Reply to Books on Perfectionism?

By Superfluo,
I made several posts on healing and healing techniques. You can start there. Healing is a process which requires you to deal with the mental aspect of your psyche, and the body aspect of your psyche. This means you work on your thoughts, expectations, beliefs, relationships with yourself, self-image, and your past, but you also work on your body, on your muscular tensions, on your emotions and traumas, on your energetic imbalances (the energetic imbalances part is pretty advanced, so don't worry now).   Several techniques/methods/exercises. First, you start by understanding how to heal, what it means and the principles behind it. Check out the video "How To Heal The Emotional Body" by Teal Swan (she has several stuff you will find powerful). If you are not in touch with your emotions enough, if you don't trust your capacity to recognize or verbalize your feelings, if you feel numb or disconnected from your feelings, if you feel you have to reconnect with your emotions first, I recommend you start with Emotional Vipassana. If you are already attuned to your emotions, I recommend you to start with journaling (or even go to a psychotherapist if this idea resonates with you), Inner Child Work, Parts Work (also known as the Two Chairs Exercise), and The Completion Process (book by Teal Swan). The more you heal, the more difficult is to heal, because you first heal surface stuff. After the surface is cleared, you may want to go deep. In this case, you may want to do serious body work, like Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Shamanic Breathing / Holotropic Breathwork, and Bioenergetics Exercises.   Here's some posts of mine you may find helpful: