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  1. "Strong Ego" in the sense that, I become completely impenetrable to 'outside' influence. I don't know if that's what strong ego is, though. Like the feeling people get when they're on MDMA. That feeling of union and unconditional love. Being able to love you, without you loving me or giving me anything in return. While, at the same time, becoming free of all external influence, including what others think. Becoming carefree!!!
  2. Thanks! Since, you mentioned Self-Love, I need to ask someone this. What's the difference between Self-Love and Narcissism?
  3. Leo did a video on that, right? It's the one called "going meta" I think. I haven't watched it, yet.
  4. @Breakingthewall I also mean to the point where other people's opinions can't effect me at all if that's even possible. Those with the strongest/healthiest egos aren't so easily moved by other people. I'm assuming.
  5. Exactly what I needed to hear, thank you!!!
  6. Hello Everyone, The question might sound a bit off. I've suspected for quite a while that I might have a weak/fragile ego. I hear many saying how you have to develop a strong ego before letting it go. Something along those lines! It's difficult to explain, but I'm hoping someone on hear might have an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm guessing having a strong ego means you're not easy for other people to influence. I'm not mature enough for spiritual work so I figured I should work on developing myself and focusing on regular self-help. All that aside, can anyone tell me what having a strong ego means? How can I go about developing a strong ego?
  7. @r0ckyreed Those are all good points! I don't have/never had any control over how others perceive me. I guess it's because I have a very fragile ego that I need others to validate the things in my life, as well as, who I am as a person. I remember watching a video on YouTube with Mike Tyson where he mentioned how celebrities (the majority of them at least) have the strongest egos. Something along those lines! Excluding all the trolls and haters, what about the people who I look up to? Worst case scenario, a photo/screenshot/video of me goes viral and let's say, Leo sees it and gets the wrong message, how do I respond in that situation? That works too, lol! WOW!!! That's an interesting story. Thanks for sharing. That's somewhat the kind of scenario I'm afraid of falling into. I'm scared people might perceive me as being a "creep/freak." One of the few reasons, I've used social media was to draw attention to myself. I don't have any friends (excluding a few acquaintances from High School) because I'm naturally introverted and I don't appeal to the likes of most people, which is fine, I guess. I'm not particularly happy about it but as hard as try, I can't change how others view me. There are times where I fool myself into believing I could.
  8. First off, I want to say that I'm not being cyberbullied. My question is more based on how to deal with it in a practical manner, if it ever happens to me. Suppose a photo, screenshot or video of me that painted the wrong message/picture about me were to be uploaded on social media or anywhere else on the internet and it went viral. What would that mean for me and my life? How would I be able to maintain my sanity if that happens? In this scenario, everyone is laughing and making fun of me, including the people I look up to. Where do I go from there if I ever get myself in a situation like that?
  9. I've always had struggles with being a people-pleaser. I derive meaning from the outside world and my surroundings. I don't want to depend on, whether or not, others find me appealing or if others love me in order to be happy or give love in return. Like for example, let's say everyone on the forum here resents me... I don't want that to prevent me from giving love. I want to become completely driven by 'The Self'. Sometimes, I feel this empty void. Therefore, I have the tendency to seek love, satisfaction and meaning from external sources. It's this reward mechanism I'm so eager to get rid of. I want to transcend the need to look outwards for happiness and meaning, completely. What kind of inner work is best suited to become completely internally driven?
  10. @hyruga Appreciate the feedback! I haven't read it, yet. I suspect the book might contain some useful information on how to resolve and overcome certain common issues. Perhaps, I don't need it, though, I think it's worth investing some time in. The information presented might benefit me in the long-term. Who knows? I'm not wise, at all. Believe me!!! My posts may give off that impression, but if you knew me, personally, you would think the opposite. I'm only 20 years of age, with little-to-no life experience so, that's saying something.
  11. I came across a quote of this book titled "Psycho-Cybernetics" as I was reading this article on signs of an inferiority complex, which I will leave a link to here: It sparked my interest and I was wondering if anyone on here has heard of it or read it. According to Wikipedia, motivational speakers and public figures like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy have based their techniques on Maxwell Maltz, the author of the book. The book revolves around helping people improve on their own self-image. Book Summary:
  12. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - Aristotle
  13. Chuck Palahniuk On The Joe Rogan Experience Discussing Fight Club