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  1. 6 minutes ago, NoSelfSelf said:

    Shes using you for attention think about it if she asked you for a date would you say hmm mybe we should talk more on here ? if shes attractive as you say  and shes moving the strings(making you to wait) she will put you in a place of a loser she can have her way with...tell her this its nice talking with you and we had some funny exchanges text me when you are willing to grab some drinks with me (have a nice day)..then never text her again in your life...

    If she says something else just dont respond...

    Good advice we both don't drink so will replace drinks with a coffee.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Preety_India said:

    I'd suggest that you need clear communication here. She is giving you mixed signals. 

    Best is to tell her outrightly whatever you feel and be done with it. 

    Deep down I feel this kind of shit never works in the end. Just a hunch. 



    I like her but I don't really know what I feel since I just would like to meet in person. I'll just give her another straight invitation and see if she'll do it this time. If she avoids it I'll start minding my own businesses.

  3. 30 minutes ago, puporing said:

    That sounds confusing as hell... maybe you should just be direct and ask if she wants to go on a date. It can be painful to let this shit drag out without you knowing if she just sees you as a friend or something more. Maybe talk to more women too while you're at it. ^_^

    Tnx I don't don't like to talk to to many at once because I am quite busy these days and don't have time for many dates. But you're right Ill give her a clear time and date and she can take it or leave it. If she doesn't take it I can have more time for other options.

  4. Hey there all of you wonderful people!

    I have a situation in which I could use some advice.

    I'm not a dating expert but I have had my share of dates. I haven't been on dates for a while because I  didn't feel like it and needed some time for myself. In my last date she invited me to her appartment we had sex and stayed together for 6 month. In the end we where not a good match so we moved on.

    Now I'm in a situation I have never been in before. I don't use facebook very often and I certainly never send friend requests to people I don't know. For some reason I did send a friend request to a girl about 6 months ago. When I say for some reason well who am I kidding I actually find her very attractive and I also liked the stuff she was posting. She seemed more spiritualy minded.

    She was a friend of a girl I actually went on a date with in the past so that is why she got suggested.

    I usually try to go on dates fast but in this case I seem to have a harder time and here's why.

    At some point she made a post and I made a funny comment. She liked it and it ended in sending me a pm.

    We started chatting regularly and we seemed to connect. I invited her for coffee but she skillfully avoided this question.

    At some point she called me her friend, which is not my intention so I withdrew my attention to a minimum where I would just mainly reply if she send me something.

    Then she starts send me pictures of her smiling. She also makes facebook posts with pictures of her and only shared them with me. I don't know if she is aware that I can actually see that I am the only one she is sharing these posts with.

    Anyway she told me she would love to go on a trip with me and I also envited her for a walk which she seemed to accept but still vague on the actual timing.

    I know this girl told me many times she is very old school. She is not religious and was born here in central Europe but here parents do not come from here and are both muslim.

    I think I will be able to get a date with this girl in the end but would appreciate any insights from you guys/girls. Do you think her background might play a part here?

    Do you think I just need to be patient or be more specific with suggesting an actuall time and place for a date. I guess I'm still carefull because of the fact she avoided my invitation to have a coffee before. We have been in contact for 2 months now.

    I appreciate any advice given.

  5. I love Joe Rogan. 

    The first time I heard about DMT was on Joe Rogan.

    The episodes with Graham Handcock and Randall Carson where epic.

    So many topics are discovered trough his podcast.

    Not sure why people here are saying he doesn't get non duality. Of course he doesn't. Does it matter?

    You may not like the guy and thats fine but he has done more good for this world then 98% of people on this forum.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Carl-Richard said:

    Sadhguru likes to give a lot of context when answering each question, which is a good thing when you're dealing with a novice audience, but also the way he speaks in general is extremely interconnected and holistic. Each sub-point much be understood relative to the larger point, which of course is long-winded and easily mistaken for endless rambling. He always comes around in the end if you let him go long enough, but the common interviewing style is way too impatient for that, so he tends to get cut off too early. People are accustomed to short bullet point answers. Their attention spans don't allow for wisdom.

    Probably true about mistaking it for endless rambling but we just want to know about the aliens ?

  7. Sadhguru is like the ultimate spiritual businessman running an unbelievably complex organization. He has done a lot of good in this world.

    I just think he goes of on tangents when Joe was asking about the aliens. He had to ask him several times and not get a satisfying answer. 

    No jesters giving sadhguru the finger ?.

    Obviously its just entertainment and the message about the soil is a good one.

