M. Jawad's Shamanic Breathing Journal (Progress, Experiences & Insights)

Muhammad Jawad
By Muhammad Jawad in Self-Actualization Journals,
Day 01 - 16/01/2021 - 30 mins - Morning - Done - Amazing It was really really deep. 30 mins of breathing passed as 5 mins. I was an infinite void of nothingness. It was really peaceful & Blissful. I have no feelings of Body. I detached from my body. And the body was just like a few sensations in that void. My awareness was really sharp. I felt like there were a lot of points opening up in me and at the opening of each point, It was releasing bliss & joy. By discovering my true depth, it was so profound that it made me cry. I felt like a lot of negativity was releasing. I felt very close to God.   Day 02 - 17/01/2021 - 20 mins - Morning - Done - Very Good Day 03 - 18/01/2021 - 15 mins - Morning - Done - Good Day 04 - 19/01/2021 - 30 mins - Morning -  Done - Good   Day 04 - 19/01/2021 - 15 mins - Night (Before Sleep) -  Done - Very Good It was amazing. I went into a really deep state of consciousness. I was in a void with no feeling of the body. My Visualisation and imagination power multiplied by 10. Whatever I was trying to visualize or imagine that was manifesting into that void more clearly than the normal state. I was receiving a lot of insights. I was able to experience different states of consciousness. I was able to remain aware while sleeping into Sleeping states. Hypnagogia was a lot more powerful visually. I enjoyed these experiences in that deep state a lot. I was hyperactive psychologically as well. My body was able to sleep but I was still aware of everything. Psychologically it was really hard for me to become unconscious and sleep. After 1 or 2 hours in that state, after all, I slept. Now I have feelings of very different kinds of sleep I experienced last night. I can't explain it. And my dreams were also a lot vivid than my normal routine.   Day 05 - 20/01/2021 - 30 mins - Morning -  Done - Very Good It was really deep & profound full of infinite bliss. I was void. It was so profound that it made me cry. I felt the closeness of God. I was talking to him. Objects in my visual field were in motion. Breath is optional. I can not die. We are afraid to kill our ego due to our own fears, desires & attachments.    Day 05 - 20/01/2021 - 15 mins - Night (Before Sleep) -  Done - Good (Vivid Dreams)   Day 06 - 21/01/2021 - 35 mins - Morning -  Done - Very Good Breathing became automatic after 25 mins. Today I was able to see colorful infinite patterns as well. I was an infinite void. Detached from the body. Flashing lights. I was in pure joy & bliss. At one point I was feeling like my heart was opening and I could feel a really peaceful void in my heart. Currents were running around in my whole body. My body was nothing but a few random sensations inside that void which was me.   Day 06 - 21/01/2021 - 10 mins - Night (Before Sleep) -  Done - Good The mind becomes hyperactive after the breathing exercise so after this exercise, It's hard to sleep. It takes time to go unconscious. Your awareness becomes Lazer sharp for a few minutes. After 10 mins of Breathing, I detached from the body for a few minutes. And this practice before sleep resulted in Vivid Dreams. But in the morning I forgot most of the dreams but still could recall one dream. Click here if you are interested to read that dream.   Day 07 - 22/01/2021 - 15 mins - Morning -  Done - Very Good (With Post Breathing Music) I Started Shamanic Breathing while listening following Tribal Drumming: https://youtu.be/BkzA_u9smXU After a few minutes while breathing I started to feel really cold. There was a lot of Tingling in my whole body. My arms & hands are totally numb, Tight, and hard. My whole body started to become so hard that it felt like it’s made of stone.        As soon as I stopped doing shamanic Breathing, I held the breath inside. And suddenly it felt like I had detached from my body and had become an infinite void. The feeling of the body transformed into just a few sensations, flowing energy and currents. My Mind & Body was filled with Bliss, Joy & Peace. I could feel that all the blockages and knots in my body are opening and I am becoming more lightweight. I had earphones in my ears from the beginning and then after 5 mins of stopping the shamanic breathing following music started playing automatically in my ears. (I didn't need to come out of the trance to play the music myself using my hands): https://youtu.be/ZdElzvGlZbo I achieved the automatic Music phenomena through the following android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muzical And it was an amazing experience to listen to music in that state of consciousness. I was feeling like I am the invisible being without any physical body floating into this infinite void and that music is the part of that void and echoing in that void. At a stage, I could feel that I am the universe, and then at a stage, I became Music. I was Music. Due to that music different kinds of vibrations were occurring in my body.  When the music stopped playing there was amazing peaceful silence & void and I was in the presence of that void. I started to experience flashes of lights, hypnagogia, visualization in the blackness of my eyes. I was able to see silhouettes of some beings in human form, Faces, Eyes looking at me, and then the effects faded away and I was back to the normal state.
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