Mindfulness Meditation

By Leo Gura - November 2, 2015 | 108 Comments

An easy system for practicing mindfulness.

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Juuso says:

New video! The best time of the week!

Thomas J says:

Yes dude I hear ya…all the awesomeness
and don’t you folks out there forget this

prabhas says:

amazing article

prabhas says:

wow amazing article

prabhas says:

im intrested in mediations

Mary says:


Leo, what do you think of transcendental meditation? I ask cause my psychologist wants me to do it.

PG says:

Hi Leo,

I found your website about 6 months ago. It’s excellent! I had been doing meditation for about 6 months before that focusing on my breath. Then I listened to your videos and decided that my next life purpose should be to seek enlightenment (my real world life purpose is doing very well). I’ve listened to all of your enlightenment videos and other meditation videos and I’ve read Peter Ralston’s The Book of Not Knowing. I feel like I’m falling into the trap of reading and watching videos but not knowing what to do next. Do I work on contemplation only or do I do this in addition to mindfulness meditation and/or other meditation or are they all mixed together somehow? I don’t have time to be meditating all day either…

Leo Gura says:

The How To Become Enlightened video gives you the exact technique. You sit your ass down and start asking, “Who am I? Who is aware?”

Keep noticing that there in fact cannot be found a “you”. Because “you” don’t exist! So what exists then? Who are you REALLY? What are you REALLY?

Hint: you’re not a body, you’re not a mind, and you’re not located in space!

PG says:

Do you recommend meditating in addition to sitting my ass down and asking “Who am I?” or does the contemplation replace your meditation practice?

Leo Gura says:

Depends on your objectives.

If you are serious about enlightenment and want to get it NOW. Then sit your ass down and just drill on the “Who am I?” question until your brain starts to bleed.

Meditation is a great adjunct — it builds mindfulness and has many other benefits — but it will take decades to enlighten you and it may take precious time away from self-inquiry.

Alyssa says:

Thank you for the wake up!

Neil says:

Any thoughts on going out and socializing to practice the things we’ve learned? I find it hard sometimes not to follow tangents. But I think that the disturbing behaviors that I seem to impose upon myself help me build the ability to focus and make decisions and to communicate them during the human experience.

Live “people” are so much more of a challenge than “the tree outside my window”. LoL.

Leo, this video is a powerful exercise! The kind of thing that builds the force! Ooops, can I say that on air!

Kaz says:

PG, do The Landmark Forum, it might help you to fast track…

Nihi says:

I recently found Shinzen Youngs introductionary document which describes those techniques of inner & outer hear / see / feel. (among 3 other techniques). It’s freely available, so everybody interested might want to check this document out.
I was fascinated by those since the first time I tried one of them out. My advice if you just start out with meditation:
Start with one of those techniques Leo describes here instead of Do Nothing or focus on breathing or Strong Determination Sitting. In my eyes, those are the perfect techniques for a beginner! However, try out all of them!
Leo, thanks for introducing me to the meditation / enlightenment topic and to Shinzen Youngs work.

Arnie says:

Hey Leo

Many thanks for this video. I’ve got some huge insights just by running your cycle 3 to 5 times. Suddenly, all colors seemed more vivid and intense and I’ve became more aware of the shapes of objects I looked at. Now seeing is more fun : D
But the thing that most shocked me was the realisation that I tend to block reality out, literally. It seems as I don’t want to look at it and if I try, something in my mind pushes the raw sensations away or suppresses it and wants me to stay in this weird mental haze that I took for reality for a long time. It really feels like I fear to see reality as it is. That’s freaky.
I suspect that I’ve got some serious self-worth issues. I will definitely practise this technique and push through the fear.

Thanks again for this video, it has great value for me.

Greetings from Germany

Leo Gura says:

Haha… of course you block out reality! “You” only exist as a fiction, so you MUST block out reality or you will die. The fear you have isn’t just a self-worth issue, it’s THE Self-Worth issue. The fact is you have no worth because you don’t exist! But the “you” is too afraid to discover this. So “you” will only see reality in a very limited way.

To see reality fully is to see that there is no boundary between you and the rest of reality. Realizing this is enlightenment.

