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July 13, 2019

I find microscope pictures more awe-inspiring than cosmic pictures. Remember, reality zooms to infinity in both directions. And actually there are more than two directions and more than 3 dimensions. But for now, study closely the intelligence behind the design of the microscopic world:

Consciousness is an infinite fractal of pure intelligence. This is what you're really waking up to. This is what you are.

July 12, 2019

The first extra-solar planet was discovered in 1992. Up to now 4000 have been discovered.

There are approximately 250 billion stars in 1 galaxy.

There are approximately 2 trillion galaxies in our universe.

If there are an average of 3 planets per star, that means there are 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in our universe.

But all of that is just but an infinitesimally small speck of dust within Infinite Consciousness. All those planets are as far away from infinity as the number 3.

It takes Infinite Consciousness less than a nanosecond to dream all that up.

It has no beginning or end. It goes on forever. It is unlimited.

Imagine holding all of that form within your consciousness.

Try to comprehend that. That is the mind of God.

July 10, 2019

Vice has some excellent discussion panels featuring diverse political and cultural perspectives.

The panels struck me as highly valuable because they require you to open your mind to alternative POVs. As you watch, pay extra attention to how you get triggered and how you judge these people. This is not about determining who's right or wrong but about going meta to see the relativity of all perspectives. Relativity is what explains why these folks see the world so differently. It's not that ones are right and others are wrong, but that each ego-mind sees the world according to its survival needs and whatever ideologies it was programmed with during its development.

That's just a taste, there's much more and I recommend you watch them all:

Really, really, really pay attention to how you judge POVs which are not your own. Also notice how you judge people purely based on their race, gender, clothing, religion, and style of speaking. The point is to notice that you are extremely judgmental and dismissive of any worldview which is not aligned with your own. Notice that alternative POVs are a threat to you — notice how you fear them.

These panels make for a good consciousness litmus test. The more developed and conscious you are, the more you are able hear all these diverse perspectives without judging them, recognizing them to be aspects of yourself.

Note: non-judgment does not mean that you adopt their opinions, nor does it mean that you adopt the average of all their opinions. Both would be a mistake.

July 7, 2019

July 5, 2019

I wanted to share this video in the hopes that it will inoculate some of you against joining or starting enlightenment cults.

The key point: Just because the leader of a spiritual group has some degree of awakening does not mean it's not a cult! Many cults weave together legit spiritual teachings with devilry. Think twice before joining any spiritual community.

For more about cults, see my two part series:

July 3, 2019

I randomly stumbled upon this southern military guy on Youtube and was pleasantly surprised by his progressive thinking! It's great to see some military folk and southern folk speaking out against the dangers of modern conservativism. This is what I call smart patriotism.

This dude's dishing out some serious common sense. Check out his channel for more gems. Although I disagree with his deeper advocacy of anarchism. Anarchism cannot work at the scale of 100s of millions of people.

July 1, 2019

It's ironic that the New York Post — a trashy, gossipy, right-wing tabloid said to be a favorite newspaper of Donald Trump — would be capable of producing a high-quality, well-researched mini-series about UFOs.

But here it is! Sometimes you find a diamond in a pile of shit. This series is well done and worth watching with an open mind.

There are many episodes in the series:

And they are still releasing new episodes each week, so stay tuned.

As always, think critically for yourself about this controversial topic. I am not suggesting you construct a UFO ideology but rather consider the empirical evidence in an openminded fashion. You don't know what you don't know. I find the mountains of evidence hard to explain away as mere delusion or fantasy. Something weird is going on.

June 30, 2019

One of our biggest themes with Actualized.org is understanding how the human mind, (and all of reality), creates boundaries. Notice that all of life runs on division, partition, distinction, and duality. Even at the most basic thermodynamic level, energy moves across difference gradients. No difference gradient, no movement, no life.

But it's not enough to understand this in the abstract. We must go deeper, examining concrete instances of how this manifests across human life. Which is why I love the following video. It shows you in concrete terms how division, partition, distinction, and duality shape all human behaviors.

All boundaries are imaginary. But notice how these imaginary boundaries serve as the fuel or engine driving all of life! Notice the enormous consequences that a single imaginary boundary can have. Now multiply this by infinity and you get LIFE!

What is war, conflict, disagreement, and violence about at the existential level? It's fighting over boundary definitions. Who's imaginary boundary will prevail? Who gets to say how the cake should be sliced?

Do you see the big picture of life?

If you object that some boundaries are physical and not merely imaginary, notice that that itself is an imaginary boundary which you created and are now defending! Since reality is one giant Universal Mind, all boundaries, including "physical" boundaries, exist within its imagination. To imagine a thing is to create a boundary between that thing and that which it is not. That's what being a thing is! That's what imagination is! Universal Mind is creating differences, which constitutes reality, which animates life, which leads to conflict, which leads to destruction of differences — thus going full-circle forever and ever, without beginning or end.

Division leading to unification leading back to division. Division within division within division. Unification after unification after unification.

That which is separated must ultimately unite. That which is united must ultimately separate. And in between, life happens. Ta-da!

Here's another brilliant micro example of how this plays out in human life:

June 29, 2019

This is an exceptionally important video. Watch it from beginning to end.

It's an outstanding interview with an academically trained philosopher who took 70+ high doses of LSD over 20 years to explore the deepest reaches of Universal Mind.

His growth curve closely matches my own after 65+ psychedelic trips over the last 2 years. It's a journey into ever deeper layers of Universal Mind and Infinite Consciousness which seems to have no end. Every trip leads to deeper and deeper understanding and integration of Universal Mind.

This is what the psychedelic spiritual path looks like. It's rare to see someone talking about it because most people trip merely for recreation and in serious circles psychedelics are stigmatized. Few people turn psychedelics into a serious spiritual path, but I see that changing in the future as the stigma gradually erodes.