"nightmares" While Meditating

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Yesterday, I had a nightmare exactly like the ones I used to have when I was a child.

I did my normal meditation (counting my breath) and suddenly, my "brain space" felt and looked like it was physically limited. Kind of like when you watch the stars at night and suddenly the visible universe is finite and you can see where it stops existing. ...hard to describe... The next thing that happens is that random words, I couldn't read the exact words fly "towards" me, kind of like the text animation at the beginning of every star wars movie, but in reverse and incredibly fast and intimidating.

Now I didn't panic like I did when I had these nightmares as a child because I was fully aware of what was happening here. I just watched the nightmare and tried to analyze what was going on and why. I didn't find any answers to those questions.

Did you ever experience this? To me, it feels like meditation is a perfect trigger for "consciously" observeable nightmares...


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