Concentration vs Meditation

By Leo Gura - March 21, 2017 | 22 Comments

How to develop concentration

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Uldis says:

Sometimes I get this jingle playing in my head, over and over again and I couldn’t get rid of it. So I could use it as an easy concentration target (mantra) ?

Leo Gura says:

No, best to avoid OCD habits like that. The whole point here is to develop more self-control, not feed your monkey-mind and its jingles.

Gene says:

Leo, how do you feel about learning a musical instrument as a tool to develop concentration? Especially playing drums is a great way to focus on the pulse, without having to think about what notes to play.

Leo Gura says:

Not at all the same thing.

Darren says:

Leo, thanks for the video. Do you think that the concentration technique you choose should complement the meditation method you have chosen? For example I have recently completed a Vipassana course and have been using this technique for meditation. It would seem that one of the more somatic concentration types you mentioned would be the most complementary to this this style of meditation. In your experience/opinion is there be a compatibility between the concentration and meditation style?

Leo Gura says:

I don’t think it matters that much. I’m a pretty visual guy and I do just fine with concentration on sounds.

Concentration is concentration. Just pick whichever target you enjoy most.

Linda says:

Great insights!!!
I am a flimsy meditation practices and this is changing my life!
I must practice consistently each and everyday

Maggie says:

Brilliant simply the best
I am a loyal follower
Tony Robbins was a favorite, Brandon Buchart, Tim Ferris were favorites.
Jim Rong are best . Leo is my favorite, touching my heart and intelllect like no one else.

Leo has the audacity and courage! And he is one of the best and authentic human being with positive and intelligent spirit

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kia says:

Please Add Video Transcript to all of your videos

Wojciech Solarski says:

Leo, come to our facebook group

Attention Control and Mental Concentration Training.

I guarantee you, that it is what you looking for.

Cu there.

Majiec says:

How is the concentration practice different from mindfulness meditation routine?

Miguel says:

I have been practicing the example with the pressure between the fingers and i start hearing a ringing sound in my ear. At first i thought it was a electronic device or something but i realized it is not. It happens at different location when doing this tecnique. I wonder if i am reaching access concentration.

Leo Gura says:

That sound would be a distraction from your target, if your target is the finger pressure. So focus on the fingers, not the sound.

Miguel says:

I have been ignoring the ringing in the ears and doubled down on the concentration of the pressure. I have now achieved a plateau point in my concentration practice where i get involuntary muscle movements in my face that distracts me from the practice. My nose or mouth muscles will start to shake or twitch without my control. Although i have hit a plateau in this stage I will keep at it since this is the concentration method i enjoy the most. Thanks

Alexandra says:

The infinite spirit will share the very essence of existence with us but we must silence our minds enough to hear the whisper.

Sean T says:

I found this one particularly insightful for me, and have committed to concentrating every day as a part of my morning routine (now the initial stage of my yoga practice).

The method I’m currently using as my point of “concentration” is a breathing technique .. I concentrate on counting each exhale during this process.
If interested, search: “wim hof method power breath exercise explained” (URLs aren’t allowed on commenting here..)

Janina says:

I meditate since a couple months now and my technique is listening to instrumental music and trying to concentrate on it. So I wanted to ask if this concentration on musik is enough as concentration trainig. And if it is a good meditation technique at all.

Kim says:

Good stuff Leo. Something told me to tune you in today and I am glad I did. I see that without a concentration practice nothing spiritual is possible. Your video confirmed that. I now know how to reboot my meditation practice.

fd says:

what,s yout next course,leo?

Darryl says:

Hey can you give me some tips on how to be a jerk that woman adore.

Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please give subtitles or transcripts to this video

Max Gron says:

This one I use all the time, I turn on (on my phone) the grandfather clock and concentrate writing, I also use it for meditating, you know life’s precious with Leo.

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