The Big Picture Of Self-Actualization

By Leo Gura - March 27, 2017 | 37 Comments

A high level overview of the key elements of personal growth

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Jav says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for sharing the bigger picture of self actualization. Lately, something has been impeding me in my quest for self actualization. I watched your episode in which you discuss the negative side of meditation. I am particularly worried about paranormal phenomenons and contact with other beings as you get to the higher stages of self actualization. I would be grateful if you could tell me how I should handle that, because I am not fully pursuing meditation and self actualization because this prospect.


Jane says:


The plural of phenomenon is phenomena; like the plural of criterion is criteria.

Anyway. About your question; you could always become a Christian and ask Jesus to protect from beings you don’t want to encounter in the spiritual. To become a Christian, the bible says ‘Confess with your mouth, that Jesus is Lord which means owner and believe in your heart that God the Father raised him from the dead – and you will be saved.

There’s a lot more than that if you want to progress spiritually but you will do that if you take that path.

Even the bible says to test everything; don’t believe a mere man is a guru and do everything he says. Search and search and search for truth. You won’t find the whole truth in any human. Jesus said:

13 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it Matthew 7, 13 to14.

God is not religious by the way. Man took the things of God and used them to manipulate and control people. Religion runs on a political equation: People plus Money equals Power.

Tracie says:

What about your inner sovereignty?

How I feel about these negative architypes/entities is that they can fear you into not looking into deep wounding. For me they can act like gatekeepers keeping you from trauma that needs to be healed within your psyche. For myself, it does not matter if these beings are light or dark, they are acting like gatekeepers shielding you from looking inwards.

If I was to turn to Jesus, he would have me ridding the demonic and I have not learnt a thing apart from being afraid of the dark. You will not really lose that fear unless you can see the darkness within yourself.

Your inner sovereignty I feel is much more powerful than relying on outside influences. Personally what I would be doing is from that space of inner power of sovereignty I would be asking these architypes/entities what they want. Also, what if you remembered yourself as a creator god, especially the alter ego of god consciousness, nobody talks about that. We all have these expressions of light and dark within us, it’s the nature of duality and so what I tend to do is KNOW that I am much more powerful than any other outside influence hijacking my journey.

Durga Prasad Poudel says:

Hey Leo,

You are sharing really good motivated videos. I am following you from long time. But the length of videos are too high. I have to wait weekend to see your videos. I wish if videos would be like 5 min or less than 10 min, I can watch immediately in office time, in home or anywhere else. Mostly I used to check mail in office time, definitely I couldn’t watch long videos right there. But small videos can be watch as refresh break. So, this is just my wish.

– Durga

Austin says:

The long videos are my favorite. I feel the length allows Leo to go deeper and better explain his ideas and topics. All of my favorite videos are over 40 minutes long. I can understand everyone has a different schedule but these topics deserve move than 5-10 minutes.

Leo Gura says:

Not possible to get this level of depth and detail in 10 minutes.

If you want fast-food variety personal development, there are plenty of channels available with that. But don’t expect anything profound or life changing from that.

Nova says:

I know this is an old comment. But, for anyone who may find it useful… here are my thoughts: Set yourself a timer for however long you have spare to watch the video. Pause the video when you are out of time. Come back again at another time and watch some more. This way you get the whole content and don’t have to wait until you have a large block of time.

Andrew says:

Doing Nothing Feels dangerous !

Patrick says:

Leo, want to say thank you for putting these up, you’ve opened the realm of personal development for me, and I love listening to these videos as I do stuff around the house.

Marcel says:

Hi Leo,

I have been watching your channel now for over a year. You are really inspiring and I have bee learning tremendously.
I just want to say Thank You! Thank you for all your videos and hard work you put into it. I certainly speak for a lot of people here who really appreciate what you are doing and contributing to. I am very grateful for all what you are sharing here!
I will keep watching with great interest………….

Have a great day!


Lynn says:

This episode is simply too beautiful–so moving it brought happy tears to me! Because you now understand a significant insight your heart is full of joy and appreciation!!!

Thank you Leo!

You are the very BEST! There is no other people /mentor out there as brilliant as you are!!!!

Alex says:

Wonderful Leo. I love your videos.

But one thing I disagree with.

