Understanding Meaning, Purpose, & Value

By Leo Gura - September 6, 2017 | 11 Comments

What is meaning and where does it come from?

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Mayur says:

I listened to an enlightened master, he spoke similar to your content, even the traditional self help advice was similar , he lived near by me , meeting him would have been a great aid.
Alas ! but he is no more.
He was known by the name Osho .

Sophie OShea says:

Leo, this is a life changing video!

I now have so many more questions from this.

I agree with you completely that progress only happens within ‘being’ itself.

However, don’t you agree that there is some kind of progress which seems to be woven or designed into reality, until perhaps it reaches a point where maybe it will start again or just end or continue to be absolute infinity in another form.

What I mean is that all the teachings invariably boil down to ‘we are here to learn’ some people are able to channel messages from higher frequency beings like guides, angels, aliens etc who give advice to individuals for their own higher purpose and for that of humanity itself e.g we need to do x,y,z if we are to succeed.

Do you understand what I’m asking, it is quite paradoxical, I understand that even if this is the truth (there is no meaning to any of it, which I agree with), I understand that it is meaningless, however, the ultimate ‘purpose’ which seems to be embedded into existence does seem to be learning/growth/progress. For example what is the purpose of consciousness itself? It definitely seems to be to know itself or to wake up to know itself.

I’ve heard Eckhart Tolle say before that although we can never know the ultimate purpose of source, in his experience it is something like consciousness started to dream and then started to experience nightmares and it is now beginning to wake up ‘something like that’ was his own words.


Yann says:

2 questions, Sir:

1) Values, as relative as they may be, are very much shared, put in common in the world. Can they still be called relative since they are put in commun ?

2) Even if still called relative, has a shared value no value ?

Christina says:

this video brought tears to my eyes. it’s been such a painful and slow process I went through for years. It all started with a love deception in my early 20′ and what my life was up until then was shattered by this experience. I was that good student, always so predictable and nice, my life was “supposed” to follow a successful path and everything seemed to go great.

then I got into this deep depression, gave up college, got into these fights with my family, got from job to job, started a new college, trying to rebound somehow it was awful and I was adrift. the more I was trying to get over it, the deeper the pain I was experiencing. I lost it all and all that was remains of what I could have saved from my past was nothing else but pain. I had to give it all up. I had to burn it all down.

that whole process stole 7 years of my life. it felt like such an injustice. it felt like I was the unhappiest person on Earth. the pain was so bad I couldn’t cry or talk to anyone about it. on the surface everything looked just fine it’s just that nobody understood what happened to me how could I have gave up college twice when I had such great results in school and I was such a smart person. I personally felt like a loser. I just couldn’t pick myself up.

It felt like an earthquake tearing it all apart inside of me, I was trying to save something, but was nothing left to be saved and eventually I just gave up on fighting and resisting it. it all came like an avalanche over me and sometimes I felt I was unable to breathe. I remember wandering on the streets, thinking about my life and all, it was bad. I wasn’t understanding what the hell was going on.

then it all started to crystallize in a way that I started to feel more confident even tough my life was far from what I wanted it to be and I was basically a failure. I was feeling empty on the inside, but the storm has passed and there was this feeling that nothing on this Earth could shattered me down anymore. I had nothing to lose anymore.

my relations have changed a lot, I became more detached and distant with my family, more selective with the people around me. My priorities have changed a lot, I wasn’t willing to waste my time with anyone, I didn’t need anyone anymore, and as my confidence was growing I was discovering myself more and more. Now I’m the best companion for myself, I don’t get bored like I used to before, I love myself and cherish my being so much more. I contemplate a lot I look at people’s lives and realize I could never live such lies. That facebook happiness is so stupid and fake and it says it all about their lives, how poor they must be, cause to me happiness is like a 10 million dollars bag you’re lucky to find on the street and you certainly won’t share it with anyone

after losing it all you come to understand what real love, happiness. fulfilment are, not that stupid status on facebook. you come to see the bottom.
the fear and panic were huge, but what was about to come ….I never anticipated it. the only way to survive the earthquake is to let it happen. you never know when it comes and what moment of your life may trigger it. to me it happened when I was 21, maybe it would have been easier if it happened now, 10 years later when I’m wiser, maybe it wouldn’t have taken such long time and it wouldn’t have been so painful and traumatizing.

I wondered for so many years why? why this had to happen to me? I now know. My life is so beautiful, so wise comparing to my friends’ , many of them are into smoking, drinking, stressful lives, divorces, money problems etc. it’s horrible.
My values have changed dramatically. I just want my life to continue this way. I don’t want to change anything.I don’t have plans. I don’t have an agenda. I have traveled a lot the last years, opened my perspective on the world and life in general, I have changed my religion believes, have discovered wonderful people like you,Leo, and now looking back I see it all as a blessing.

I feel I now have a gps and nothing can go wrong anymore, I’ll never get lost again. I just follow my heart and do whatever i like in life. I payed such a damn high price for this I’m not willing to surrender to any bullshit society, mu family or any other person might come with.

