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  1. Does anyone ever experience guilt when telling others about 'This'?
  2. Time is inseparable from thinking When thinking happens, the past & future appear to exist outside of the here and now When thinking stops, so does the imagining of the past & future
  3. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the need for dating someone who doesn’t have an interest in spirituality? Do you guys consider dating someone also interested in spirituality a must? Is an interest in the fact that you’re interest in it enough? Or is the willingness to grow all that is needed? Does it not matter at all as long as theirs an emotional connection, or do you think an emotional connection will be stunted because of their lack of interest in spirituality? All thoughts are welcome and appreciated
  4. @aurum @Chew211 I never checked these replies but they're interesting, thanks.
  5. I think you run the risk of becoming attached to the insoles. You don’t wanna not have them sometime and then feel like you’re not enough or inadequate because of that
  6. Yeah, I think an openness to it really is a dealbreaker - it's something that I found myself being repeatedly reminded of last year, and deep down it's something I know I want That's awesome - I recently came across the Facebook profile of a girl who was my closest female friend during the last years of school and her bio read 'Who looks out from behind those eyes? Is it person, or presence?' - it shocked me in a really nice way It's great that the amount girls (and guys) around like that is just going to increase more and more during our lifetime, similar to how veganism is Have you ever considered going out on a small dose of 2CB? When I dance on it I utterly feel how I am the universe experiencing itself - every movement of my body feels as if it's an expression of the way the music makes me feel in every moment - it's so freeing and expressive and gets so much attention because of how carefree it'll make me Yeah I've found it pretty heartbreaking at times so that's nice to read Fair enough - tho I'm not sure if our definitions of spirituality are the same, are you referring to Non-duality?
  7. @7thLetter this post is obviously very context dependant and I wouldn't get too attached to any one way. but if you're in a conversation and there's chemistry then you could just say ''Do you wanna get together sometime?'' or ''can I get your number?'' - if you do get her number then don't text for 3/4 days, then make a date with a definite day/time/place and then leave it at that. I find ''what evenings are you free?'' to work better as if they're not free on the day you suggest, then it can seem like you're too available
  8. @Leo Gura You know I'm clearly referring to any sober state free of chemicals (like 5-MeO), I'm not saying there's just one sober state of Consciousness. My point is, how do you know the potential of a sober state when you still have egoic attachments? I'm obviously not 'Enlightened' and also still have lots of egoic attachments, but throughout history, there is a consistent and recurring theme amongst spiritual practitioners that once the ego is 'destroyed' and (not just conceptually) understood to be illusory, then as a result, one's baseline state of consciousness no longer derives from the ego and instead becomes a state of Being. This is obviously the point to which the Buddha was referring to as simply 'the end of suffering'. So despite your many 5-MeO (etc) Awakenings, if you haven't reached Enlightenment / detached from the ego to the point where your natural state of Consciousness is completely unidentified with a separate self and instead resides in a state of Being, then how do you know the potential of any sober state of Consciousness? To say you know would be to say you've reached Enlightenment, which I know you've already stated that you haven't yet. Also, despite how ridiculously insane these 5-MeO states obviously are, if you still have egoic attachments then they're still being reflected upon by the ego once the Awakening comes to an end. This isn't to deny these realizations but rather to highlight that these same degrees of 5-MeO experiences would be reflected upon differently by an Enlightened person experiencing them, which in turn could deepen their sober state of Being further. I'd argue that the baseline state of Consciousness of an Enlightened person who, after their Enlightenment, went on to take 5-MeO 100+ times, would be more revealing of the potential of the 'sober state'. And that's without considering the potential of the 'sober state' of an Enlightened person with abnormal genetics whilst practising meditation/yoga/self-enquiry after 100+ 5-MeO Awakenings.
  9. Have you not considered that you don't know the potential of the sober state since you haven't dissolved your ego to the point where your natural state is Being (aka 'Enlightenment')?
  10. I read this post and then found this on youtube suggested straight after
  11. @Federico del pueblo the 'flying spaghetti monster' exists as a thought 'new york city' exists as a thought
  12. Legit his ego is ridiculously huge. Countless examples where it's painfully obvious that he thinks he's superior to everyone because of who he is, yet it's just as obvious he's desperate for the public/MMA fans to see him exactly how he wants them to, which is never the case. He's something else.
  13. Seems like you’ve developed an attachment to certainty I think if you make peace with the fact that you will always be told things that you can’t verify through direct experience, and that these things can often still be true, then you’ll learn to be okay with it
  14. @Emotionalmosquito I totally agree that the bigger the city the better, I just think that those in smaller populated places shouldn't be deterred from it as it'll still be of benefit regardless. New girls come in and out of places all the time, plus one could find someone they really resonate with soon into it without needing a huge number, so I think it's worth it just because of that possibility.
