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  1. Hi pardon me for my rudeness , i haven't read all the replies ... Just wanted to address the first message by playdoh : Being Enlightened is like being 4 years old and realizing that everything is a playground I can tell you from my personal experience that i too struggled to understand how is it beneficial for me to be empty... Because the glimpses of the true thing i was having were deceiving me: I was walking for hours listening to trance music and having an experience of "no self"... i felt like i am reality itself in this moments. But now , from my direct experience i can tell you this much: Enlightenment is anything but empty. It is complete fullness of experience and it feels like whatever you are doing right now, is the meaning of life... I enjoy having sex as much as i enjoy pouring myself a cup of fresh coffee My process was gradual and that is why i cant relate to this feeling of dread you had but my guess is that if it happens "to fast" it might be a bit shocking . I think you don't have to push it if you don't feel like it... i was on for a month, then off for two and this cycle repeated itself. Nobody "needs" to become enlightened - the way i see it anyways - when you have had enough you have had enough... I strongly believe that every being that wants to . can and will become enlightened and the master can only shorten your struggle. I want to add a paragraph from a great zen book i am reading: Eastern wisdom - the treasure box , by Nissim Amon: "Pay attention and don't think about emptiness when contemplating the mind. Those of you who sit in meditation and fall into absolute emptiness will sink into black nothingness and space. just us outer space is full of real things the sun, the moon, the stars , planet earth, rivers and mountains , so to the mind contains real things. The mind and the world ; all is one and one is all " I agree that the ego is crucial for our survival at first... Because if kids were fully enlightened what is to stop them from putting their hand in the fire and realizing that this feeling is empty? you see the point? It dose protect us - at first but than it becomes a heavy burden. The way i see it: It is necessary to go full circle . Alan watts ones spoke to a buddhist and he tolled him: "When i knew nothing about buddhism , mountains were mountains and waters were waters. When i understood a little buddhism , mountains were no longer mountains and waters were no longer waters. But when i fully understood , mountains were again mountains and waters were waters." It depicts - as i see it - the process that takes place when someone is on the path but not quite there: It can be world shattering and very difficult to take in... but i assure you when (and not if ) you will get there mountains will be themselves and you will not feel "insecure" or vulnerable because thous are fleeting feelings that do not last. The closes i can describe an awake state to someone who is not fully there : The gap between your thoughts. And from what i recall thous were the most peaceful moments i had Good luck, good day and keep it real Daniel. p.s Sorry for my lengthy writing i was so exited to find this community So i wanted to answer my best. Leo we need more people like you !