Everyone Acts From Good Intentions

By Leo Gura - August 23, 2021 | 6 Comments

Understanding goodness flows through all human actors

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Max Gron says:

I see this meta-intellectual philosophy of ethics of yours is about love behind our limited good intentions, it’s a pity how you can die for caring so much about grinding those other people to the dust, but isn’t it hypocritical when you hate the materialists and ideologists yourself?

Max Gron says:

Now you know what people mean when they say you make words up. Rather than good intentions you have true intentions, you think everything you say and believe is always true non-stop, some people always have clownish intentions and some people even once have cruel intentions. Isn’t it suspicious that you don’t believe in made up words yet you make them up? Admit it, all your life you believed in things wrong.

Max Gron says:

I discovered there’s two of me in one body: my mind and my spirit, therefore I have two selves. Why is everything not oneself? Do people hate selves so they even hate not people, but their selves? Screw all that, I love myself, it should be selfishly about myself.

Max Gron says:

Love the murder, that literally means you should love how selfish I am, I stopped rationalising and believing in selfishness. Most people see people as not having selfish intentions but get real! Do you think I don’t know I’m selfish? Of course I know I’m bloody selfish! But I’m no longer selfish so thanks a lot because I’m going in the right direction. I hate compassion, I don’t know why, I never agreed with it, I’m cold and selfless and unkind. I’m the greediest of the greedy, I’m a pig, that is a pig of money and cigarettes. I hope in having mercy somebody agrees with it, but maybe not, even if my morals are good they kick my arse off the stage! It’s not really about what’s good, it’s about your selfish preferences of what only benefits you. My morals are merely about being good, but I suppose I can’t make up morals anymore because I always wanted to be a humanitarian. My morals don’t “work”, the way it “works” only works by what helps all of us and whenever I’m not helping you you class me as evil, wicked or bad. Do you see it’s dangerous? It’s dangerous, you react as if I killed a man, blindness in not seeing how good I am and when I’m brutally honest, telling you these “evil” truths you call me a liar, not Leo but a more angry, kill-worthy man sees all this as pure evil and he thinks I have selfish intentions, I care a lot, I care the most around here, I’m radically all about us.

Max Gron says:

I’m not believing some of Leo’s bullshit, truth is love and happiness but it’s not a pretty picture or optimism, not yet anyway, think about it, why is it the easiest thing to be in trouble? Leo’s content isn’t believed or cared about by anyone in my life, who cares? Only you give a shit about eliminating the ego and ideology, nobody cares. Only two people in the universe care about going to the gym. The only one who cares to believe no beliefs and only follow you is me, the truth is it’s not easy and when a thing is not easy it’s very difficult to give these things up. If my housemate didn’t ruin my life I wouldn’t need actualized videos and Jordan Peterson in the first place! I just can’t imagine how easy it is to return to my original nature: an optimist when 25 years, a no-bullshit hectic man, and a skinny man who lives an ascetic lifestyle and didn’t chase money, the reality is that stuff is hard, and what’s hard is hard, what’s easy is just as painfully difficult, it’s not easy to make your life easy.

Max Gron says:

I’m not afraid, I bloody well love it. What I don’t do is the avoidance of demanding normalcy and equality, do you see the universe isn’t perfect? Do you see that no matter how you try, the devil’s coming around some time or other? Do you see that this is cheap labour, this spiritual work? It’s cheap, it pretends I’m one of those derelicts out of money and homeless, you think you’re taking us out of self-deception? Well Leo, what about the shared deception that we’re derelicts who aren’t so fancy, eating beans, dressed in rags and this is love? Well it doesn’t give a flying fuck about me otherwise I would have $1MILLION and self-help wouldn’t be my domain anymore, and I would’ve had the real love: good food, good wine, gourmandism, and spirituality is out the window, only to help me with my success and afford to know the truth.

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