Start looking mindfully at what “you” actually is. Notice the terror and resistance that arises when this is honestly attempted.

jack goelz says:

On my email it said “Perhaps The Most Important Skill For Self-Mas-“, so I thought it was something I was already good at.

Nigia says:

A new video, YES! Perfect timing. Hope all is well.
This stuff is key.

So much is coming together for me the more I become aware. When my head spins into some nervous chatter, I bring it back home to what I’m doing more and more now. My creative stuff feels back on track, I’m thrilled with that.

You look so at ease! Happy for you, keep up the work man.

Thanks again.


Dilfredo says:

Hi Leo. Your videos inspired me to make my first step doing my personal development videos, a dream that I was ruinating for long long. Only an observation, you do not need to say bad words to make your points. at least thats the way I see, and Im no a puritanian guy. I grew in a rush neighboorhood but with solid etic foundations. I grew with them (dirty speech) but I decided no to use it when my firts daugther borned. Just a word tah can help to expand more your influence, because is hard to beleive that somebody is clean of gabage, when his speech is full of dirty words. Regards

Lisa says:

Hi Leo,
I forwarded this to a few people because it is so easy to follow and so helpful. What was the name of the type of retreat you recommend? I played it over and over, but could not understand the word you used.

Leo Gura says:

Vipassana retreats.

Thanks for sharing.

Tony says:

Hi Leo,

Pertaining to one of your replies above about meditation and self enquiry. If we have lets say two blocks of time per day we can set aside for either of these or both, and we are serious about getting enlightened, then we should use both blocks of time for self enquiry and never waste another minute meditating? I mean your enlightenment experience did occur while doing the do-nothing technique right?


Leo Gura says:

It’s hard to say. There’s no one way to get enlightened and everyone is different.

If you really want to get enlightened, I would recommend spending more like 6 to 12 hours every day doing self-inquiry and get guidance from an enlightened master cause you’ll probably waste 100s of hours otherwise.

Meditation is designed as a tool to help you reach enlightenment. It just requires a lot more patience than most Westerns can muster.

My enlightenment experience was aided by Do Nothing, but it was more directly caused by months of prior self-inquiry and in-the-moment self-inquiry. When I had the experience, I was self-inquiring and asking “Who am I?”

But you should keep in mind, my experience, although very powerful and cool, wasn’t enlightenment. Most likely because I was in a meditative state, and meditative states pass. Enlightenment is not a state. It is a direct knowing.

Denis says:

Leo isn’t it misleading to say that if you do this or that you will become enlightened? There is no guarantee that anyone WILL become enlightened. Some monks meditate for 40 years and don’t become enlightened and some people like Eckhart Tolle who don’t even seek it become enlightened. Maybe I misunderstood I just wanted to point out that there is no definite way to become enlightened. Now I don’t say this to discourage people from meditation, most definitely not. Everyone should definitely meditate, I have been doing it for a short time and its already made tremendous positive changes in my life.

Leo Gura says:

I have never said you are guaranteed to become enlightened. Nor have I ever said there is one definitive way. I’ve said the exact opposite!

Chances are, 99.9999% of you will NOT become enlightened. Not because you can’t. But because you don’t care enough about truth. Those who really care will get enlightened. It’s not rocket science after all, nor is it the lottery.

Tony says:

So would your experience make you a “stream-enterer” or not exactly? Just curious. Recently started reading about these stages. Don’t understand it much yet. Seems like it has to do with rebirths which I don’t necessarily buy into. Maybe you heard of a different understanding of the stages? Without rebirthing?

Thanks again

Leo Gura says:

No, stream-entry means you’ve got the first enlightenment down, which I don’t yet.

Understanding the stages of enlightenment is very tricky, especially to those who’ve never had at least one enlightenment. You will not really understand it.

I will shoot a video about the stages of enlightenment at some point when I have a better understanding of it myself.

The only two stages you should be concerned with right now are:
1) Who am I?
2) What am I?

The really mind-blowing enlightenment is #2, when you REALLY discover what you are. What you are in literally inconceivable to the human imagination. But start with Who am I? first, cause it’s much easier and a sort of prerequisite for discovering what you are.

Tony says:

Oh, and I wish I had six hrs to do this. Maybe some day. Until then how about this enlightened master business? How do I find someone like that?

