Guided Meditation

By Leo Gura - August 15, 2016 | 79 Comments

The next level of meditation


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David Karczewski says:

Leo. Simple. I feel like i over think and over analyze everything. I take anxiety meds however i assume meditation will help me. Any advice?

Callum says:

Of course it will. That’s like asking ‘will dieting help me lose weight’

Carlos says:

Leo, how are you doing? Is this method like the do-nothing meditation technique? Thanks.


Richard Van Wabeeke says:

Hey Leo,

Awesome video’s man, thank you for all your advice it’s really kind of you to share all of these golden knowledge with everyone!!
I follow everything you post and it’s all been very useful for me.

Greetings from Belgium.

Christine says:

This meditation felt really nice. Thank you so much.

Fernando says:

Great guided meditation. Very direct. I remembered why I started in the first place.
Doing a series of guided meditations will sure sell good! I already have your life purpose course and would not think twice of purchasing guided meditations from you!
Best of lucks! Ps, im going to Vegas this weekend maybe I bump into you!

Wayne V Burt says:

Leo, thank you very much, I am learning much from you, I appreciate your help thank you, Wayne

Connie says:

Leo this is PERFECT!

I had no idea what I wanted and what life was about until I found your website.

Thank you so much for choosing to be who you are today, sharing the most profound truths with us.

It takes so much courage and perseverance to follow one’s dreams. I really admire that about you.

And you really know how to get us neurotic newbies meditating don’t you! This was the best session I’ve ever had.

Joan says:

Hi, Leo! I’ve been trying to do this by myself for about three months now, but I always end up trying to control every damn thought in my monkey-mind. I did have problems with committing to everyday practice but this “exercise” with you was so profound I want to feel so peaceful as often as I can. I think I couldn’t commit because instead of experiencing meditation, I experienced a manipulation game where I have to force myself not to think and I subconsciously wanted to avoid it – even if I told myself I really want to practice, in fact I didn’t. Your video is a life-saver. This is deep! All the best

Brian says:

Did anyone else start grappling with themselves when instructed to surrender, I just wanted to fight. The mind was on disturbing events that happened when I was a 5 year old boy. But I did manage to get back on track.

Hengame says:

Great, i so Meditation for 1 and half year, do nothing meditatin , thank you for all your help Leo .

Debra says:

Thank you for your concise instruction. This is what I have been doing in my mediation group and I hear all different types of mediation others are doing. I love to think that mediation isn’t something we do, but rather it’s who we are. Thank you Leo.

Asaiah Powers says:

Is is wrong to try to make sense out of everything (logically)?

Leo Gura says:

Not wrong, but it will not work for the deepest things in life, because they are prior to logic.

Paula Allen says:

So fresh an approach.. thank you Paula

WingWizard says:

I have a few questions.

1. If ‘Just Being’ remains the only thing to do for an enlightened person, what is the point of life? How is ‘Just Being’ enough for anybody?

2. Once enlightened, does misery stop making sense logically to the person or there is absolutely another mechanism that takes place to end misery?

3. Can a person logically derive his way to enlightenment?

4. Once enlightened, can a person fall back into the prior patterns of misery of life?

5. Intellectually, I feel all of this mysticism, spirituality and yoga is a sham without a shred of truth. I’ve been on this path before only to find it to be just a loss of intellectual honesty and dishonest, pseudo escape from the inevitable hardships of life. On the other hand, I want to know if anything actually is true in this esoteric area. Is spirituality nonsense or does it work?

Leo Gura says:

1) Just being is all there ever is. It’s only not enough for the monkey mind.

2) Enlightenment doesn’t make you stupid. Suffering is simply seen for what it is: a creation you construct with the mind.

3) No

4) Yes

5) It’s the only true thing there is. Everything else is illusion.

WingWizard says:

Should I quit the life I am living and pursue enlightenment full time?

I’ve done everything from reading books, forming intimate relations with people, drugs, have had peak flow state experiences, having several achievements and what not.