I think you’re not necessarily right with having a boring job being wrong and meaningless. The thing is, it’s true that people with big amazing influential jobs are not the only important people. Most important yes, but not the only important ones. Creators are not the only people we need in life.

There are people with boring monotous jobs that a company would be lost with if they weren’t part of them. Those unimportant track drivers are what are needed for transport. Even without those janitors people would be absolutely lost without much cleanliness in there, especially in a hospital where diseases could be spread. Even without those cashiers, stores would not sell.

There was a book on the company Disney and they placed great importance on every employee on making a good show for example.Even the guards who are expected to just stand around guarding the place was made to be friendly and welcoming to its customers in their amusement parks. They meant for every little employee to feel like they were making a meaningful difference and it was very much a success on being able to do so. But I have to agree with the creating somehow even the very small employees were encouraged to innovate and problem solve as they go. Such as in a Disney hotel, one of the employees took a little girl’s teddy bears and arranged them to look like they were playing cards when she left. When the little girl came back, she was delighted. Or even how in another small restaurant, a waiter was able to make a small but meaningful connection to her customers with her own creative and charismatic touch to conversations.

I’m not saying people should be stagnant. There are way too many people stuck in the status quo these days and more revolutionary and influential jobs are needed. But to stay in safer and boring jobs does not mean they are actually meaningless. But still, I’d like people to take that factor into their decisions somehow.

Or any objections.

PS Sorry if it seems grammatically wrong. I kept being told about how special characters are not allowed but I can’t tell what they are.

dan says:

thank the creator for leo! he is so young yet so wise. i am seeing how toxic we all are from western society everyday now i observe my own behaviors which is detaching me from negative thoughts and actions. i feel amazing, and it is only going to get better.

James says:

Hey Leo,

I have been studying some techniques towards enlightenment and I found that vipassana meditation is one of the best ways to get there. I was wondering if you have come across this method and what you think about it.


Karrin says:

Leo I am so grateful to you! Everything you say resonates so profoundly. I searched up “enlightenment” on you tube and found you by accident. I have been blown away by your insights and your ability to cut through the fluff. I have been following and read Eckhart Tolle and Michael singer and a wealth of other “enlightened” teachers for over 10 years (who are all amazing) but after watching approximately 10-15 of your videos I have felt more truth and understanding due to your concise communication style and the absolute clarity you provide. I appreciate your ability to break through the fog and get to the nuts and bolts. You have done an and are doing an amazing job getting this life changing information across with our limited human language. I applaud your efforts and am in awe of you and your determination and knowledge and insight. I look forward to getting to the next 300 hundred life changing videos. Forever in your debt. I’m excited about the journey for I know this is the path. I hope I have the discipline to be strong enough to follow it.

Marissa says:

Hi Leo,
I am a huge fan! I have been listening to your videos all day at work the last few weeks. Truly life changing!!
Thank you

KelleTx says:

Leo..i have recently found your videos while searching ways to get rid of toxic people..then ive seen so much more wisdom u have t offer. i suffer from disabling mental gealth issues but i see how this could profoundly affect my distorted thinking to a healthier pattern. i ty that you r paying this forward!

Tamara says:

Thank you for all the content on your YouTube channel and your website. I find your information very useful and I think it will really bring me further in life. I am a 19 year old woman from The Netherlands who’s trying to figure out what she really wants to do in life. I started university of applied science last year, specificly Life Sciences, and quit recently because I discovered that this wouldn’t be fulfilling my purpose in life. I’m really into photography, movie making and other art stuff and I have decided to make a career out of that.
I just wanted to tell you that I was kinda disappointed about the fact that “the ultimate life purpose course” is so expensive. As someone who is working really hard to finance her gap year I really cannot afford the course, which is sad because I really think I could benefit from it.
I know that you have lots of video’s on YouTube that I can watch free, are there any video’s that you’d think would be good for me to watch that could help me with finding my ideal career?

adeyemi funto says:

Hi Leo…this self actualization thing kicks in only when I’m watching the videos. After that, it’s back to square one…how do I keep the flow..for life?

Leo Gura says:

Stop being lazy and start taking massive action.