Thanks again

Denny says:

Hey Leo, have you tried out any float tanks?? It took my meditation to an entirely different level. Truly amazing and I’m sure you would enjoy it. It would be a great discussion video for you as well…… Denny

Leo Gura says:

Funny you should mention it. I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment to float last week but the place didn’t respond back.

Denny says:

Yeah there is only one near me and I have to book a month in advanced. Most float centers have an app you can down load that will spark you when there is a cancelation. Good luck, I’m sure you will enjoy!

Ashley George says:

Love your vidoes. You always make me laugh when you start cursing.

I have always had issues trying to meditate because I feel so distracted. I have floated twice now and it is amazing!! Talk about relaxation. Considering that you’re already successful in meditating, I think it will be a great experience for you. I loved it so much, a friend and I are thinking about opening up a float center.

Iuliana says:

Hi Leo, I just finished doing midfulness for the first time
Damn, my mind is so rebellious, even in those 5-7 seconds of focusing on one object, it tends to “run away”..
I kind of alternated the techniques, but mostly did outer seeing on the objects in my room..then i switched to inner seeing, then to inner feeling, back to outer seeing.. whatever popped in my mind.. should i focus only on one technique?
I like the feeling of deep calmness that i’m having now
Also, i think i’m gonna develop a new affirmation for being consistent with this heh
Thanks, have a great week !

Leo Gura says:

You did it correctly. Just keep doing that every day.

Grape says:

I have been concentrating on the question of ‘Who am I’ from your How to become Enlightened video. I kept breaking it down till I got satisfies with understanding that whatever I am is Awareness. Awareness of everything. Not even the perceiver (this became apparent to me because something was aware of the perciever as well). How close do you think I am to Enlightenment?

Leo Gura says:

Sounds like you understand it conceptually. Good. But now the real battle begins. You must jump identities from “Grape” to being all of awareness itself. You need to start questioning your actually identity and intending to become directly conscious of who you REALLY are. Grape is just a fiction, you see?

Grape says:

I must say that the understanding of being Awareness lasted for a very less time, half a minute or so. Somehow, I feel I’ve slipped back into not being Awareness after those few seconds. That was the closest I think I reached to knowing who am I. Dunno.

Thomas Hansen says:

Hello Leo,

Escuse my English, im from Denmark and not that good in English.
But I want to write a positive comment anyway and say thanks.

I felt upon your videos on youtube for about 2 months ago and have been hooked ever since. I was a positive and happy person before, but today i feel so much better and more aware of my life and my goals and thankful for this beautiful life i have been given.

Im learning and understanding a lot about my self from your videos and thats amazing, thank you. The enlightenment video blew my mind, a week when by before i have gathered the pieces again. Thanks for waking me up

I noticed that you are interested in training (bodybuilding) and healthy food, so maybe you also would enjoy winter bathing, which i have tried a couple of years. The kick you get from going from a hot sauna down in ice cold water is awesome and you cant stop smiling when you come up again.

Iryon says:

Hi Leo,

I’m currently practising selfcompassion as a sort of continuation to a mindfulness course of 9 weeks. But after watching this video the question came up, whether I need to practise being selfcompassionate at all, if by just being aware and accepting whatever I feel right now, it will just dissolve with sufficient awareness. I don’t need to come up with counter arguments whenever I notice myself being judgemental about my actions and emotions, if simply giving attention to these actions and emotions can take the sting out of them, right?

Sure got me thinking!
Kind regards -Iryon

Leo Gura says:

Do both. There are many other useful practices within personal development besides mindfulness. If you have more urgent personality problems like low self-esteem or depression, etc. then those do warrant use of additional, more focused techniques. Mindfulness is a very general skill so it will take time before you really start to be transformed by it.

Kevin says:

Great as always. My question: how can you be so sure that your not already enlightened?

Leo Gura says:

Because I’m identified with my body/mind.

Kevin says:

Gotcha but don’t you really know better?

I’m a single dad that grasps these things in the mind and have had significant altered states. Some, scared the hell out of me.

If I continue, should I be afraid of a loss of personality? Given the fact that I still have a job to do, fatherhood.

