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  1. @Pacific Sage Awesome, thank you! Yes, I always meditate while deepening my breath so I'll practice using my natural breath.
  2. @Leo Gura I promise, I will do exactly that. Thank you so much, Leo. Your mentorship means the world to me.
  3. Hi everyone, This is a very important post to me, I hope it will attract people that resonate with it. Have you ever experienced magic mushrooms literally telling you clearly like water what was your life mission, your life purpose on this earth? Because this is what happened during my mushroom trip yesterday. It was extremely life-changing and I feel a bit alone in this. I always use magic mushrooms as per Leo's teachings so I set an intention for every trip. Here was my intention this time around: To seek guidance in regards to the truly unique, meaningful and impactful contributions I am meant to give to this world. To discover what is my highest vision for myself. Who would I be, what would I create if I was ultimately Loving, ultimately Conscious, ultimately Selfless, ultimately Fearless, ultimately Unlimited. The mushrooms never disappoint... It hit me like a train. Type of trip where you're on the floor sobbing in tears, in awe, because the answers make so much sense and the experience is inexplicably beautiful, so beautiful that it's exhausting. In short, my answer was that my highest self is a healer, healing people through the help of nature's medicinal plants. Keep in mind, I'm 22. I've never in my life thought about being a healer so it's not something that my brain was fantasizing about. It's not like I wanted this to be my answer. It was extremely shocking because I didn't even know where that information was coming from. I've always thought that people who are healers have always known that they are healers... I guess not..? This is what makes me confused, I feel like I have imposter syndrome... But being a healer is all I want now that I felt what it was like during my trip and now that I understand my "why" behind this life mission... Imagine having a perfect plan in your mind about what you're going to do with your life and in just one day your life takes a 360 turn and that plan doesn't even make that much sense to you anymore... It's almost disturbing. The mushrooms dug deep inside of me, so deep that I didn't even know that information what inside of me... This is challenging because it totally broke the plan, the idea that I had for my life but I'm also extremely grateful because I can go to sleep peacefully knowing how to get closer to my Higher Self. If the mushrooms told you your life purpose, what did you do about it? Did you leave everything behind to go pursue that? Did the mushrooms give you an answer that was in line with what you were already doing in life or did it give you information that you had no idea about like what happened for me? If you're a healer too, how did you discover that you were one? Have you always known? Do you know someone that has discovered that they were a healer later in their life? Can't wait to read about your experiences! Jasmine
  4. @Snuitje You have a beautiful mission. Thank you for your advice, appreciate it!
  5. I'm sure you can have amazing experiences by simply going with the flow and having no specific Intention for your trip. I can however assure you that setting a specific intention is another type of experience. I would invite you to watch Leo's video on how to use psychedelics for personal development. He talks about the idea of having an intention in that video and he explains everything more clearly and simply than I ever could. Here's the link: Although I think everyone has their own personal ritual that works best for them, I can share with you how I personally do it. You'll find the process that is effective for you. For example, for this trip, I prepared myself thoroughly so that my mind could be immersed in my intention as much as possible. I created a list of all the short-term and long-term goals and projects I had in mind for my future. I kept the list close to me so that I could remind myself of them during my trip. Funny thing is that "healer" was nowhere on that list. Then, I wrote my intention in my journal. As specifically as possible. I also wrote my "trip mantras" to calm my mind down since mushroom trips can make you a bit nervous sometimes. My mantras were: I trust the process. I surrender completely. I trust the mushrooms. Then, I ingested the mushrooms and I repeated my intention and my mantras in my head or out loud 3 times or until I really felt it in my heart. Then I meditated until the effects of the mushrooms started to kick in. This time, I meditated with binaural beats in my headphones at a 4.5hz frequency seeing that binaural beats in the theta range (4 to 8 Hz) are linked to heightened creative states. I chose this frequency because I was in some way asking about my career which I prefer to call my contribution to the world and your "career" is your creation so I wanted to intentionally align myself with that. At first, you might start being impatient and you might experience some frustration because you're not getting the answer to your intention yet. The mushrooms will give you the answers when they choose to. This is normal, do not discourage yourself, keep a positive attitude. The simple fact that you set an intention will guide your trip around it. It will do it by itself, you won't even have to try and your brain will automatically keep its focus on your intention. Your intention can be about anything that you need help or guidance with or any questions that you have. For example: "Please help me heal from my past traumas." "What is the purpose of life, why are we on earth?" There are an infinite amount of intentions you could set. I believe Leo gives many examples of intentions in his video. I'm going in-depth about the process because I want to stress the fact that having an intention, not only for your trip but for every action you take, makes everything more powerful which results in a powerful answer as well. I'd suggest doing this when there is something specific that you REALLY want to know and when you feel ready. I hope this helps:) If you ever try setting an intention for your trip, don't hesitate to message me and to let me know how that went for you!
  6. @Peo Yes, that's what I mean! My trip clearly showed me a vision of me healing people in one on one sessions through the help of mushrooms, through the help of "nature's medicinal plants". I'm going to do some research on herbology as well...
  7. Thank you, Matt. Your message really touches me. To answer your question, yes, without a doubt, being a healer feels more fun, exciting, motivating, and love-inspired than anything I could have ever dreamed of. Considering the fact that I already had a very strong life purpose (contributing to wildlife conservation, animal rights activism, a lot of volunteering around the world in wild animals sanctuaries after finishing my veterinary program in a few months and more), being a healer simply is at the top of all of it.
  8. @seeking_brilliance Yes, what great advice! Thank you.
  9. @Thought Art Will do my research on these. Thank you!
  10. @Harikrishnan Wow, what a great resource. I'll look into it. Thank you!
  11. @Bob Seeker That’s awesome that you did Leo's LP course. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  12. @Bob Seeker Thank you so much for your answer. What you're saying makes a lot of sense to me. My heart does want to lead me towards that purpose but I will take some time to sit down and think about it all as I have just received this realization. I think you made a great point about making sure that one is not deluded. I believe Leo has a video on that topic, I will go watch it. I find it interesting that you received Spanish influencer and depicting the highest things. Are you closer to figuring out the purpose that is authentic to you now at the present moment? In which ways do you use "thinking and exploration" to get there?