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  1. maybe i still dont get it then, if there is desire to take more.. I know that im immortal and this is dream and all of this is my Love for myself, and all is One..
  2. @billiesimon Leo is good inspiration lol. Im so greatful for this community <3
  3. @LostSoul Gracias amigo! <3
  4. @Michael569 Yeah, it took some time, but the process was very enjoyable ^^
  5. @okulele I actually lived in that cave lol
  6. @Nahm You just substituting word "I am-nees" for "nothing". I think we refer to same feeling.
  7. If i were to ask you how do you know this? you would probably answer ""I dont" So its a knowlede you intuit, you feel it right? Im confused when you say there is neither of these things, i well understand that these are all concepts and experience is what we define it to be, ofc there is no such thing hanging from ceiling called experience, but cmon you know what i mean, im refering to THIS! THIS is ExperiencE. I am aware that intelect has divided life into objects like "me" and "you" this and that. I recognize the undivided I am-ness within me which cant be reduced to anything less. I am is the ultimate knowledge or would you deny evdn that? But understand that im not believing in concept of "I am" I am feeling it deeply and it never changes it is constant, if that is not real that i dont know what is, thats the only thing no ?
  8. The experience just appears, it creates infinite forms. And it all colapses into Me=Us. No?
  9. basically you're saying "you cant stand outside of your experience" ?
  10. Youre refering to all inclusivness, saying something like "The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal dao" ?
  11. And you would aslo probably say "there is only This"
  12. @WHO IS well there is suicide, but there is much safer methods as well such as psyhadelics, if you go in the trip with the dying wish the dream shall be revealed to you, and that state it doesn't matter if you are in the God mode or human mode since all time disappears.
  13. @Leilani thank you for writing this post! "This describes my ayahuasca experiences perfectly. I just wish I could be more connected to that other side, really feeling deeply this is just a dream and happening in no time. It's difficult to cope with loneliness and lack of love in this human avatar..
  14. I know that I am the "Self" or the god lets say, i know this cause there is in me this which cant be further reduced, there is this one-ness, presence and equinimity and its totally not disturbed by anything, yet somehow im still unable to accept it, and still seeking something else, this is just ridiculous, why cant i seem to be content with being the "Self" and leave all these doubts behind? I guess i still desire some special state, or some fireworks that come with this realization, some magical powers..but there is nothing special about "It", its just undisturbed peace..
  15. @Knowledge i lived in the caves in Spain for 5 months with budhist nuns, was okay, nice experience, but i dont think it matters that much. You need to follow your hearth to feel what you really want to do and then do it. IT might be living in a cave or forest, whatever that is do it.
  16. Can complete freedom allow me to manifest dragon in the real life?
  17. @gswva Its going to be fine, we need to trust the intelligence of Life ^^