Cult Psychology - Part 2 - The Big Picture

By Leo Gura - January 23, 2019 | 7 Comments

How cult dynamics are found all throughout mainstream society and culture

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KAREN says:

Great video, Leo. Group memberships probably gradually fall away the more a particular person identifies with the context of reality as well as the content of being a particular personality with a “life”. But so does trying to figure out how to live life. No one lives their own life. All lives are being lived. This is what ego denies. If you do figure it all out in this particular body- that is commendable. But what about all the others that haven’t? You are all of them, too!

saurabh jadhav says:

seeing sameness and difference between your first thought and your just next thought simultaneously …lies the key .you will reach no mind state.just as a practice to do. detach your manas(a part of mind which causes attachment with any thing) from the thought then you will be able to observe the sameness and the difference between them as much as you want.needs detachment practice.have you thought that your memory changes when you recall a thought a second’ll need to observe the
two thoughts as they arise being totally grounded in the cant use the past thoughts neither the thoughts that are about to come.if you succeed in doing so you may find a radical shift in the time perception.i found from my personal experience that it alters the time perception’ll need the ability to observe a single thought for any amount of need the ability to isolate the thought simultenusly being in the present can do so in the meditative state but need to tap into the samadhi. what will happen is that there will be no more you at this time but just a thought.not a kind of perfected advice but a rudimentary need the ability to isolate a thought for a period of time and meditate upon the thought. good luck and see what happens ,i hope you never did this kind of exercise ever before otherwise the advise is in vain….

shane says:

Hey Leo,

I was razed mainstream Mormon in a cult-like manor. I can really relate to a lot of what you said.

I have enjoyed watching your enlightenment!

shane says:

You Helped me get so conscious, now I will return the favor and tutor you through my comments of your videos as needed.


Thank you for being a catalyst.

Luke says:

Is THIS a cult Leo? Are YOU a cult leader?

Luke says:

No. This isn’t a cult and Leo is not a cult leader. There is no hierarchy. Leo’s not creating a false narrative to believe in. And lastly, there’s no implicit or explicit desire that I can see to get as much money or recruits as possible. So I’ve answered my own question.

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