I’ve seen it all. And there is infinite more of this hollow nonsense still. It’s like running in circles to get to nowhere. There seems to be no point participating in all these meaningless, pointless activities. It’s not working. I just feel there is something I am consistently missing in life.

Should I drop everything behind and sit in a cave and meditate? Is being a monk worth it? I don’t reckon if I ever go down this path, I’ll be never be able to return to the regular life, even if I fail in the spiritual journey.

What would you say for a person in my state?

Leo Gura says:

The ego loves to over-dramatize the process.

Notice how you’re doing that.

Raj says:

I suggest you do a small exercise.

Ask yourself why you do what you do, what you think etc for a certain topic that you consider important, and keep asking the “why?” to every answer, and you will ultimately arrive at something you cannot go beyond.

You simply accept that. There is no logic in that. Your whole idea of being a sound logic person is based on assumptions to begin with.

These statements are what I would like to call “Terminal assumptions”. When someone challenges them, your ego gets angry, guards it, deflects it with humor etc.

“Because I love doing that.”,
“It gives me happiness”,
“Its fun”,
“Its who I am”,
“Because I am an introvert”,
“Its what people do” etc.

None of these can be proved with a scientific method, because the only person who can decide it is you.

What if you are not developed enough to differentiate between fun,happiness and a neurotic need? Now those terminal assumptions are usually lies people tell themselves and never even put effort to break beyond consciously. Its been programmed onto to you by everything around you.

What are you thoughts on these? Can you try this and give me your results?

Artem says:

Hi Leo, thanks for guided meditation! What shall I do, two meditations per day? Because I practice your concentrating meditation, now you gave us surrender meditation. Shall I choose one or use both but every day different? Thanks.

Jane says:

Thank you Leo, I always find your videos bring just what I need at the right time.
The meditation is wonderful and at last my son is starting on this liberating path. You and your approach make this enlightened spiritual teaching current, at last my son is starting out on self actualisation and meditation, this latest guided meditation couldn’t have come at a better time. Bless you!

Jon says:

Pretty cool. I’ve listened to meditation audios before and they also say to “let go” but I have to admit it was different this time. Maybe it’s the context of persueing an actualized life that changed the experience. Maybe it’s the specific instructions. Irregardless, I was able to turn the mind off and let it drift to where it wanted to go without attempting to control what I wanted it to focus on or think about.

One thing that struck me was the background noise I’ve grown accustomed to ignore. My wife had the TV on in the living room, not loud but in the silence of the mind I was drawn to it enough to notice it and instantly I was taken back to a long forgotten memory of my childhood. I was laying in bed, my parents had sent me to bed because it was my bed time but I wasn’t tired. I remember hearing the muffled TV playing in the living room while I laid there in bed starring at the ceiling. The trip was the feeling that no time had passed. I literally felt like I was within the same moment. This memory is from well over 30 years ago. Coming out of the meditation I couldn’t help but think of how simple and worry free life was back then. It was awesome to re-taste that feeling with so much more appreciation today than I had for it back then.

Thanks Leo

N says:

Its time you seek the 5 Elements of life in you

Steven says:

Hey Leo!

I’m following your life purpose course for about 2 months now, and i’m really learning alot. I’ve started meditation since 3 weeks and i really enjoyed the experience of this guided medition.

I have a quenstion though, since i keep running into the same problem. Whenever i’m meditating, i can “kind off”control my thought patterns, but… i cant remove the sound of music in my head. Songs that i’ve recently listened to, keep coming up in my head. Do you have any extra advice to shut down the sound of music in my head during medition?

So far i’m really greatfull for sharing your wisdom. I’m mentally growing and getting more and more excited to find and follow my life purpose. Thanks alot so far!

Leo Gura says:

You have no control of anything. Just sit and be aware as best you can. Don’t try to manipulate your experience or thoughts.

Artem says:

to be aware is int a kind of control? when I sit and try to be alert than no thoughts coming, when thoughts coming I am not alert becouse I let them to be and this thoughts takes me away.
seems like i try to develop two conscious, one for to letting go and other for to be alert and aware. is it right? how it is possiple to be alert and let go at the same time?