Leo Gura says:

What I know counts for nothing when it comes to enlightenment. Knowledge is an illusion and there is no Leo who can make enlightenment occur. Enlightenment isn’t even an occurrence, it is what’s already the case.

The truth is, there is no such entity called Kevin or Leo. Look! It’s already true right fucking now! There is nothing to lose except delusion. There is no one who can become enlightened!

Personality exists and will only get stronger and more authentic post-enlightenment. The personality of Kevin is not who you really are. Kevin is in fact holding his personality back from full expression by resisting the truth. Notice yourself grasping at straws — anything — that will allow you to not look at the bald-faced truth.

Kaz says:

Leo, How are you identified with body/mind? In what ways?

Rama says:

I think the whole idea behind mindfullness is to ‘be aware’. See and feel the things as an observer. Without getting attached and without getting emotionally involved with it.Its like being in total awareness of your every action without being judgmental.

I remember when I was a child I used to sometimes look myself in the mirror and ask this question ‘who am I?’ I used to freak out because I could feel that my body and soul were two separate entities. I sometimes still do this but the feeling is little scary and uncomfortable.

Johnny says:

Hey Leo,

I was wondering if doing Mindfulness Practice requires the specific posture like in meditation? Do I have to keep my back straight, keep my eyes opened, etc.? Can I just sit on a coach comfortably and do the mindfulness practice?

Thanks for the video, keep up the awesome content!


Leo Gura says:

A good, meditative posture helps a great deal to keep you alert and awake. Practicing mindfulness will put your mind to sleep very quickly.

Johnny says:

Yeah, I realized that! Whenever I lean my back against the wall to practice my mindfulness and have my eyes closed at the same, I fall asleep really quickly!

Rey says:

Tricky question for you Leo: true is that enlightenment answer the question of who am I, but does it also answer the question of why are we here? Thank you!

Leo Gura says:

There is no why. There is only is. Only ego asks the why question.

Kevin says:

The answer to the why is : “because I wanted to”

Dora says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks a lot for your wonderful contribution!!!!
I have been practicing surrender in the way of allowing the present be as it it without editing, facing it without judging it just let it be… And in practicing that I am aware of myself; and I catch myself in state of my lowest self and the cool thing is I do not suddenly react to it … I just flow and see…
Also being fully present in the now has being helping me a lot in being more conscious!!!! And the mindfulness meditation is something that I have been doing without knowing it … But I need to apply it as my routine without excuses as you said!!! Just the idea that my consciousness is expanding is freaking cool!!!

Thanks again Leo!!! I enjoy your videos a lot!!!

Blessings on your way!!!

Dora says:

Hi Leo,


1.With these kind of techniques are we trying to be in contact with our subconscious mind?

2. It is our highest self part of our subconscious mind?

3. Any books or videos about subconscious mind that you could suggest me?


Leo Gura says:

No, this is not about the subconscious mind. It’s about consciousness/awareness.

I have some great books about the subconscious mind in my book list. There’s a whole category there about Law of Attraction.

Dora says:

Thank you very much, Leo!!!

I do really appreciate your answers on the subject!!

Have an Outstanding day!!!


Dora says:


For your answer the next question immediately appeared:

Is the ego in our conscious mind?

Does something as unconscious mind exist?

How we named that place where we normally are engaged with the incessant flow of thoughts… That place where we are in the past or the future?

Thanks Leo!!!!

Leo Gura says:

There is no “we” or “you” who inhabits some “place”. There is no place other than existence!

When “you” are lost in thoughts about past or future, what’s literally happening is that awareness is selectively creating a limited identity out of a single thought + body sensation. Who Dora thinks she is is not a human being, but merely a thought. That is the false Dora. The real Dora is… well, that’s for you to discover.

Igor says:

Hey Leo,

can I pratice it while I’m walking?

Thanks a lot!

Leo Gura says:

Yes, but it will be harder. Best start practicing sitting, then advance to walking, then advance to doing it while listening, then advance to even harder things.

George Lawson says:

What about taste and odour?

Leo Gura says:

Like I said in the video, we are going to label those outer Feel.

