Derrida, Deconstruction, Post-Modernism & Nonduality

By Leo Gura - January 1, 2018 | 15 Comments

Exploring the nature of language, Western philosophy, and nonduality.


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Karn says:

“If there is only causality, there is no causality”….found many such profound statements in the text by David Roy!

Thanks Leo for the video and the link. I remember you saying in one of your videos that you may talk about the link between quantum weirdness and non-duality. If you do, you might want to look into theoretical physicist John A. Wheeler’s ‘Self-Participatory Universe Theory’. That’s nonduality, and he went far, but before he could go ‘far enough’ and close the loop, he died, very unfortunately. Just a suggestion!

Leo Gura says:

Yes, I’m familiar with Wheeler’s work. I talked about him a bit in my Reality Is A Strange Loop episode.

saurabh jadhav says:

hi leo, i just listened your video called understanding awareness,my question is that how could awareness has inherent tendency to lower than increase. doesn’t is seem opposite to common sense.could it be due to the fact that we have domesticated ourself and awareness would have increased if we were living in 100% natural conditions with no language

Brian says:

Wow surely this video explains everything, even how music lays on the mind’s surface?

Oliver Larsen says:

Thanks Leo, Your content is getting better and better.

Loving all that you are doing these days, thank you thank you!

thegardenchair says:

having arrived at a point where ‘somethingness’ is seen or ‘deconned’ as actually ‘nothingness’, where presence may overcome being, what makes that recognition reflective of all truth?

afterall without direct experience, recognition could only project as conceptual.

so, experience may too only be conceptual (trying here not to be simplistically inductive) or ‘belief’ based. it is cannot be a question of ‘knowing’ (the jump from shit island), it ‘has to be’ before that, otherwise dualistically recognition would not apply.

so, the circuit of decon described would appear to bring us to a point of non-enlightenment, simply possibly by defining “the” alternative, and proclaiming it. It appears as a pathway to…?

Alexes says:

Are your teachings in relation to Scientology ? I just recently started watching your videos and it seems like the same concept but I just wasnt sure.

Rick says:

I would greatly like to see the answer for the question above from alexes?

Jackson lee says:

Ignorance alexes

Alexes says:

How so ? Maybe you know more then me about what’s going on here but I’ve stated I’ve just recently started watching these videos and it’s a simply yes or no question .

Anish says:

Hahahahaha Mountain of solid shit vs sea of liquid shit….Nice one Leo!!!

I believe your follower may be ready for you to do a video about: “Mentally induced only Orgasms” what a better way to re-inforce want and need to “self-actualize!

Yann says:

Two more words at the end of Derrida’s sentences : “so what”. Yes language is symbolic, partial, relative. Everybody senses that. And yes, when we think of reality, were just trying a few combination of concepts. But there is also consensus, objectivity, agreements: all that exist too. And look: simple language explains (intellectually) non-duality much better than could do Derrida’s jargon, so…
And he’s no rebel, he’s academic darling, especially in the US. Academics do love jargon. Any of it.

Heidi says:

Absolutely incredible content and delivery Leo, laughing with amazement and complete gratitude for all you have shared. Thank you thank you for all the wonderful videos, a true blessing!! Damn I’m grateful!! Will post more comments later im sure, but for now off to read David Loys paper.

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