Leo Gura says:

That’s the part that requires years of practice.

If you try to understand juggling logically, it will not work. You have to actually practice juggling, and then you’ll get it after many failures.

Awareness requires no control. Awareness is happening all the time while you’re awake. And you have zero control over it. Just notice it.

Lauri says:

Do you have any advice on how to combine this with shikantaza meditation or should I just set up a separate habit?

Leo Gura says:

This basically IS shinkantaza. You’re just sitting and surrendering.

Janek says:

How do you suggest using this recording in a daily meditation habit?

Should I continue to sit in the relaxed position you talked about in the video or revert back to the traditional straightbacked posture I normally use.

Great video by the way!

Leo Gura says:

Experiment and see what works best for you.

C says:

Wow Leo! This is great!
Such perfect timing in putting this video out. Did you happen to attend the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in Boston this weekend? I could swear up and down that you must be a Hypnotist. You are too talented not to be!

I love the part where you said…. Let Go, of Letting Go. I was so deep in this meditative state/ heightened state of awareness. I was definitely having an out of body experience! lol

Cov says:

Yo Leo! Thanks for another great vid!

Hey just curious if you’re gonna do a vid on the Ox and the 10 stages you spoke of from the ‘My enlightenment experience’ vid?

What can I say, I’m a lover of concepts (oops, too many ‘I’s)


Leo Gura says:

Yes, I plan to. The problem is, it’s hard to talk about the later stages without decades of experience, and I don’t want to speculate about such important things.

Cov says:

Yo thanks for the reply Leo
Yeah fair enough.
Hey as a long time listener, what I feel would really help us would be to do a video on a no bullshit guide to shadow work. Would really help cut through distractions from doing this juicer stuff.
Thanks again for all your time,

Parth says:

Hey Leo!

Awesome meditative experience. Can you please do me a favor. There is an app “Insight Timer” It is a meditation tracking app with lots of guided meditations and a dedicated timer for meditation. It is a community where of 1-2 million people who meditate together each day. I recommend you to try this app and kindly do a review for it in one of your future video. Me and many of my friends meditate daily because of this beautiful timer. It is the must have app and you can be the medium by which more people can know about it.

Kindly give it a try and share it .


thehomicide says:

Leo when I do this guided meditation after my mind start relaxing my muscles of the eyelid start to tighten and want to open and during this my muscles in my face begin to tighten and want to smile with out reason is that OK

Leo Gura says:

Tightening is actually unconsciously created by you. So you’re actually NOT fully surrendering. You’re holding back. Otherwise there shouldn’t be tightening.

Ron says:

Leo reading all your answers to the comments I notice how you are full of shit yourself. Since you are not enlightened yet, and I’d say even if you were because enlightenment is on so many levels, you don’t know an inch about the truth, but still you keep making assumptions about it without noticing these are just mere beliefs you picked up on. You don’t know whether you have control or not, you don’t know whether there is free will or not, you don’t know whether life is just being or being and doing etc but still you seem to keep interpreting life in these terms like these are absolute truths of the world when you actually DON’T KNOW. I actually think you are aware of this but I don’t know to what extent really and I wonder if it is the very assumptions that you keep holding that prevents you from actual truth. Besides for example I am having extraordinary results (let’s see for example Samyama Yogi experiences) by going the TOTAL OPPOSITE WAY of the one you suggest in your videos. Anyway good job and keep up the fantastic work

Leo Gura says:

Let me worry about me, and you worry about you.

Sevi says:

What about a girly approach to enlightenment:

Enlightened or un-enlightened: it’s like a penis, circumcised or un-circumcised: you’re gonna be f.cked anyways! The universe is gonna manifest upon you regardless of all of your defenses.. and hurt your ego; but guess what? It’s just because of deep love

mother earth

Devid Venara says:

Hi Leo,
While meditate I often fall asleep in 5- 10 minutes. Since I don’t have to take control, I just..fall asleep.
Is this ok?