  15. I've not seen Leo's latest vid yet but cold-approach can be done literally anywhere with other people, the point of it is just for one to become indifferent to rejection so that 'the approach' eventually becomes submerged with everyday interactions, and so isn't seen as something which is planned out and executed but rather done spontaneously at the moment when the desire arises, without the mind creating fearful thoughts to intervene I don't think looking at cold-approach as being mutually exclusive with a ridiculously large amount of women in an area is appropriate at all, because it presupposes that the notion of doing it at all is to attain a statistically high amount of women to sleep with I'd argue that cold-approach is effective because it gets guys to experience their fear of rejection through the experience of rejection, which eventually helps them to become indifferent to that fear, which then allows them to not be held back by said fear in everyday life when interacting with women for this you don't need a ridiculous amount of girls in an area because the act of being selective with the girls is missing the point of doing it in the first place - yeah it'd be nice to have 100,000 girls in your area but really you could become amazing at doing cold-approach just by approaching girls everyday for a month straight, as like I said the point is just in the doing of it eventually, you can get to the point where all interactions are naturally coming from a playful place of authenticity once the fear of rejection is eradicated, at which point you'll naturally treat all girls from this playful place - the one's who like you back will make that known, and then it'll just be on you to choose whether you want to engage romantically or not
  16. Does he deny that though? this vid was the first that came to mind and may not directly correlate with your claim, but as far as I'm aware Spira would claim that others/'other minds' appear in the mind as the content of one's awareness. to me that just seems like a different use of semantics
  17. Self Acceptance leads to Self-Love What parts of yourself do you not accept? Why? Ask yourself these sorts of questions daily and get to the root causes of Self-Judgement & insecurity. Journalling is a good method for doing this.
  18. honestly mate changing your life is possible, tho I get why you might not be able to see that from where you're at right now. overcoming depression is kind of like trying to get over someone you're in love with. when you're in love with someone, the thought that you can get over the person you're in love with seems impossible because you're literally in love with the person, so when you think about them you're just reminded of how much you're in love with them. it's only once you get over them that you realise that it was always possible to get over them. this is the same with depression or suicidal thoughts. it might not seem like you can change your life right now, but you can, but you'll only realise this after you take action and actually change your life. the possibilities are endless, and people on here will support you throughout it all, but you have to believe in yourself, make a plan and take action, so that these changes can happen. the very journey of believing in these changes will make a difference in and of itself, and will be what will actually make the changes for you in your life. it really is possible, you just need to realise that man <3
  19. @SQAAD it's a shame because I think privately he knows the many systemic issues of the UFC, but he's got too much attachment to being 'in' with the internal bosses to say anything, which is the same reason why Ariel has never been on his podcast. I think it's similar to the way he holds onto the attachment he has of his self-image as a comedian, which blurs his judgement on various matters and holds him back from inner growth, at least somewhat from my perspective. Ah well.
  20. 1g is a responsible dose for your first time. check out which strain if you can, as some strains, like psilocybe azurescens, has around 2.5x the psilocybin of psilocybe cubensis (which is what most people usually take)
  21. @Huz you mean the greatest of all time?
  22. @Moksha I actually came to this post by liking and agreeing so much with your post on another thread about the 'game' not being over after awakening, though I do think you're off on this one I think it's okay to identify as a spiritual teacher as long as one knows it's an identification just for the sake of survival in the relative realm - I know in The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle, after his awakening and having no mental identity, states: "Before I knew it, I had an external identity again. I had become a spiritual teacher" I think external is probably the keyword there, and imo explains why some of those who are awakened both choose to teach and find fulfilment in their teachings despite already being fulfilled just by Being
  23. I think humans are way too complex for that to be the only possibility, though I think it's healthy to ask the question. Check out Corey Wayne - he gave up a secure and financially lucrative career in construction to pursue teaching attraction because he knew it was his LP, and waited tables whilst failing over and over until he started turning a profit. He eventually became succesful because of his passion for his work, evident by his books being available for free. Ultimately I think there are those out there who do it for passion, and those who do it for ego. Those who do it for passion can also self-deceive themselves on doing certain things for questionable motivations for an infinite number of reasons depending on their life circumstance (even down to how their feeling one day to the next), whilst those who generally do it for ego can also have the motivation to be selfless. Intuition is usually a good guide for figuring out whose genuine, though that can also be difficult depending on the life circumstance you're in when receiving the info.