Does Free Will Exist?

By Leo Gura - September 27, 2021 | 7 Comments

What is will? The definitive explanation

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Samuel says:

You say God does not force us to behave perfectly (to avoid suffering, death …) because this is what gives meaning to our life. So God respects the choice of humans as libertarians often do? So when the state forces someone to do something for “the good of the majority”, it can’t be with infinite love, whereas when a libertarian lets the same person do what he wants, it can?

Joel says:

Thank you, Leo. I was thinking that my lack of sexual activity was a function of arrested development, but now I realize that it was a function of increased GOD realization. Joel

Cris says:

it’s so hard to accept life as it is, as it goes.
I don’t think there’s any human being on Earth who likes their life’s design. Even the sages who understand the whole design, would want it different.

it’s just my opinion.

But eventually the wise way to go is to surrender. Resistance only causes you more pain and frustration.
What else can you do anyways? Knowing the design or not, doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t even spare you from the pain.

Luce says:

Hello. Your friendly neighborhood sadomasochist here to let you know I love life exactly as it is. Only in theory of course because otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this reply.

walt says:

“It’s so hard to accept life …” . Who is makin such a complainr?
Perspective… What if “You” are life itself? This is understanding beyond intellect. Your idea of surrender is sort of a pointer regarding perspective.
The fixed concept/belief in what thought says you are brings with it the whole drama of “me against the world” … etc. Therefore total surrender or better still, a “dying” to that intellectual understanding is like a new birth, or the removing of the “veil of ignorance”.

Diane says:

So Leo, why aren’t you taking responsibility for your health and keeping your immune system as healthy as possible instead of promoting MRNA injections which not only are not proven, but are full of poisons? Are you that scared of getting a virus that has a 99% chance of recovery? Maybe you offloaded your authority to that trillion dollar industry?

mind traps says:

offloading authority is always questionable, whatever industry you are offloading it to. which is why you should learn to think for yourself, not because anybody else tells you what. ironic isnt it. to prove that free will doesnt exist is so easy, while its much more difficult that it does. freedom is ultimately material, it is the ultimative matter.

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