Becoming A Zen Devil

By Leo Gura - December 19, 2016 | 21 Comments

The dangers of half-assing enlightenment

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Uldis says:

Missing chapter. Good.

carmelo says:

I’ll keep on following your paradigm and experiencing it. which wisdom could not be easily found in the society. I want to experience mylife to its maximum potential before it ends. Thanks leo you worked well.

Tony says:

Hey Leo,

Sounds like you’re suggesting the middle path. Which is what Buddha himself recommended. Now I’m not gonna renounce my whole life to go meditate 24/7 because I like the carnal things this life has to offer, but isn’t that what the Buddha did to become quite possibly the most enlightened person ever in just a handful of years? I’ve always found it curious how he recommended the middle path when it seemed that what worked for him was pursuing two extreme paths (1st hedonism, then asceticism). Then yes he did start eating in a more middle ground kinda way, but as far as renouncing other aspects of life (family, friends, job) he did that to the extreme and just meditated for 6 straight years. I always figured he recommended the middle path because most people if told to follow his extreme path would have walked away and then no one would walk the path at all, and he was wise enough to see that would be worse than a middle approach.
Also you talked a little about the shadow here which I was glad to see. You mentioned that striving to just be a good decent person is important also. What if the truth, though is that I am an evil piece of shit (or at least partly)? Isn’t this path ultimately about pursuing the truth at all costs even if it means I find out I’m “bad”?


BVMLover says:

I think you probably answered your own query when you suggested that perhaps Buddha suggested the middle path because most would not follow a path of extreme asceticism. And isn’t the whole idea of Monism that there is no “good” or “bad” ultimately? That there is no duality like that?

Marijn says:

Thank you. Very eye-opening! Enlightment is the tool and this is the how to use.
You have said it before: learn, practice, apply, but this time it really hit home.
Also I wondered about books that say it’s only about one big inside. Now I know that’s a pitfall. I am inspired to go on a long journey of finding mini insights and not dismissing woolly looking tradition. Also inspired to meet a master.

Dave says:

Excellent argument that duality is actually the nature of the universe. We must live in this illusion in which we find ourselves. We can only really thrive on earth if we actually embrace duality. Life is good and bad. We’re on earth and we’re in heaven. It’s predetermined and we have free will. What we do matters and it doesn’t matter. It is dual and non-dual at the same time. This is the ultimate duality. The nature of the universe is duality and we must live the duality. This is not semantics or double speak. Yes, ultimately the universe is non-dual, but the nature of our universe is duality. It’s very important to live our duality and embrace it.

Michael says:

At this time of my life I am making many decisions that could end up being traps and it seems like is a great sorce of stimulating all the right questions I need to ask myself. Keep up the good work Leo, the fact that you continue to supply the world with such rich and high quality knowledge is a wonderful blessing in my life and surely the lives of many others.

Roz says:

This latest video is the BEST thing you have done. It comes, for me, at a time when I needed to hear EXACTLY what you were saying. How to incorporate my insights into the ‘real’ world where, like it or not we find ourselves on a daily basis. Deepest thanks, please keep doing what you are doing

Nep Sydaz says:

Leo, thanks for this great insight! Lately I have been slacking to watch your videos and dismissing your newsletters, the cause of which I feel is a heightened level of ego from a tiny fraction of enlightment. But once this video popped on my inbox I couldn’t ignore. The state of zen devil sounded so relevant to me. I think many of us can relate to this. I didn’t understand everything you said, but I’ll let the idea in this video sink inside of me gradually.

Brett says:

Masterful Leo! Really really relevant!! inf. gratitude.

Yann says:

Strangely enough, it seems that 5meodmt made Leo rediscover the virtues of morality. Or is it just love ? Love for politics ?

Gene pfeifer says:

Very good Leo.
I’ve have had many fights with that devil, winning some and loosing some as always I continue the journey.

Yann says:

I may be wrong, but i don’t think there is non-duality in christianity or islam

Ramona says:

From time to time, I have to agree with what you are saying. But not totally. There is no possibility that one could be enlightened and malicious at the same time. Who had glimpses of it, knows why. But, yeah, there are people with strong intellect who can understand spiritual teachings very well and play this game of a fake enlightened person when, in truth, they just need a lot of therapy. Using your intuition while interacting with someone and reading some psychology to understand mind patterns are useful tools that one should consider.

Italo says:

Thank you very much Leo. This just came in the perfect time for me.
It’s pretty easy to fall into these traps if we don’t have the awareness of them at all… and I was on my way to not finding any sense in beeing sad or happy, or in suffer of others or mine, with the excuse of all of these aspects of life beeing an ilusion. They are, I get it, but it’s not that we must ignore them in us and mostly in others.. we have to be aware of all of it, feel them and not let it trigger other worst emotions or unthinked actions and still care for the feelings of “others” after all, we are all one…it makes more sense this way.
Thank you for the insight. Making a comparison, it’s like becoming a “Jedi”, “know the force” and etc, but in the end we have to choose not to go to “the dark side” in a kind of way…
Grateful for your work.

Zsolt says:

I don’t understand, why there is a video with the title devil, and there is not even one with God. This makes me think that I wont spend hours by listening these. The recommended books are good, you should make a list of the codes and/or description for every video (1-2) pages! Happy holiday!

Gillian says:

Thank you for your videos and your clear explanation of what a Zen devil is. It’s very helpful and appreciated. I am an avid follower of and sadhguru and listen with interest every week. They have both helped me in every area of my life.

Anna says:

Hallo Leo,

Once again a great video.

I have found this book: How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain: The New Science of Transformation from Andrew Newberg.

Do you know this book and what is your opinion about it?

Thanks Anna

Matt Kelly says:

Don’t be tempted by the dark side! Shinzen has a great model for this… it’s true that when you touch that which is not human you can be equanimous with whatever happens, good or bad. BUT! The human that emerges from the source should be positive, not negative. If a negative human being emerges then you just need to contact the source more often and focus on positive. The dark side manifesting is indeed just an immature stage. Luke eventually uncovered the love he knew Vader had in him all along by selflessly giving his life for the service of others…

‘How a positive human being emerges from the source- SHINZEN YOUNG’ – ON YOUTUBE

Peter says:

My enlightenment started the day they thew me out of the “temple” !

Max Gron says:

Nothing of me is acceptable, there’s no such thing as acceptance, yes the Zen masters would slap me anyway, religion has no love involved, only one religion loves you:Christian Science, the other religions are angry, they’re at war with us people, in taking individual responsibility it’s not us, it’s me, I put off everything I touch and I find it horrifying. I haven’t been proud in years, that’s not a compliment, people upset me, all the pride is gone.

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