Why isn't easier to date girls from school?

By Hardkill in Dating, Sexuality, Relationships, Family,
I just finished my last semester for a science class I had to take at a community college I was at. I asked out some of the girls at this resource tutoring center whom I got to know as friendly acquaintances. I could definitely that they all enjoyed talking too. There were a few of them who smiled at me before I got to know them. Most of them would ask me right away what my name was. I thought they all really liked me. Then again, what girl wouldn't be into me? Every time I said to hi to them, they'd be like "Oh hey! How are you?!" or "Hi! How are you?!" or "Hey! How's it going?!" or "What have you been up too?" or whatever. We'd have fun conservations with each other by making jokes, bantering, getting to know each other more on a deeper level, talking about stuff related to school, etc. By the end of the semester, I'd ask some of them to hangout during the break or ask for their number, but almost all of them would either be like "Oh, sorry I don't really give out my number. I like having a private life." or "Oh, I am not really looking for any kind of relationship right now" or "I actually don't hangout." Yet, whenever I asked any girl in the academic classes I was in for their phone numbers, none of them had any problem giving me theirs. I did actually get one cute Asian girl to go out on a date with me. Though, I didn't get the feeling that that girl seemed all that interested on our date. I don't get, especially considering that I thought that dating girls from school would be easier than dating girls you met either online or from cold approach given how much familiar and comfortable an environment schools are. I know I am attractive, but I now feel really demoralized because if I can't succeed with girls from a school, especially after having already devoted years of practice into cold approaching and online dating and soaked so much knowledge and advice from experts on seduction like crazy.
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