Leo Gura says:

That often happens. Try to meditate more upon awaking.

Sevi says:

Oh boy!

Last night I was meditating in my garden with my cat on my side; all of a sudden he started chasing an animal! I’m chasing him bare foot in the dark with the recording in my ear )) : “surrender yourself completely to reality” “Yoda! come here!” ” do not manipulate anything” ” honey come over here please” “release your legs” I’m still running finally I’m taking him back to the porch, his leash is under my feet; he is pulling me strongly : ” gather any lessons that you learn from this experience” ” Yoda! You are so not meditating with me ever again!” Ok sevi; be better than that: ” let Yoda be, let Yoda be!”

Dimblik says:

Hi Leo Good Day

I Love it Leo.. The Guided Meditation.. Can you make a Guided Visualization about Finding life Partner.. Many Thanks Leo.. Keep Up The Good Work..

Sophie OShea says:

Thank you Leo, very powerful!

Sophie OShea says:

Thank you Leo, amazing, very powerful!

Lili says:

Thanks Leo for another good video. Is it possible to release a video how to get red of ache in our body through breathing techniques. Thank you again for your valuable wizdom.

Ruben says:

I really enjoyed this awareness.

I have also A question.

The past years i’m aware that i’m nog aware of my thoughts, i do without thinking like i’m living life on auto pilot. It just goes. and i dont feel Alife anymore because i dont do anything aware. Because it just happens, i just do. Without Being aware of it. How do i get rid off this? So i can life my life and not “watch”/”be” it? Can you help me?

Thank you, i really appriciate you AND your videos.

Over AND Out.


Ruben says:

Nog= not
I do without thinking = I do (stuff), without thinking

Ragnhild says:

Leo, You hjelped me with overcoming all of my addictions and bad habits.. But now I think I’m addicted to You! Thanks for everything

Elton says:

Happy teachers day, realy look foward to learn something every week.

While using this technique I used it maybe more than a couple of times but I’ve noticed a pulsation in between my eyes, is this a good sign?

BLAS says:

For 3 days, 3 days!!! I am not certain as to why I used your guided meditation. I have always wanted to have a stronger mind, and perhaps it is happening. I feel the same, but yet somehow I feel different in a good way. This is day 3, and I intend on making this a morning ritual in a little room in the basement.



Gavin says:

Hey Leo,

Great video! Really enjoying this form of meditation. My question is, are some forms of meditation more conducive to enlightenment than others?

I have read that it’s possible to meditate for decades without ever getting closer to breaking the illusion of the self. This style of letting-go meditation seems to be much more in line with a diminishment of the self and seems to jive nicely with David Hawkins’ “Letting Go” book, which I read recently.

As you have graciously described multiple types of meditation in your videos, do you have any advice as regards performing one kind of meditation over another? Do you recommend always performing self-inquiry and meditation separately or do the lines get blurred between the two practices in certain situations?



This is by far the best piece of material on meditation I have ever seen. This video has rekindled my discipline to meditate and make it part of my daily routine again. I am inspired.

Meditation had become rule based and very technical. This video makes meditation accessible, welcoming and natural. Turning meditation into a habit doesn’t seem like such a stretch anymore.

Thank you Leo!

Guilherme Sousa says:

Leo, I’ve been meditating with your 20-min audio and enjoying it very much. Have you heard Paul Hedderman? He doesn’t see meditation as a path or habit that will help one towards enlightenment. Any thoughts on that? Thanks, Gui

Leo Gura says:

Yeah, I know teachers who take such stances. They only have a partial perspective. Meditation, is a very helpful aid. Thousands of people have used it to become enlightened. So their claims are factually false.

Is meditation the only way? No.

Is meditation the most direct way? No.

Does meditation work for everyone. No.

But it’s a proven and highly effective tool.

Ivan Stoyanov says:


All of your videos used to have a written transcript. Why did is no less beer the case?

Simon says:

Hi Leo.

I got really relaxed with this guided meditation.

