Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness

By Leo Gura - April 20, 2020 | 17 Comments

Insights from 30 awakenings in 30 days

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Dieter says:

Dear God,

I had so much fun watching this together! Leo, thank you so much for sharing this. I find it brave for a human! The old condescending Leo is cute, nothing funnier than sassy talk to God. Love you deeply bud!


(P.S. Lemons go from green to yellow to brown, usually.)

Nobody says:

Could you please add this to your “Audio Downloads” list?

I can’t find it there. At least not by these names:

– Insights from 30 awakenings in 30 days
– Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness

Also… congratulations on your work!

I’ve been watching, reading and listening it for about 4 years.
It has been quite an adventure.

Please keep up your efforts and good luck!

Nobody says:

Yes, I can do that.

But then again, no I can’t.

Unathi says:

Hi Leo,
Thanks for this topic. Very uncomfortable exercises and space to step
into and ask oneself all these questions.
I think if certain people can picture or imagine for a split second a technologically advanced fast paced civilized society in some parts of Africa. Too many people seem to think Id be sending you a message like this from a brick because Africa is nothing but desert, animals, illiterate morons and chaos and stricken poverty across every squared meter of land on the continent. It cracks me up each time I mention I go to work on an elephant and have never seen TV or even say Ive never eaten food apart from sand all my life and some people still genuinely believe it,although Ive stopped laughing and tried to reflect how one what makes them think that way.
Ive been following your channel for years. Im so stoked each time,not cause you are right or wrong but the curiosity you stir in one to reflect even deeper especially when it comes to assuming that others may be on the same level on the open minded spectrum as one may think.
Keep making magic


Jim Feiling says:

love u man

Ramon says:

yes lets take dmt and talk shit. very enlightened

chad charles says:

Leo, I have followed you for some years. Not too closely, not too distant. This video is what I anticipated. I appreciate your contribution very much, and will add your video to my list of resources for clients who find their way to me.

I have been offering a talk/presentation called ‘Effing the Ineffable’ for the last 2-3 years. It’s my contribution to better grasping the function of 5-MeO-DMT as well as the lessons. It’s now a webinar online: chadcharles dot net/project/effing-the-ineffable/

More personally, this experiment more closely touched me as you describe the bathroom-tub setting, starting at 41 0. Over the last 2 years there has been an increase in 5/bufo-related deaths, many of them in psychonautic settings. A dear friend who was at least as experienced as you died in a bathtub experimenting in the same way.
I thank you for the expression of caution at the end of this presentation.
What is reckless or not is subjective. May the way others are inspired include a hearkening of empowered consideration and contemplation.

Bless you.

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Takao Yuuto says:

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David Wood says:

Thanks for posting this video. Having taken 5-Meo more than a few times but less than you, I can share that I had a very similar though not identical experience and opportunity to merge into God. And yes I realized if I made that choice to merge with God that everything would collapse in with me. I, like you, lacked the courage to make the leap. So I guess this means that you are me, or I am you. I will say though that you articulated and explained this much better than I could have so thanks. Much love, a big hug, and best wishes. Thanks. Dave.

Poul says:

Hi Leo! Thank You very much for sharing this experience! For Your bravery and ongoing hard work with all those important subjects! And all those inspiring videos! Thanks! Hugs and love! Poul

james hughes says:

leo, I love you!! thanks for sharing this !!

Maud says:

Leo you talk about achieving Mahasamadhi and you also talk about merging entirely with reality and taking everything and everyone with you. But is there is a difference between the two?

Tereza says:

Hi Leo. Thank you for this breathtaking video. I was crying with you all the time cuz I was literally melting. I had similar experience on LSD just of kors not so profound but at least I am able to relate to this topic somehow. You are my favourite teacher, I dont take you words as an ideology. I just appreciate your work for how it opens my mind to the new perspectives. I use your words to ignite my own way of thinking. Your videos make me think deeper and that is very valuable for me. Your videos are priceless at least for me.

Keith says:

Looks like you figured out why you created this infinite reality… Maybe now you understand that infinity isn’t nothing. Infinity is love. Everything is love. I am happy that you were able to see this. That is something not too many people get to see.

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