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  1. @VeganAwake yeah haha Wuhuu parteeey!
  2. nothing, but still despite that I am!
  3. @VeganAwake But I am! I am, I am, I am
  4. Well its not just hubris or excessive insecurity, its way worse, its all the possible "evils" that you could imagine, I contain all the shit you want to get rid from your mind and much more, and i have accepted it, thus im free from it. Lets not divide ourselves. I am both the devil and god, yet able to transcend these dualities by accepting them as part of me, cause thats what i experience and that is the truth.
  5. Dude this is really profoud! Wow it kinda blows my mind! There is no other experience than me, i am always central, how can there be anything else, its inconceivable..deem I am as i am, i accept myself totally ^^
  6. cause i like to be me Well yeah cause awareness is Oneness
  7. Yup, in few weeks i will go to ayahuasca ceremony, there i intend to surronder totally, i expect to die even, and im scared a bit..
  8. Honestly i feel like there is no need to get rid of this arrogance, its okay to be arrogant, if you fight it it only grows stronger, the best thing is to hold it in your hands like little baby ^^
  9. Yup, thats why i made this topic, to put it out there, externalize it. I know this, but me trying to be not special will only enforce my specialness. So i will just observe what is, whateve form that takes.
  10. I have very low dietary requirements
  11. Well im never identified with the content of the mind ^^
  12. Well i do feel for them, but there is this apsect in me which is jelous and wants to be above, im not identified with those feelings, im just observing what happens within me. I am happy that people become more free generally speaking but there is this pach of dirt that is hating. Im mixed, possesing both the good and bad. I think thats true of many of us, maybe some are not aware of their dirtyness and decieve them that they only consist of rainbows and sunshines. I am selfish son of a bitch but also very kind and compasionate.
  13. @Javfly33 Die to the flesh and be reborn of the Spirit
  14. @Meta-Man Yeah, im just observing this ^^