura - May 7, 2019 | 7 Comments

The 4 phases of life

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Rino says:

Denver legalizes mushrooms. How is that for a new chapter.

Mira says:

Dear Leo

I just discovered you and your amazing teachings! And now you want to stop???
Why not to be a spiritual teacher and become the Ram Dass of our time? Or the new Ken Wilber as a philosopher….or the next Anadi – Your enlightenment video is THE VERY BEST I EVER HAVE SEEN (and I saw a lot)!
Please continue teaching – the new wave is already waiting…. people are ready for it.
Thanx so much Mira

Manana says:

A very interesting approach to life, considering each part of it as a chapter or phase.
There are excellent experts who will help you write academic work, find and process the material you need and give you a job well done

Yvonne says:

This website has helped me enormously over the last couple of years with my self-development and is helping me be a better, more understanding parent too.

Leo says:

Ayase enthusiastic extroverted impulsive people oriented idealistic simple naive Takao cool mature precocious patient apathetic phlegmatic observant trustworthy

mom Lisa my older brother is dangerous I love animals I loved a girl I live in Sunbury I was born in 2004 I used to live in Africa I used to live in Cobham in 2012 I was a student in an autistic school before leaving

Max Gron says:

Like I said earlier, Leo, I don’t like your structure, money, luxury and aesthetics are my structure, I’ll be happy with the money, I never felt happy without money. So forget you, I’ll start stopping watching the videos and make a reflection as to why you’re a problem for Hitler, not simply because you’re a jew, but because people like you are the reason for our poverty. Your structure is also selflessness and not being about you, I find you uncomfortable, so forget being uncomfortable, I’m only comfortable in having my own system and not yours. Plus I’m at the limbo phase, I don’t want extraordinariness, I just want to live like normal and be a dick like the rest of you.

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