Intro To Systems Thinking

By Leo Gura - June 12, 2017 | 14 Comments

How to think about and work with complex systems

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Andy says:

Good talk.

Jimmy Feiling says:

Very informative leo. I do appreciate your work and share it actively despite my abrasive comments. Sometimes i wish i was an edgy zen guy but Im not sure about if i have the cake right.

I wanted to share the link i think perhaps you may find that info informative if not distracting. I disagree that all religions are a distraction because they are a part of our collective experience of each other… part of authentic human relationships. ( after typing this i think… sure cuz relations” arent distracting”?)

Systems thinking sounds especially interesting because of what i once heard about something labeled “object of great importance” meaning when person becomes enamored with an idea or thing and then their expectations are pre set up for not achieving. Like evolution actualization enlightenment etc… but i think people sometimes dont give systems the significance they deserve?

Ryan says:

As Alan Watts said about best intentions: “Kindly let me help you or you’ll drown” ‘Said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.'”

Bernardo says:


Sundar says:

Hi Leo,

Can you please provide the names of the systems thinking books? I am not sure which of the 200 books in your list you are referring to ?

Steve Carr says:

Hi Sundar,

I have looked at the list also and we can’t narrow it down as we have found out. Looked on Amazon and as you probably have seen Amazon lists many books on systems thinking. Perhaps we should choose the beginners books first and go from there.



Natalya says:

Regarding the very last thought in this video about useless people who work for “cancerous” corporations and are not contributing to this world, does that include single mothers hanging on to some job that sucks, but keeps the kid(s) taken care of?

Dio says:

Yes, people that struggle in life are easier to trap within a system. Every age has its own slavery, they still need people to produce.

Natalya says:

@Dio, kids bring about a lot of traps, making it difficult to achieve an actualized life.

Leo Gura says:

Of course. That is how corruption works.

Natalya says:

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Anthony Wheeler says:

Leo, and Leo followers

The rich, greedy, corrupters who create most of the systems, build in purposeful complication. I call it


The rich pay the so called intelligent to create complication, so the poor, less intelligent can’t participate as effectively or at all or they just go along with it because they have no power to change the system. The Legal system is a great example. It has it’s own language which you have to pay a Lawyer who makes at least 25x as much as the average joe-jane to make a case for you. 99.99% of the people don’t know 99.999999999% of the laws. It’s clear they don’t have the resources to participate. The income tax system is another great example. A CRAZY COMPLICATED system that favors the wealthy. Why penalize people for making money. Why not instead penalize them for spending it. A National sales tax of a ?% would be equal for all, with no complication at all. Think of all the systems the rich control, and you will notice it’s ridiculously complicated. of course the Intelligent like the systems they come up with, because the think it all makes sense, and thats how they make more money then most people. One of the hallmarks of SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED people is simplicity. As you ascend the scale the world seems like a loony bin of complication, all for greed. By far the biggest factor that influences systems is GREED!

Leo, a great subject would be “CRITICAL POINT ANALYSIS”. This is analyzing the point of a system that takes the least amount of energy to stop, start, or change the system. Critical point analysis of Government points to ETHICS as the culprit of all the injustice done by those we have entrusted to care for us. As all games are played by the rules, and there must be great rule enforcement. Another great subject would be “RAMIFICATION THINKING”. self explanatory.


Gary says:

i hope you realize now that you were wrong about President Trump and that you should not take sides in politics. a lot of celebrities don’t know when to keep their mouth shut, I enjoyed all of your previous videos, but not this one.

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