Spiral Dynamics - Areas Of Application

By Leo Gura - December 17, 2018 | 4 Comments

Examples of how to apply Spiral Dynamics to improve the world

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Daniel says:

Leo, I can definitely see you opening up a turquoise/Yellow University.

Video’s I would Like To See…
– Stage Red
– Shamanism and Occult
– Your deep thoughts about Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson lol
– Shadow Work
– How World Travel Can Improve Your Life (For young people)
– Myers Briggs Personality Types
– Updated Video On Law Of Attractions

Perez says:

I approve of this recommended videos. I would probably take out the Peterson and Harris one though. To expand on the travel part, I’d say something like ‘Practical Advice For Young People’, I know that’s vague but Leo could narrow that down a bit I imagine. Also I’d throw in “Understanding Emotions Part 2” going into more detail on Self-Esteem, Anger, Depression, etc.

rami says:

Wondering if anyone knows of a yellow university out there, or any efforts to make one?

Kuroba Kaito says:

Movie:Aoko Nakamori,Hakuba Sagura Akako Koizumi Kaito’s parents,ChildhoodGo
Kaitou kid new ideas,plans,surprises,Maybe love rivals wanting Kaito or Aoko Steal
more interesting unpredictable challenges,ideas from your Magic Lupin.Kaito wore
a mask to physicially look like a boy Aoko never wants to kiss then he kissed her!I
love all traditional anime cels of this movie.Aoko’s surprised of Kaito’s disguise off
after he tasted her lips before smugly telling Aoko her lips tasted sweet after kiss!
Same voice actors mainly Kappei Yamaguchi for Kaito,maybe Shinichi.If Aokocan’t tolerate Kaitou after she failed to persuade her dad to avoid him regardless of the
most complicated reliable best plans even meditating for as long even if he enjoys
meditating for 4 hours everyday even after his addictions purely gone since hewas a toddler,child,teenager,20s,30s,40s,Maybe funny to watch her time travel to past
to persuade her father to keep the best job possible to never let Kid distract him!
But then Kaito secretly followed her saw her time travel without her noticing him!
secretly watched her as he followed her to her fathers past.Heard her”After purely
losing all addictions,his fear of emptyness he’ll never be distracted by Any Thief or
any other evil people.He’ll stop worrying as much as he did before he meditated 4
or more hours a day.never less I’ll never worry of losing my father to evil people I
hope he’ll always be the best unpredictable genius he can possibly become for me
Kaito(as 1412)never tries to stop her plan until after he experienced heists withno
Nakamori to stop him,He honesty feels heists can’t be as exciting without her dad
He tries to stop his father from doing that stunt disguised as accident to kill him I
don’t know how Kaito can stop the pandora hunt organization from making a trap
work properly before it killed his biological father without any evidence of KaitoKid
being here to stop them maybe he’d be killed regardless of how many traps to kill
him were prevented or broken by Kuroba Kaito as Kid or maybe they find pandora
before killing him maybe he’s told by his father he’d rather die than let others die
before willing sacrificing his life to save the most people possible after comfort son
Have Kaito kid grab Aoko surprising her before covering her mouth after she tried
to struggle out of his grasp but failed because he’s stronger than her she’s furious
but he blackmailed her”If you don’t tell me what you’re doing or why you’re doing
this I’ll tell your father You tried to face danger by yourself without telling him You
want your father to trust you?Aoko?”.Aoko was angry,nervous.Don’t call me AokoI always hate you!Why won’t you stay away from my life?Bakaito kid!she can’t stop
crying in front of Kid of all people.He felt sorry for Aoko,he didn’t let her go “No matter how powerful you are physically,emotionally You can’t always be alone.You can’t always change the past but have you thought of how that changes your dad
future if after you made him meditate everyday I’ve seen your plan,can see if you
lie no matter how convincing you are to most humans.”Aoko glared at Kid said”so
Before time travel I tried literally all methods to make him lose his addictions but
he still chased you even after purely gone.The younger his addictions purely gone
the least time possible he reveals his authentic personality so Kaito can’t predictas
easily as before she made him meditate as young as possible

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