Heidi says:

I meditate regularly. I have been meditating on how to become more focused. Then your email came through with this video link.and up I did the 20 minute task on a walk and couldn’t believe how much I wasn’t aware of. Goes to show you how much we drift and deal with head trash.
It is great. Powerful. Thank you.

Parham says:

Hello Leo
Thank you very much for releasing good information for us
I just wanted to mention that I recently just listen to your mp3s because the lack of high speed internet in my country .
So would you mind with downloding your videos?
If not can you make a link for that ?like the way I download your mp3s?

Leo Gura says:

Videos are hosted with Youtube. You would have to find a software solution if you want to download them.

Youtube also just released the Youtube Red membership service, where you get to download videos and all videos are free of ads for $10/mo.

Parham says:

Thanks for caring

Patricia says:

Heyyyyyy Leo, i had an experience of truth 24 years ago without even attempting to find the truth. From then i have been meditating, studying a course in miracles, studying Fr Anthony de Mello’s awareness videos, practicing mindfulness and studied Psychology receiving a 1st Class Honours and my thesis was an experiment based on the effects of 5 minute mindfulness on anxiety and memory. Then you entered my consciousness. Through it all I’ve discovered it doesnt matter a fig whether you are enlightened or not. It is as it is. Thank you for your wonderful videos they are such a brilliant output that i share with my children because you express the steps of self discovery (and finding the lack of) in an engaging format and its not from me nagging so thank you again, i have to say my favourite so far has been the practical you based on Peter Ralston’s ‘Not Knowing’. Your mindfulness video is so spot on and will be shared with lots of my circle. Love from Ireland x

Kevin says:

Patricia you are spot on. A desire for more than what is, is insanity. I also wanted to say ACIM resonates deeply with me. “The sum total of all souls is the Son of God.” This easily explains the why question. Especially if you have children.

Kaz says:

Enlightenment only matters a fig if one wants to wake up.

It’s your ego saying it doesn’t matter a fig because your ego doesn’t want to wake up. You might get a lot from Jed McKenna’s first book in the trilogy – if you dare!

Tuvan says:

This is just gold. You realy are changing the world, thanks.

prabhas says:

thankyou for this nice post

Scott says:

Hi Leo,

I like the sedona method/release technique as a form of meditation. I have found it quicker and more effective. Can you do a video about the sedona method and contrast it with the do nothing meditation technique or any other meditation and perhaps talk about your experience with both. Could you also talk about the enlightenment achieved by Lester Levenson and how this is different or the same from the one explained in the videos on your site.

Btw I think you are doing a good job and I really like the work you are doing and am a big fan,


Leo Gura says:

I don’t know much Lester Levenson or his enlightenment status. I suspect that the Sedona Method, if used daily over the course of years and decades, could result in some enlightenment experiences, but I dunno.

Scott says:

Leo, Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Lester Levenson, creator of the Sedona Method, achieved what I believe to be spiritual enlightenment in 3 months. However, he didn’t call it spiritual enlightenment he called it the free state; he called it an imperturbable peace. He talks of a omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent state.

I am definitely interested in enlightment.

I had what I believe was an enlightenment experience when I was doing the sedona method/release technique. I saw everything as being beautiful and believed for a brief period of time that I was the objects that surround me rather than my body or mind. This was quite profound and nothing I have ever experienced before.

I have decided to switch my morning meditation to the pursuit of enlightenment. I will have to see whether I have the determination to see it through. Although I’m not fully convinced it is something I want to spend so much time doing.

I have found the release technique very useful for getting rid of all the suppressed negativity (as is meditation). Having gotten rid of most of it I am now much calmer and freer. However, I thought there would be bigger changes in some areas. I have found that I should be paying much more attention to my senses and internal dialogue (thank you for the mindfulness meditation video i.e. 1. You need to focus more) to create even more change.

I have your book list and plan on completing your life purpose course.

Just like to say a big thank you Leo, you are a great inspiration to myself and others. Thanks and good luck with everything.

Leo Gura says:


His results would definitely not be typical.

What you had was not enlightenment, it was a “direct experience”. Those are cool, but not enlightenment. Enlightenment is a permanent realization.

Elton says:

thoughts=summation of all these 3 thus we are just a thought even by definition.We are thoughts ?

