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Reality is A Fantasy

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 A Fantasy is The Faculty/Activity of Imagining Impossible or Improbable Things... So, What is The Probability & How Is It Possible for This Experience You're Having - To Exist? None.

The Answer is: It is Absolutely & Completely - Impossible x Improbable: Because There's No Logical, Normal or Objective - Explanation For Anything to Exist in Any Form Whatsoever & There Can & Will Never Be An Explanation.

Wow... The Way I Like to Look at Reality is As Though - There's Darkness, Complete Silance, & Emptiness. There's No One Around & There Can't & Will Never Be. There's Nothing to Be Afraid of, Nothing to Fear, You Can't Die or Get Hurt. You Can "Shout" As Loud As You Can, You Can Break Things, You Can Cry, You Can Jump & There's Nobody To Impose Any Rules on You or Judge You. It's Complete Freedom & Peace. Then..

From This State of "Sleep" - You Start to Imagin Things, Not Any Types of Things, But The Most Fantastical Things: Crazy Love Stories, Infinite Beautiful Girls You Risk Your Life & Die For, A Life of Abundance, A Life of Lack and Tragedy, Unbreakable Friendships, All Types of Biographies Where Start From Nothing, No One Believes in You Then In The End You Become The Best, You're on Top of The World, The Highest & The Lowest Points, Been Through Everything, You've Got All This Experience and Then...

You Realise It Was All Dream.

Isn't This The Most Beautiful Thing Reality Could Be? And It Is. Anyway, I Think It Can't Be Described into Words How Amazing It Is This Thing We Take For Granted.. But. I'm Really Struggling to Get a Tight Grip on This Thing. I Want to Be Completely Absorbed into The Mystery, Love & Beauty of Reality and Reach Some Profound Levels of Awakening.

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