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  1. Uploaded by: ThinkingAllowedTV Terence discusses the influence hallucinogens have had on Cultures throughout the world and how the power of these Substances have shaped human civilization.
  2. Out of all the Classical Psychedelics (LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT and Ayahuasca) and every hallucinogen of any psychoactive class, which is best for growth and healing?
  3. @BipolarGrowth I remember one person told me Psilocybin Mushrooms could help me with Insomnia. Do you think that's the case? Edit: I've been sleep deprived many times. I've never experienced the late stages of Sleep Deprivation, though. I have however experienced olfactory hallucinations and slight Peripheral Distortion. The Early stages, I have experienced. The effects are listed in Early Stages: - Euphoria - Increased Libido - Increased Sense Of Humor Late Stages: - Delirium - Paranoia - Shadow People - Autonomous Entities
  4. Hi everyone, This past week, I lost two nights of sleep!!! Surprisingly, I'm able to function properly, more or less. The question of ingesting hallucinogens while sleep deprived came up. Is it wise for me to take say, substances that are sedating in nature combined with sleep deprivation?
  5. @Leo Gura Terence is one of my greatest influences!!! I love the man dearly and I'm not fanboying when I say this but having a visionary experience is important to me which is why DMT (N,N-DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE) is my preference. All substances are beautiful, unique and valuable in their own right! It greatly depends on what the person's goals are, as you've stated. Edit: Even though I've never encountered Interdimensional beings or Autonomous Entities of any kind (except a Shadow entity through my sleep paralysis experience), it can be one of the most profound experiences in it's own right! I care about awakening but I also care about exploring other dimensions and realms of consciousness.
  6. @RMQualtrough Autonomous Entities aren't always aware of the person's presence. What Substance did you use?
  7. Uploaded by: WakingDreams Terence discusses the importance of having a visionary experience and shares his thoughts on 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine.
  8. @impulse9 Yeah, it's like everything else! You won't know until you try it.
  9. Uploaded by: Your Mate Tom Highly recommend Your Mate Tom if your a fan of PsychedSubstance whom I also love.
  10. @Shin So far, I've only encountered a Shadow entity through my sleep paralysis experience last year. The Entity stood at my bedroom door for like a moment or so but it did not communicate with me at all. I knew I closed my door before going to bed but the door was open and seeing a black figure standing in front of me was quite the shock. At the end of the experience the door slammed shut but I do not hear it slam. It was interesting since it was the first shocking and odd experience I've had so far. I've only experienced very mild hallucinations through the early stages of Sleep Deprivation + Fasting but not to the point of encountering Shadow People or Autonomous Entities.
  11. @Shin That's a wise approach! Acceptance of the uncertain and the unknown. Thanks.
  12. Encountering Entities through the use of any method including Hallucinogens can potentially be a life changing experience. They can appear in an infinite number of ways and can be benevolent or Malice in nature. Entities can take any form which include: gods, demigods, goddesses, Extraterrestrials, Demons, Angels, Humans, Fictional Characters, Animals, Shadow People, Mythical Creatures, ancestors, elves, jesters, conscious inanimate objects and much more. Should I take everything that entities tell me with a grain of salt despite the information received seeming valid and indisputable?
  13. "They don't allow you to become the possibility, they only show you the possibility."