Reply to Self harming habit

By Superfluo,
@Irina Wolf  This is already a great starting point in awareness, you understand the issue is multi-layered and convoluted.   Meditation and sedona method can be helpful but they don't deal with the root causes, or if they do you must be very skilled to go straight to the core of the problem and release it. If you can do psychedelics go for them. If you want to heal, you need to decide which approach you want to use: body-based approach or emotional/energetic approach. For the body-based approach (not recommended if you don't have adequate awareness of your psyche and your subconscious dynamics), shamanic breathing/holotropic breathwork and bioenergetics exercises are great tools. Bioenergetics exercises deal with subconscious tensions in the body so as to heal traumas, suppressed emotions and "emotional stiffness". Look for them on youtube, specifically for the throat and the mouth. For the emotional/energetic approach (recommended if you have little awareness) you must do three things: Gain more awareness regarding this problem: when it started, why it started, why you do this, what are the benefits (there are always benefits, so find them), which inner conflict that behavior is the reflection of (another way of saying this is: which parts of you are in conflict), which beliefs are at the core of the behavior. Observe the feelings that you feel when you notice yourself enacting the behavior, so as to identify the sensations that trigger the behavior. Just do the best you can. Start amplifying the sensations of anger and powerlessness (don't amplify the biting) so as to understand the message they are carrying. Ask these emotions why do they exist, what do they mean. Listen to them, hear them, feel them, love them unconditionally. Do some exercises that give you access the root causes (which possibly is an emotional blockage or even a serious trauma you might think it's not that serious) of the behavior: inner child work, parts work/two chairs exercise, visualization, NLP integration exercises. I've not included bioenergetics exercises here because they deal with the root causes, but don't usually make you aware of them. They just get the stuff done. Bioenergetics exercises however usually require more time and consistency than these exercises listed here. This pillars are not something you do once. You do them for as long as it needs to be done, i.e. until the problem is sufficiently solved. This journey won't be not easy, but I think you'll discover some interesting stuff about yourself while on it. If you need more info check out other posts of mine on healing, where I dig deeper in the healing process and give more exercises and practices.