  8. On 3/14/2022 at 10:41 PM, Knowledge Hoarder said:

    I don't consider myself to be the most emphathetic person on the planet - but I understand that modern farms are way too cruel and inhumane - they kinda have to be, though, since there's more than 7 billion of us now - on a steady way to 8 billion in no time. Efficiency is therefore important - for both production and profit. Demand needs to be fullfilled. The price for that is, of course, animal suffering.

    Maybe replacing animal products with purely plant based diet is the correct way forward, idk. Certainly seems that way from the macro perspective. From the individual perspective though - not so much, since plant based protein is simply not the same as animal based one. There are certain things missing - not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that is the case.

    The ultimate solution would be to grow synthetic meat in a lab, somehow. Perhaps extremely advanced 3D printers may be suitable for this job. But that's distant future.

    To be honest, I don't mind killing animals when it's a fair killing - when they got a chance to escape/defend themselves - like for example, shooting a rabit with a bow? but then again, like I've said, I'm not the most emphathetic person.

    My grandmother used to cook a great rabbit dish. My grandfather didn't use a bow and arrow he just trew the rabit against the wall. But hey they where born in the 1920s. Different times ?

  9. An interesting podcast about what a no fly zone entails and what it would mean to enforce one above Ukraine.


    The interesting thing is that if we want to effectively enforce a no flyzone in Ukraine we would need to destroy samsites in Russia aswell.

  10. 1 hour ago, Leo Gura said:

    1) Ukraine is not so small.

    2) Capturing it in a day or two? What are you smoking? The US could not properly hold Afghanistan with 20 years and $2 trillion dollars.

    I think Russia can certainly dominate Ukraine militarily, but it will take a few months. This is still relatively fast.

    Yes its about the size of France. Driving from one end to the other at normal car speed can take 12+ hours using Frances long freeways. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Vinnie said:

    If I can add something. There's a woman I follow on Patreon who made a video about the situation and specifically tapping into Putin and Zelenskyy. She said Putin came off very empathetic and compassionate whereas Zelenskyy was very dark. 

    Basically Putin is doing what he feels he needs to do but that this might also be his end and for Russia. He thinks NATO is corrupt and he wants to protect Russia from it's covert agenda.

    Putin references Neo-Nazis because the initial undercurrent began in WW2 with Germany. What's been learned since then is that power can't be taken by force. Instead you seduce a target into accepting your rule. Russia will not comply so it's out. 

    She said Zelenskyy felt like an A.I. Very dark.

    This is just my bat-sh!t crazy addition, but I don't think it's totally bat-sh!t crazy either. So there you go.

    Ah thats why Zelensky was talking to Musk. He found an AI friend. Now I get it!

  12. Yes that was what I was referring to but since I didn't exactly remember what it was and don't want to pull out information out of my ass I mentioned that I could be wrong.

    Anyway another question I have is who the fuck appointed Ursula von der Leyen as the leader of EU.

    I live in the EU and I have no idea how these people get elected. The concept of democraticly elected leaders is a blurry one.


    1 hour ago, Andyforreal said:

    NATO broke serval agreements, Putin was explaining it few years ago on an interview in USA, also there are documents about it, Russia wanted to join NATO in the 90s there's a declassified document that u can find about it also, but I think what broke Putin was the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy he's leaning more towards EU while the last presidents were leaning towards Russia

    That's why I personally don't pick any political sides, everyone lies everyone


    And for those people here im against war and against killing innocent people, whatever I wrote doesn't justify war



  13. This hole thing could have been avoided if the west listened to Russia's concerns regarding nato expansion.

    Now obviously I am against this war or any war for that matter.

    Ultimately I think the military industrial complex got exactly what they wanted. 

    A cold war scenario and billions of potential profits.

    There is also a lot of double standards from the west as we have started wars and killed people but we're acting like we haven't.

  14. Last week we had a catastrophic flood here in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. I never imagined it would be possible for a flood to reach to the 1st floor of a house but this is exactly what happened.

    Apparently this could have been caused by the slowing down of the gulfstream. So the weather moves slower and stays more in one area. Like this we had up to 150m² of rain in one area which is insane! As a comparison this is more then double of what we would normally get during an entire month. This has not happened before as far we know in our local history.

    Is this caused by climate change? The scientists seem to think it is. 

    One thing I feel is that as a society we probably consume to much.

    They are clearing debris now as we speak. They use a 5 km stretch of freeway to bring all of the garbage (electronics, funiture, vehicles, etc...). This freeway is already full right now just from the garbage in one area.

    So much stuff we have. Hopefully we will be able to adapt and live a bit more in balance with nature. Creating less pollution and limiting our garbage.