How To Get Started With Self-Actualization

By Leo Gura - May 29, 2017 | 13 Comments

Over 40 techniques for doing self-actualization

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Delma says:

LMAO you are awesome! Love the straight up chats. I have watched your videos and appreciate the work that goes into creating them.

Hengame says:

Thank you Leo, I am happy to following you since 2014. Your videos helped me a lot and directed me to many, different proufounds researches and books as you suggested always. Thank,

Ryan Fisler says:

Whatsup Leo? Back on your game, this vid is massively helpful. However, I have a suggestion that you change the title. I almost didn’t watch it because I was thinking ” I have already started long ago, this video is for total newbies ” based on the title “how to get started” If others have a similar thought process this video could be missed by some of your long-time viewers. I would change it just to “Best Techniques for Self-Actualization” so some don’t get the wrong idea that it’s only helpful for beginners. I am far from a beginner, already implementing a massive % of these things but the video is still very helpful to remind me of other ones I am not doing anymore or haven’t tried yet, as well as the validation of many of the things I am currently doing.

Spencer says:

Leo, Thank you so much for your passion, understanding, creativity and love. I discovered your videos 2 years ago but am now getting getting serious about the path thanks to you. Keep up the good work man. I love seeing you evolve and i’m super excited to be joining you on the journey! You’ve given my life a far greater direction. Peace brother!

Patrick says:

Leo, I want you to know your work has a profound affect on my life. I married young and now have a child and it is a difficult journey to find the truth while retaining a conventional lifestyle. I wonder as I just had a child how an experience like that would shift your perspective on the world. Perhaps you have achieved a level of awareness where you can retain your place. I’m not sure. Either way, you are my guide, and you will never know me. Please continue to be my teacher.

Rohan says:

5:42 Finding your life purpose
7:27 Reprogramming your subconscious mind
8:10 Meditation
8:45 Mindfulness meditation with labeling
9:55 Concentration practice
10:45 Self inquiry
11 9 Contemplation
11:51 Journaling
12:54 Learning the theory
15:15 Taking notes
15:53 Buying and doing courses
17 8 Researching books, courses and seminars
17:56 Studying various spiritual traditions
19 1 Seeking out masterful teachers
20:49 Attend workshops, retreats and seminars
21:25 (?) Retreats specifically for developing your mindfulness, body awareness and fixing breathing problems
21:39 Solo retreats
22:20 Psychedelic retreats
22:49 Psychedelics by yourself (in a responsible manner, specifically for personal development)
23:45 Ending unconscious relationships
24:52 (For relationships that are salvageable) Learn how to communicate properly. Learn how to let go of your ego in relationships.
25:55 Radical honesty
26:44 Making new friends
27:49 Cut out any friends who are being lazy, drunk, going partying every night. Things that you’re doing, they don’t have any interest in.
28 9 NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
28:45 Shadow work
29:24 New age methods: Lucid dreaming, Astral projection, Hypnosis, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chakra
31:15 Cleaning up your diet
34 9 Gym. Physical exercise. Hatha yoga. Old-school yoga.
35:15 Breathing
36 0 Holotropic breath work
36:21 Body work, energy work, Reichian therapy
37:16 Developing body awareness
38 8 Cleaning up your information intake
39:31 Eliminating hard addictions (junk food, drugs, coffee, alcohol, smoking, shopping, pornography, video games)
41 8 Eliminating subtle addictions (theorizing, judging, chasing success, chasing love, chasing validation, perfectionism, being right all the time, morality, arguing and debating, criticizing)
42 8 Getting more life experiences (travel, going out, being in nature, camping, living in different cities, interacting with new interesting people, having deeper conversations with strangers)
42:55 Building socialization skills and dating skills
43:26 Finding healthy forms of relaxation and entertainment (sport, being out in nature, meditation, or whatever that is for you)
43:53 Getting your affairs in order (bills, shit, etc — build systems to handle and automate it)
45 8 Minimizing your lifestyle
45:50 Finding a quality life coach or therapist and working with them one-on-one
46:29 Neurofeedback training
51:15 The Five Most Important
51:22 #1 Have a juicy vision
52:30 #2 Theory
53:44 #3 Removing addictions and distractions
54:10 #4 Installing some small healthy habits (meditations, cleaning up your diet, daily learning, doing a couple of retreats a year)
54:37 #5 Non-egoic consciousness´╗┐

Ahsen says:

Do anyone know where can I buy psychedelics from. I am living in Turkey. Thanks.

Ben says:

You mention that a lot of the bad theory we have will prevent us from retaining new theory, and that we must unwire this bad theory that’s taking up space. How do we do this?

Thanks for another spectacular video!

Elias says:

My purpose in life is to get friends (meaningful relationships), but there is no courses on friendships and I don’t know any good book eather…

Amorid Abderrahim says:

Thank you Leo, a wonderful video. It goes on many aspects of life. I take it as an

enlighement course.

The way you present it helped me a lot to understand it.

Following you through the video I shifted from time to know more about something like NLP technics.

I want you to clarify it (NLP) I think it will be useful for many of your audiance.

thank you very much LEO.

Abderrahim from Morocco.

Amorid Abderrahim says:

Thank you ROHAN FOR YOUR HELP by writing down all the techniques given by LEO.

thank you very much.

Bengt says:

Thanks for your list Rohan. And you for the vid Leo.

Monty says:

I’m a 50 yo from the US – saw your very compelling interview with Kurt Jaimungal in his ToE podcast. Idealism/Analytical Idealism (Kastrup/Spira) really resonates with me as a metaphysics. You’re very well versed and aritculate – so at the moment my BS meter hasn’t gone off yet. I want to do a 5MeoDMT retreat. I’m not sure which ones are good. I believe a fair amount of problems are caused by human ignorance. I suspect having an experience where the true fabric of reality is revealed is an ultra powerful motivator for profound change. All the literature and videos that I’ve seen on NDE’s, the experiencers don’t “think/ignorant” they “know” the non-dual nature of reality. In other words, their gnosis manifests in profound behaviour change – the NDE literature indicates as much. I think if I had some sense of “what’s it all about” I think that’d temper some of the crappy realities of day-to-day life. Is this a bad way/motivator for seeking the experience?

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