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  1. Book of Genesis outlines the roots of this conflict whereas the Book of Revelation describes how it ends. So, you can either read them beforehand and watch prophesy play out in real-time on television, or you can read them afterwards and see how predictable it all was. Either way, you'll be astonished. ...enjoy the Great Deception! 👽=😈
  2. Leo, please consider creating an invitation-only hidden vault-of-wisdom within Actualized.org which includes your highest consciousness insights. You do not need to tell anyone that it exists, simply invite those at your will and be quick to expel anyone who behaves contrary to the admission guidelines, or - alternatively - you could add it to the online store so that the purchase cost doubly acts as the fine for being expelled. I appreciate that you consider these revelations to be incommunicable, but the work that Actualized.org has done to democratise self-actualisation and self-transcendence is an extremely important resource for many people and will likely remain one of the most prominent repositories of such knowledge for generations; especially if mankind ever becomes a 'Tier 2 society'. If nothing else, the process of making them could serve you in further contemplating and integrating those insights, as well as visually-diarising your development; so whether you make them for yourself, for others, or both it will certainly be worthwhile. Thanks
  3. Hi Saba, It seems like your neuroscience/psychology skills make you the perfect type of person to develop some higher-conscious marketing - like Leo discusses in this video: https://www.actualized.org/articles/the-deep-problem-of-marketing I think your are in a no-loss situation here because you can use your education in a creative way that feeds back into your passion. So even if it doesn't work, at least you will have created something positive; which will probably spark your imagination and give you even more profound insights to write about.
  4. Hi Cireeric, Here are my observations: Although the course content is the equivalent of approximately ten (10) eight-hour days (excluding breaks), you will probably complete it within 4-6 weeks if you invest a couple of hours each day after school/work etc. - There are 90 episodes with about 28 hours worth of content which lead you into around 50+ hours worth of assignments. - The first half of the course is predominantly passive so you can just listen, take notes, and contemplate the lessons afterwards. - The second half of the course involves exercises ranging in duration from 15 minutes to a few hours. - The average time it takes to listen to a lecture then complete the activity is about 1 hour in total. - Once all this is over, there are some other tasks to help keep you on track with your goals for the following 90 days. I retake the course every year to check my findings and make the necessary adjustments. This process takes me 1 month part-time (or 2 weeks full-time) because I just need to re-listen to the lecture then build upon the work I completed during that assignment previously--which is easy to do as it is all saved on my computer. I hope this helps