Spiral Dynamics - Important Insights

By Leo Gura - November 19, 2018 | 8 Comments

Additional insights and nuances for how to apply Spiral Dynamics properly

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Mayur says:

There is nobody who is so enlightened that they don’t need to work on themselves.

-Terence McKenna

Kartik says:

Hey leo , i am a student and want to ask how to stay present while studying as i find it very hard to understand this?

Andrew says:

Just get involved in studying what’s so difficult about it !

Watch Leo’s “How to study” episode.

David Turcot says:

Im from Canada and I must say I am worried. Because of Donald Trump. He his the purest Orange ever. USA citizens are mmore evolved than him. Why is he the president? I Will never understand this as a Canadian…

David Turcot says:

Actually I understand and its fine. I am fine, who am I to Judge and whats the point of judging if i’m not acting on it. Jiddhu Krisnamurti was probably coral and he his the ultimate example, but I have to work on where I am, One step at the time. I dont know where I am. Im a rainbow.

David Turcot says:

I’m beige most of the time but I know it and I dont act on it most of the time. I know I am a fool thinking than I am more evolved than I actually am. Knowing it is the first step.

rami says:

Leo No! Your view of hunter gatherer societies is not as educated as it can be and it colors a few of your videos in incorrect misleading thinking.
Please read the work of Daniel Quinn. I think he mastered yellow and teaches the most important lesson that needs to be taught in yellow.
Read ‘Ishmael’ first, then ‘Story of B’, then ‘My Ishmael’, Then ‘Beyond Civilization’.


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