Hengame says:

Hi Leo this is the 2nd time i am watch this video, every time find it more interessiertg thank you many times

Ross says:

Leo, I have been trying to pursue enlightenment for the last week. Yesterday I have never been so scared and amazed at the same time.

I was doing my Hard determination sitting + self inquiry meditation for about half an hour; as I usually do at 9 o’clock. I was doing this in front of a mirror, so I saw myself.

The first 20 minutes, everything was normal. But then something really scary happened. The mirror image of me was fading away when I was really focused and it started going black. There was also a shining outline around my body.

Soon, every object just started to disappear into blankness. This would occur in periods so when I blink everything returns to normal; but the more I focused, the more things got weird.

After when I got up from my chair, I just had this amazing energy. I could just get on with my work for 2 straight hours. My focus was unbelievable.

But there was another thing that was really scary. I just could not open my mouth and talk to people. I just had this extremely weird feeling when I was standing and I could feel this nervous energy go through my body.

When I got home I had really weird uncontrollable body movements; like shaking my legs and arms.

I went to bed and then I got up and I still feel this energy!

Leo, can you please explain this phenomenon?!

gaurav bisht says:

First of all Thankyou.. As 21st of june is now celebrated as YOGA DAY by the efforts of many people specially PM of INDIA and YOGA GURU Baba Ramdev and many others.. I am telling this all because as meditation deals with mind and all other activites of mindfulness ,the PRANAYAM Or Yoga deals with purifying BODY every cell of body..Many people listen to you and follow your work..i personally think if u tell them about PRANAYAM or YOGA ..it will help them to fight with disease’s affecting body( PRANAYAM HELPS IN EVERY DISEASE)..and i am also writing a name of a website tells HOW TO MEDITIATE..HOPE U LIKE IT ( vipassanadhura)


george c ruz says:

can you tell me a book of peter w.

Hengame says:

Dear Leo u do not know how much i am thankful for having chance to get and improve my personality and my real life through ur videos. I have a quetion is it possible for u to put the statement as text in this Special Videos? Becaus Mindfulness is very very important as u mentioned i need this to print out and read it more and more till i get each single statement in me. I trust and belive u therefore since i found ur website i am following them. As i am not english native speaker i need watching/listening them more times to undrestand fully and Not miss any point. I am reviewing each single Videos. I appreciate ur efforts and thinking about other people like me who need help. THANK U, from Germany

Leo Gura says:

You mean a transcript of this video?

My transcriptionist quit, so I need to find a new one. Transcripts are costly and take many hours of work to make.

Hengame says:

Thank u Leo, I will try to listen more with all my attention, appreciate ur response, im overluckly with or without transcript. U talk very clear thanks.

Jeanne says:

Hey Leo!

Your videos are amazing.
I’ve just one thing that worries me: you said that mindfulness can help you to not be affected by stuff. But then isn’t it scary? I mean doesn’t it mean that we no longer care? Doesn’t it make me some sort of an insensitive person? I’m certainly getting these two things mixed up, so if I am then what’s the difference between them?

Thanks a lot,

I love to read video transcripts! Its like reading books or journal! It’ll be very kind of you if you attach the transcripts with each video as it is released. Thanks for everything!

dat says:

Hey Leo, please help me why don’t these new videos have transcrip? It’s quite dificult for people who aren’t native English speaker like me.

Leo Gura says:

Transcripts take a lot of work and my last transcriptionist quit.

De says:

I have a question regarding the “Savor” step. I’m very new to all of this and am wanting clarification if possible. When doing this step my inner voice begins to describe the object, sound or feeling. For example when looking at the lamp my voice describes the lamp, it is brown, it has curves, oh there is the bulb, the bulb is white, oh there’s the switch, there are shadows, the shadows have shapes, oh look how the light reflects off it, that is cool… I guess what I’m asking is, what does it mean to savor the lamp?


Leo Gura says:

Good question.

No! Those are ALL lies of the monkey mind.

What “the voice” says in your head is NOT savoring, it is concepts. All pretty much bullshit.

Your job is to cut through all that and directly EXPERIENCE experience. Don’t conceptualize experience. Don’t talk about experience. Don’t think about experience. EXPERIENCE experience.

