Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 1

By Leo Gura - October 2, 2017 | 7 Comments

Exploring Western society’s dysfunctional attitude towards psychedelics

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Unfolder says:

Important video, Leo!! Excellent.

Many people are sleepwalking through life and could use some help to shed their blinders. See life for what it is. The magic of direct experience. And discover their true nature.

In the future I would love to guide people during their voyages, facilitating glimpses of the divine in a safe setting. This episode strengthens my intention.

Thanks my friend, much appreciated.


Steven Clement says:

Well said my friend. You present a very through over-view of this topic. One point that I noted, is your view on plant/drugs like opium and coca which you labeled as recreational and very addicting. Dr Gabor Mate’ has changed my perspective on the nature of addiction.

Be well

Pat says:

I want to revisit psychedelics but I was one of those examples you mentioned of using them in a foolish way as a teenager. When I was alone at night I was trying too hard not to have a bad trip and as a result my brain showed me deeply disturbing images. Now I am affected by intrusive thoughts that I attribute to anxiety. I tell myself they are just thoughts and not real. Any advice on this 10+ year issue would be very helpful.

Steve Clement says:

The primary grounding principle on this issue is “set and setting.” In the 60’s the youthful desire for expanding conscious was distorted by ignorance and blocked by prohibition. The psychedelic experience was also associated with getting high on alcohol which was the primary drug of choice. The lack of any understanding or guidance on how to use mind expanding substances opened the door to all kinds of unfortunate situations and consequences; there were many casualties. I am feeling your pain. Those of us who survived and avoided being scared by trauma continued down the path of self realization to discover a large body of knowledge that defined humanities relationship with powerful plant medicines. Today we know that psychedelics are keys that can open doors of perception into the workings of our minds. When they are used in a controlled setting by intelligent and caring overseers, the chances of causing harm are significantly reduced. They hold out the potential for self-discovery, overcoming past traumas, and growth towards actualization. This potential for having a beautiful healing experience may be why you say, “I want to revisit psychedelics.” The heavy hand of prohibition is still present but there are many reputable retreats that offer the set and the setting that can assist a seeker to heal the past and become a positive well-balanced, whole, human being.
Be well

Pat says:

Thank you

Pat says:

I realize meditation is the key to absolving this issue

KG says:

Hi Leo, I appreciate your point of view and I’m sure there is a useful application for everything, including psychedelics. Something positive and growth producing can be gained from every experience. Thank you!

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