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  1. I've been contemplating this for a while and I definitely hit a new barrier in my development, and this one might as well be my treshold guardian. For context, I would peg myself - spiral dynamics wise - big part orange, a good chunk of green which is still growing and some yellow on the cognitive side. Regardless of all of the work I've done on myself I seem to have a very deep ingraned stage blue agenda inherited from my parents, which defines what a "normal" and "good" life would be : University, a long term partner, marriage, children and a nice job. Something structured and conventional - while I am not at all conventional, and I have a very strong personnality and my own way of doing things, including many many things stage blue wouldn't even consider such as doing psychedelics. I've been doing this work for a while, including a lot of reading, yoga, meditation for 5 years + , healthy eating, working out, nootropics, in short I'm a freaking good student of personnal development and I'm bloody serious about it. Now, any time I consider going against this stage blue agenda, such as becoming a writer and blossoming as myself - but thus having a non conventional job I am blocked. Some part of me will deeply resist it and I won't be able to make any progress. Same can be said about when I consider leaving my long term partner : on one had, when I watch netflix with her, I get a existential crisis on how unhappy I am with this whole situation, and then, on another day, how I am lucky to just be with her and have a long term partner. This reference point of what a "good" life could be is extremely limiting BUT on an emotional level it's still running me and I want to be free of it. To some extent, It's living according to my parent's expectations (and thus their stage blue agenda) which gives me comfort and security, but is at all not fulfilling. I'm not living with them anymore and I wanna fully blossom and allow myself to be fully myself. I already plan on taking psychedelics to work trough this but any help would be appreciated as well.
  2. Then could it be that one might feel a huge amount of resistance about actualizing their life purpose and something they're deeply passionate about - to the extent they feel less excited/motivated to work on it - simply because of the pricetag of dealing with fear, lack of security and discomfort that comes with doing so and the inner growth required ?
  3. Make sure you have enough electrolytes and minerals - those help with water absorption.
  4. Thanks for the feedback I'm more worried about efficiency, since a stick of charcoal is not the same as an actual filter through which water passes. I don't see how a stick hanging arround would hold the heavy metals and such especially if used several times. I should look up some studies. Also, Honestly, Britta is not very cheap either They have even specific engineering so you can use only britta filters on britta products.
  5. As a general rule, don't buy girls anything unless you sleep with them or are dating them. If you're on a date and/or there is some clear sexual tension and attraction - buying drinks is okay. If they are interested they will often reciprocate and buy you a drink as well afterwards (at least in Europe). If you buy her something and she's explicitely asks for something else, leave her. Don't expect your dates to work straight out of the box. Some of the girls you meet will be completely crazy and or might exploit you. That's related to their not so good personality and you should aim to screen those.
  6. So far, based on what I've read, you've not supporting any nofap/semen retention practice. I know you've changed your mind in the past on several issues, such as fish due to the heavy metals, and as such I was wondering to what extent you explored the whole semen retention subject ? While massive amount of people have been wrong before, there is a lot of anecdotical evidence for nofap as well as some different semen rentention/celibacy/energy conservation tradition such as found within Taoism and Yoga. Are you voicing your concerns so that your followers don't go into sexual repression while they should work themselves up the spiral and meet their sexual needs to transcend them ? Or are all of the semen retention/nofap claims at a very high level pretty much groundless and such a practice yeilds almost no benefits besides perhaps a brief placebo ?