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  1. Hello! This book is practical guide for personal freedom written by the Mexican author Miguel Ruiz, he clarifies the root of our limiting beliefs based on ancient Toltec wisdom that rob us from our joy and creates needless suffering. Its just a quick review due to the size of the book, but i suggest re-reading it to suck all juice. The four agreements: Be impeccable with your word: Speak with integrity, only use your word in the direction of love and love. Never use it against yourself nor others, because just an unclear way of shooting yourself in the leg. Dont make assumptions: Always look for the courage to ask questions, communicate as clearly as possible, try to avoid any chance for misunderstanding. Dont take anything personally: No matter what the situation might be, every act a person does reflects only oneself. This might not be obvious but literally if you find the courage to dig deep in any act you'll see that its only a projection of their reality. Always do your best: This might be different from each person to another, or even from the healthy you and sick version of you. Your best will differ each day, but simply by giving your all there will be no room for regret. Inspiring quotes from the book:
  2. I just wanted to make this thread to confirm if there is a video today so I don't spend the day checking the channel every 1-2hours. I don't want this thread to be spammy; I hope @Leo Gura replies Edit: Ops sry i haven't seen it, @mods delete this thread pls
  3. Okay I'm starting to lose hope boys..
  4. @BjarkeT I hope Leo posts more often when there is a delay.. But it's the last video of this year, I think it'll be good. I'm hoping for a spiral dynamics stage red video
  5. Daily meditation Weekly workout (at least 3days) I've been meditating for months, and exercising for years, But I've never taken them seriously. I missed a lot of sessions (sometimes i stop for weeks). No more dabbling around this year, gotta activate those discipline muscles (don't google it that's not a thing ?) _______________________________ +1 @Shin @Charlotte @Theta I advise you to start slowly and just pick one or two from your list and not add more until u see that they're stuck with you.
  6. Just came to say Hi
  7. 8/8 top one so far
  8. Eckhart Tolle got awakened with 0hours of practice.
  9. +1 ..He could hurt himself so badly once he realizes it was just another Episode.
  10. Leo usually posts a video every Sunday, and by this time its always uploaded. did i miss anything or is it just a delay?
  11. I think there isn't much theory about this topic, you just gotta do it. Also, this video might be similar to what you're saying
  12. This is so sad.. Alexa play despacito
  13. @Ettnolltre I don't know how you found this lol but im pretty sure people wanna see Leo in Rogan's podcast more than before, maybe we should make another thread.
  14. Oh so its like Isha Kariya's meditation.. i thought you can only do that in Yoga Can't wait to start screaming "I am not this body" next time in the gym ahahhaha
  15. I've read the book and he did not call himself a King in an egotistical way, he meant that there 4 archetypes in people: King, warrior, magician and lover. He was a "warrior" now he starting to become more "king". That is true he started to pay more attention into money/business side. but i don't think he is "backsliding", If you've seen his interview with Siim land he was talking about transcending the ego to becoming the strongest version of yourself.
  16. We need drinking water techniques video..
  17. We* @Leo Gura The question now is are we getting a video tomorrow or you changing the schedule?
  18. @Leo Gura lmao just woke up and got the notification Finally this thread can rest in peace (im sort of proud and shocked that one of my first threads got this big lul ?)
  19. Woah! Can't wait to see it!! The decision always goes back to you, but if you ever consider not uploading it to Youtube we'd love to see it in the blog