Mankind Is The Bullshitting Animal

By Leo Gura - October 15, 2018 | 16 Comments

How the mind is always bullshitting while denying that it does so

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Daniel says:

I can’t wait for your video on shadow work.

steph says:

Bentinho Massaro wrote an article about this a year ago. You might enjoy it:

Robert says:

you’re nuts Leo , 267 times used full of shit only in the enumeration! if one counts how many times you used shit in one our there is a chance to get in guiness book.

Andrew says:

That could be rap song

Brian says:

Notice, when we play a musical instrument, that’s not full of shit?

Mayur says:

Leo talks shit.

Recontextualization – the shit is really deep

So if language is full of shit your full of shit and im especially full of shit does that mean (human) language COULD literally create reality?!

ary says:

I love the map analogy you use at the end of the clip – That really worked for me to explain what you are doing in I also love and salute how personal and direct and (as far as I can tell) nakedly honest you make your videos – and have delighted in watching over time (in somewhat condensed form – I only came upon the site fairly recently) how your interpretations morph over time and the resutant changes in opinion. This really works with the map idea – topo map with some crossings out and changes to landforms (after a couple of earthquakes a few landmarks have toppled and river changed course).
self inquiry using a rane of lenses, perspectives and maps.

sathyanath says:

Yourvedeo on Dereeda is superb.I came to know more about Dereeda in Your vedeo.Do You believe even Dereeda and Deconstruction is bullshit?

Eerik says:

Took me around 6 minutes of the list when I got the insight directly. After all, thinking works in analogies and Leo brought out so many of them that it showed to the self what it is. It was like an honest mirror into the existence of the self. That was a fabulous exercise to create an epiphany.

Shahar says:

I watched that video in the morning and stopped after 40 min because I couldn’t really grasp it fully. Then I went through the day and suddenly noticed all the mountains of bullshit in society and in my own ego and only then I understood what Leo was talking about. Came back in the evening to see the rest of the video and then watched it again and only then I really understood.

maryam says:

is it possible to add subtitle to your videos?

Ziyu says:

go to youtube ,go to the video, click add subtitles somewherre in the page

Max Gron says:

I know mankind is the bullshitting animal, but the beliefs of cats and dogs are still bullshit. A scared dog is full of shit, a disobedient dog is full of shit. Animals get bullshit from the fact that people bullshit. Even your beliefs are bullshit, there’s no real truth in a person’s or animal’s beliefs. Ants don’t do bullshit but the morals of a cat and dog are bullshit.

Max Gron says:

Of all the bullshit, I’m not bullshitting in my relationships, I’m very honest, perhaps my vegetarian diet is bullshit, since meat isn’t defined as a white meat, all the semi- and quasi- and pesce- and pollo- and pollopescevegetarians deny they’re eating meat. Science isn’t bullshit, unless it says such things as whales aren’t fish, bullshit! Whales are fish. And authority is itself bullshit, it’s not an interest in the truth, it sidesteps the truth to tell you what to do.
People take the taking of meds seriously as even that’s bullshit, taking meds is still doing harmful drugs, the government wants us to take their drugs, my family is also full of shit, they’re denying I might be adopted and yes it’s a possibility, my mother mightn’t be related to me, my brother might be a unrelated man and not my brother, I might’ve come from Somerset, think about it, this Australianness is bullshit, and Australians are bullshit artists, they’re denying I’m Australian, therefore Australianness is bullshit, it’s not its own official definition: from Australia, it redefines itself as advertising and stereotypes, what about John Butler? Him and his music is Australian, do you think he’s using Australian stereotypes? No! Australians bullshit themselves.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Instead of having experience or meditation or contemplation as to what the truth is, just use your brains and look at reality without magic, religion or the supernatural, wisdom is full of shit and experience is full of shit, if you tell an honest man this shit like contemplating the truth is knowing the truth, he’ll laugh at you. Sages are full of shit, I think wisdom is true and having no reflection and no experience is true, true means it’s based on fact, religion is not even recognized as a fact, the only fact of religion is that it’s made up stories religion teaches. How can you be sincere about God? God is trying to kill you, do you think contemplating leads to truth? Get out of here! Truth is the exact definition found in the dictionary, you can’t handle the truth, and in your case you can’t handle the facts.

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