Junior says:

Hey leo, honestly I don’t know anything about myself, I’m 16 years old and your videos I have a slightly understanding about what you’re talking about. As I’m listening, yea I understand while watching your videos but I’m having trouble how to keep everything in consideration in your videos,there’s distraction everywhere. BOOM! It starts to fade away until I go back to your videos and that’s until after school, I just don’t know how to take this opportunity to change myself and how I am being dishonest

Faith says:

Hi Leo,

I’m very grateful that I’ve found your website several years ago. To be honest, I was watching different videos, getting inspired by your thoughts but once it is finished I get back to my comfort zone. Now, at this moment, I do have a strong to grow and change in a healthy way. This will acquire a lot of efforts, self-learning, self-discovery and also self-observation. In your video, you have mentioned about “Toxicity Free” and this is the 1st change I am going to adapt and work hard for it. I am feeding my body with toxins, low quality food and massive grams of sugars. I believe changing my food habits will allow me to have a better quality of mental health.

Thank you!

Sebastian Sturm says:

Hey there Leo and greetings from Germany,

…now you actually made me cry three times separately on your Videos. I don’t want to offend you with this, rather I want to thank you for making me realize, which path I want to follow.

Have a nice day, if you’re ever reading this


Mila says:

Hey Leo,

Thank you for sharing the big picture of actualisation. I have been watching this and it has resonated with me so much. I am on this journey of self actualisation and you have given me even more insight into the direction I desire to go into.

I look forward to the many more video’s and lessons I will learn from you.

With Gratitude,

Hugh says:

This video is in itself depressing. At the age of 65 I don’t have time to begin much less achieve the results you speak of. I feel like shooting myself because it is futile to start now. In fact, anyone over the age of maybe 20 years old should likely just get off the earth because there is not enough time to reach the level of high consciousness you describe for true happiness.

Bobbie says:

You could still live another 20 years!

Just make a start, a bit of meditation, slight change of diet, one video a day, doing things you enjoy.

I like most of Leo’s stuff. I also listen to Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra.

I’m older than you and try to make the best of things.

Natalie says:

I home school my 13 year old son, and one of the main reasons is that I don’t want him subjected to western social conditioning. After watching this video with my son, as part of his daily spiritual teachings, I am realising what a wonderful head start he has. We’ve taken loads of notes, and will make these, along with the rest of your website the foundation of our growth and daily learning. Leo, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
Nat & Sam

Jeff says:

Love you, my brother!! Thank you

tania says:

Hi Leo

I have just started watching your videos in a quest to unravel my emotional and spiritual development to fully understand and better my self to be humble be be accepting and open. To delve deeper into really and fully understand why things happen. This has been a long journey but I am not learning to accept and be more at peace with my inner self.

Rasheed says:

Spectacular episode Leo! Thank you!

Liberto says:

Just started on this journey this year with Eckhart Tolle, etc.., and took 4 pages of notes last night just on this first video. I am a visual learner so it helps when I write.

The biggest challenge on these journeys I think, is “I don’t know, what I don’t know!” So I am glad I found you as my guide to navigate these tricky waters.

thank you Leo. Peace brother

Tracy says:

Hi Leo, Thank you for all that you do, You are so smart, I’m watching you on my tv as I’m typing this from my laptop, lol I’m consumed! lol your very funny too!! I’m the “hippy” lol have a great day Leo!

Darryl says:

What a great find this was for me , been on my journey for 53years and Leo and this site is a breath of fresh air ,so excited to dig even deeper

Brazina says:

I’m new to forums and I like this very much.

Kory ogden says:

Damn! Here I was going around listening to various stuff, and now I realize you’ve literally got a map straight to it, can just do 1 video a day and get it in order by following through!

lol lets do it!

Much love

Richard says:

Fuckn love this shit! The part that hit me in the heart as 100% truth is that if this path in someway is not taken then you will know it in some way on your death bed and you will suffer alot! Powerful. Praying i have the courage to stay the course, that many others stay the course. Thankyou for this brother!!

Tracie says:

I am not afraid of hard work, especially when this is about personal growth. I feel I have been diving down shadows now for years and so I know how tough looking into oneself can be. However, to look into this website I am already overwhelmed at the contents, it is so thorough that I feel I will be here for a while. What is the best way to get the most benefit from this website? I am not after a quick fix but looking to get beyond the overwhelming feeling due to the amount of contents in here. thank you

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