But should the experience be like if I was asleep? Sometimes it was actually like I woke up a little when you started talking again, still with my eyes closed.

I’m a little confused about if this is what I shall be aiming for with my meditation, since it is the same feeling I have when I’m awake inside a dream or walking through a dream I had during the day when I’m awake.

Best regards

Milos says:

Hi Leo! This is the first meditation that suits me . What is the name of this technique? It is so pure and without any bullshit.

Milos says:

Hi Leo! This is the first meditation that works for me. What is the name of this technique? It is so pure and without any bullshit.

Jonathan says:

Leo can you please make a video on how to heal/get rid of depersonalization. It really could save my life please.

Milos says:

Hi Jonathan,

Go to body psychotherapy! You have to be centered and grounded, and also you have to heal pest emotional wounds.

josh says:

Hi Leo,

I love this guided meditation and was wondering what difference there is by doing this guided mediation and a Transcendental Meditation where you repeat a mantra etc.. Also what is yours thoughts on TM.



Hengame says:

Thank you Leo I watched and listened this video several time to deep in my head. Thank you so much for helping and sharing all your experiences with us to support our journey without any expectation from point of cost of money that’s to me guiding people. I’m following your videos since February 2014. I hope I am learning your valuables points for real life.

stephanie says:

Ah, that was wonderful! I needed this after a rough couple of days where my mind could not come to an rest. It finally did Thank you!

Anna says:

Leo, I am sort of new to meditation. I tried following the above video. It all went well at the begining but at around 12 minutes I felt very nauseated and dizzy. Doctors told me I have a problem with the balance centers in my ears, which cause vertigo sometimes.

I thought every person can meditate? What should I do to overcome this problem?

Marko says:

Hi Leo,

Its hard for me to stay out of the head.
But is wonderfull feeling when I make it.
It feels similar when water fills the pot and then at the same time goes over the top in all directions. It feels like I am same time noise which comes from the flat above and washing machine at another room and my dog snoring besides.
It also feels like complete relaxation in milisecond but soon I am back in my had.

Great video!
And thank you for all knowledge which you share !
Great site and great vids !

Daniel says:

Am grateful I’ve found your site. Have watched several videos and done worksheets. You’ve provided answers I’ve needed. And those come from within.
Thank you for your guidance.


Lion says:

Hi, Leo
Thanks for this video. It is very enjoyable.
My question is: do you know whether this technique was used by Adyashanti?
Kind regards

James Thelman says:


Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the authenticity and generosity to gift us with your wisdom without all the bullshit. I’ve only discovered you a few weeks ago, and already I can feel a shift in my thinking, my behaviour, and just being.

Again, thank you for your quality education and really digging deep to get us self-actualised.

There is no coincidence in me finding you.

With love (and I rarely write/say that because people here in LA use the word ‘love’ so often it feels hollow. When I say it; I mean it.),

saleem says:

bless you buddy

Molly says:

Thank you Leo! I’m so grateful to have found you!

Steven says:

I’ve been following Leo’s work for a month now and have immersed myself in lots of the practical work and can feel my life changing for the better. I started meditating two weeks ago and I initially thought I would struggle, because my mind can be so busy (Drunk monkey) but not at all! Whilst meditating my mind has been to places, nice places that I’ve never been before and it’s wonderful! I generally meditate in the mornings and it makes my whole day much better. I have a question. If I keep this up for years (and I will) Will I end up in much deeper and relaxed places than what I am reaching now through meditation? What else can I expect, if anything?

You’re a star Leo and many thanks for your great work.

JTL says:

Hey, can anyone tell me the difference between external and internal sensation ? thank you

Lauren says:

Hi Leo-
Thank you for this. Have you made the video or audio you mentioned without the explanation? Just the guided meditation? And where do I find this?
Thank you.

Adam says:

Dear Leo
Adam here. ,for understanding your video better., I have been studying English so hard for more than 5 years. ,I really hope you could still give the text under the video.
Best wish my dear Guru

Shannon says:

That was nice thank you. It was also nice to see your face when I opened my eyes.

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