When you look at the color red. If you remove all your ideas about color, and red, and objects, and every label or mental association, then what is left? Savor that!

sunil rajput says:

I love to read video transcripts!Thanks for awesome post Leo..Keep it up

Mark says:

Haha amazing video! Although it’s so annoying to me that I’m too much of a perfectionist to do it because I feel if I can’t do it a ridiculous amount of meditating a day then there’s no point. That or it takes so long that it’s too late for me and I’m not even 20 yet! Although I think the thing that’s helped me the most is just loving that perfectionist part of me that I’ve learnt in your self acceptance video. I didn’t beleive you since its seems so counter intuitive but your right once you accept that part of your self it’s like you can let go of it. Idk I don’t really know what I’m talking about but I try I guess lol. Awesome job keep up the great work !

Ashley says:

What is mindfulness meditation as I am interested in it, has anyone tried it?

shawn says:

curious to know why you lump taste and smell into the “touch” category…

this makes sense to me intuitively, and even scientifically (common processing of these 3 senses in the orbitofrontal cortex), but interesting how most mindfulness teachers (i especially like Kenneth Folk’s approach) consider taste and smell as individually observable senses.

thanks very much!!!

Leo Gura says:

Of course they are individually observable. It’s just an arbitrary simplification. Humans have very poor taste and smell and they are not significant contributors to the creating of the false self.

You should be concerned about sight, feeling, and sound. That’s what creates the illusion of you.

If you intend on becoming a wine connoisseur, then maybe you will want to split off the smell and taste as separate labels.

shawn says:

great answer…thanks Leo!

Lovely says:

I love to read video transcript.Thanks Leo buddy.Cheers.Keep it up

Fred J says:

Very nice! I like this one. I make meditating a good habit to go by. It does help me focus and calms me down.

George says:

Holly crap Leo. This really freaked me up. I was looking exactly at a lamp bought from Ikea.

Peter says:

Hello Leo,
I know spiritual people who claim that through turning to the “source” one can have unlimited access to vital force and energy.
Can one achieve that by practicing mindfulness meditation or are there better methods?
What are your thoughts?

Many thanks in advance

Leo Gura says:

Mindfulness meditation is very powerful if you practice is consistently for years. It will certainly open you up energetically.

But there are many other ways. If you want to work on energy more directly, something like Kriya Yoga would be worth looking into. It’s rather complex though and requires much discipline.

Craig Young says:

Leo I’m a huge fan of you and I’ve shared your videos all over Facebook and recommended you to friends. I did send you a message on Facebook, I tried adding you but I couldn’t because you have too many requests. You can send me an email if you like. I hope to hear from you

Rewa says:

Leo, thanks again for sharing all of the stuff

I would like to add that, as life approaches the end, a mind that was never disciplined is what makes old age unbearable…
So, it is very very critical that we train mind while we still have youth, health and time…
I have observed a lot of people in their older age never quite understanding what makes them sad even when they are sufficient interms of health, wealth, relations etc
– rich, poor, educated, illiterate, hindu, muslim, christian, jew… doesn’t matter what Earthly definitions….the mind is what consumes the individual towards the end..

So keep up the good work

Alisse says:

I’ve ramped up my meditation practice recently and been trying 4 hour sits over several days – a kind of retreat at home if you like. What I’ve been finding is I jump from self enquiry to mindfulness meditation back to strong determination sitting all in one hour (20 mins of each). My awareness or presence seems to be getting stronger this way, is this advisable?

Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please provide subtitles or transcripts for this videi

Andrei says:

I’ve been meditating mostly focusing on inner hearing, saying a short phrase or a word in my inner dialogue and then savoring it. Only when i feel emotions or physical pain in my body (when sitting for longer time) i switch my focus from the inner hearing to the feeling of the physical sensations and then i go back to the inner dialogue. Am i doing it right?

Dana says:

Did you ever find a transcriptionist?

Casper says:

Hi Leo,

Just saw your video about mindfulness. A question though, would it be a good approach to divide up a session by starting with the external circles followed by the internal circles, meaning splitting up so you’ll spend equal time in each area without mixing in between them throughout the session?


Max Gron says:

Mindfulness meditation is facing reality for sure. There’s nothing to lose.

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