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  1. In the beginning of the TOE interview it seems to make so much sense. Its like he made a mathematical formula on 5 meo dmt. But he does seem very bitter about being cancelled and his ideas on hell seem a bit weird to me. Maybe its because I don't have a 200 IQ.
  2. If you have 4 hours! He went on TOE podcast. The explanation of the theory is very interesting and he talks more about his mystical experiences.
  3. To me they where glasses made of light in all sorts of colors.Somethimes they where real wobbly on the face. They all looked different. But it was a hilarious experience.
  4. I remember once during my foolish teenage years we took a party drug which I assumed was xtc but probably had other components in it because it became too psychedelic. At some point a friend came up to me and asked me if I saw the cartoonish glasses people where wearing. I did not but a bit later I started seeing them and so was everyone else who took this drug. We saw every single person in that place with those weird cartoonish glasses on. Not sure if it qualifies as telepathy but a weird phenomenon nonetheless.
  5. Dude since when have armies like US done something about genocides? The only reason they go to war is to make a profit. Responsibilities... What a joke ?
  6. I wouldn't call it tiny, in fact in terms of military personnel its probably larger then US. The budget is of course smaller.
  7. We do have a military. Of course its not a EU military because the EU is not a country. All our individual countries have a military of their own and they work together. Of course its nowhere near the scope of the US military in terms of spending but neither is any other army in the world.
  8. Its called "gringo the dangerous life of John Mcafee" Here is the highlight of the documentary.
  9. He also promoted pump and dump crypto schemes so he probably wasn't that sincere.
  10. True butt if it is the case how could there be evidence or will there ever be? Since we only have 3 dimensional tools to work with.
  11. Yea something like this could be happening with some of these UFO sightings. We have things that seems to be 1 dimensional like plants or rocks and 2 dimensional things like some insects. A lot of 3 dimensional animals. I can't figure out if we are in fact 3 dimensional or 4 dimensional. We seem to have the additional dimension of time. Its entirely possible that we are not aware of things that are of a higher dimension then us, in fact if there are higher dimensional things then we can't really be aware of them exept perhaps trought the use of psychedelics or other ways to alter our consciousness like maybe astral projection which seems to be like a 5 dimensional experience.
  12. I always found the idea that aliens are higher dimensional beings compelling. A 3 dimensional ball would probably be witnessed as a dot by a 2 dimensional entity. Some insects like ants seem to be living in 2 dimensions. I wonder how we would percieve entities from 4d or 5d. These things sometimes look like dots in the sky. Maybe that could explain some of the UFO sightings?
  13. Its not black or white, there is alot of grey in the history of this conflict. If you have about 20 hours to spare listen to the first 6 episodes of the Martyrmade podcast which is the most in depth information on the history of this conflict you will ever hear. Its also very entertaining, it rivals hardcore history.
  14. A lot of streching happend in those hammocks.
  15. Yea there is a clip about a documentary on youtube about him. During his time in Belize he had girlfriends for hire, he cut a hole in a hammock and told them to shit trough the hole in his mouth. Unless they are lying of course but they don't really have a reason to :). Its on Leo's blog if you want to see it. I saw it before a long time ago somewhere.
  16. I can't unsee this girl in a documentary about him that said he cut a hole in a hammock told her to shit through the hole in his mouth. This is the first thing that pops in to my mind when he comes up, then the antivirus software.
  17. Here is a tweet by Robert Malone on which vaccine would be the preffered option:
  18. I had it for 3 days and my colleague who had it on the same day experienced the same thing. Another colleague his wife also experienced fatigue for a few days. I did have some sun exposure but to me as a person who does not have any allergies or any health problems whatsoever I tend to lean to the vaccine as the cause. Of course no proof. ?
  19. I think they are raising some concerns on vaccine safety even though 2 of them are in fact vaccinated. They also say there are treatments which are 100% safe, they tried to make those treatments available on a larger scale but no one was interested because no money in it. Basically the idea here is that the vaccines are more profitable and companies would rather do something more experimental which can be patented then use treatments which are known to be safe long term but aren't as profitable. Ultimately there is no data on the long term effects of these vaccines. Maybe they are perfectly safe long term. We're about to find out ?.
  20. I agree that shit is nuts. However I do not understand why the Darkhorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein, this episode in particular: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkcy5idXp6c3Byb3V0LmNvbS80MjQwNzUucnNz/episode/QnV6enNwcm91dC04NjgzNzgz?ep=14 Was it really neccessary to censor this conversation? I have taken the first pfizer shot and will take the second shot even after listening to this very long podcast. I think they made some valid points and I find it very disconcerting this gets censored.
  21. Why do these videos keep getting deleted lol. Doesn't youtube realise this only fuels conspiracies? Anyway I found it on podcast app will give it a listen. I already took it so if my teeth will fall out so be it. ?
  22. I got my Covid vaccine (pfizer) on wednessday. I also had some fatigue and a mild headache. The headache could also because of to much sun. Vitamine D overdose.
  23. Ok, but the mask doesn't protect you it is supposed to protect other people.
  24. There is a movie called Dark Waters which is a true story that is still unfolding about teflon. After I watched it I got rid of all teflon pans. Its a story about corporate greed and devilry but also one about bravery and selflessness. A true story I enjoyed it. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9071322/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0