The only thing I’d like is to have more money to travel more and be totally free. To enjoy this ride.

Cindy says:

Awesome story! but dont forget, enlightenment is no more meaningful than posting on Facebook lol. Becoming more conscious isnt relevant for everyone

jculver says:

Your video stated thoughts to keep in life. Its really moving and its striking at the same time. Im sure many can relate that have been seeking for answering and trying to understand life and situations going on with their life. I too can really use what Ive got on this. Nice one man! I just pounced on this interesting book. You might want to get a kindle read too! —link on my name—

christopher idroj says:

hey,LEO you mentioned at 1:16:45 that don’t go into nihilistic rabbit hole but what if you are alredy in there or it seams like it then what and what one can do go get out of it.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Selfishness is the truth, everyone who wants to be selfless should be given a kick in the pants. It’s not different to spirituality, it’s not right or wrong, or evil, or the devil, selfishness has no meaning, it’s just selfishness. Reality. The only way to stop me is to let me be selfish even if it’s not fun, even if it’s evil, no matter how upsetting it is and I’ll continue to be selfish, unchanged, I love myself. It’s not inherently evil. Leo is the wrongest man in the world. God isn’t good, he has no meaning.

Max Gron says:

Yes I invented that, I created it myself, but death is a stupid thing to want to pursue. It doesn’t so much scare me anymore as death is merely a threat to my life, it’s a threat to my out-of-body experience. Those are just pseudo-deaths, the real death will happen later in life when I’m a little older or older than that, real death is without an out-of-body experience, without zombies or ghosts, then you’ll know what death is like (near-death experiences tell me that there’ll just be black and a void with no afterlife or past lives, it’s not that I was sick, I was dying, and I ate food and woke up from my “death” (I didn’t die, but what you’re calling death is a mystical fantasy and not death), I’m a zombie disembodied from that man lying on the floor whose body I used to possess and I look exactly the same, with the same clothes, it hasn’t changed my life a bit. As for death, I’m in awe how the fool dies, death isn’t one of those things I would talk to at tea parties. It’s probably a positive thing talking about death, because you’re confident in its existence, but it’s the absence of life, there’s no death in my life, death is said to be negative, I think it’s positive, because it’s easy to get killed, it’s a challenge to live, it’s living that’s negative because so many things are trying to put you to death. There’s a subtle shade of difference, a nuance, between life and living: life is the state of living, like the things, good, bad, evil, wicked, corrupt, or indifferent, that you do, that’s life, living is just being alive and breathing, including the things within your life and living, such as eating, working, cooking, cleaning and going out. These have nuances in meaning, I add meaning to my life to make it great, but I also have achievement to make myself great, and not always achievement I like and therefore not necessarily success, if I cooked an eggless muffin in a pan there’s a slight chance it won’t go everywhere as it bakes, vegan muffins do exist, but it’s difficult to make it vegan without the muffin batter baking everywhere on the pan. Since things can go wrong it means nothing to the school teacher, except Emma Medhurst, to her it means muffins should contain eggs. That’s ridiculous, do I make mistakes because I’m using a different ingredient? Probably not, it’s very silly indeed.

Max Gron says:

It turns out the negligibility of God, God’s a parasite that invades the whole planet and the cosmos, it’s got to be removed! What if I don’t want God with me at some time? It is a separate thing, do you think these keys I typed this with are God? It’s not the universe, it’s a foreign object where everything is its host, and parasites are bad things, I don’t want God to be my mother’s cancer, death, or the devil, I can’t accept I’m God, I should be cleaned from this parasite! It’s a disease! God in reality is an angry old man and no he’s not a loving man, he’s an angry man who just watches and doesn’t like what he sees, why do you think it’s a sin to suck your dick? God might be seeing that.

Max Gron says:

About reasons isn’t Leo cherry-picking what doesn’t have a reason and contradicting himself? He didn’t say you don’t have a reason to die, or a reason to avoid surviving, or a reason to self-sacrifice, or a reason to take drugs, yet he says there’s no reason for anything, irrational! Having no reason for anything is extremely anything, including no reason to die, no reason to self-sacrifice, no reason to take drugs, he seems to be cherry-picking. A thing can’t be anything and not anything at the same time, it’s either absolutely anything, or it’s a cherry-picked selection of things, or absolutely not anything, it can’t be both. If you’re talking about a thing you should generalise about the whole thing, even very specific subjects, without cherry-picking parts of that subject, just as if you say you listen to this type of music, it should be the whole thing and not you cherry-picking songs or tunes in what you said you listened to. If I said I eat African food but didn’t include Egyptian food, I’m cherry-picking, it’s more correct to say I like most kinds of Ethiopian and Kenyan foods, then I’m not cherry-picking, if I say I like ska music, and included all ska music, even the shit ones, then I’m not cherry-picking, but I would be cherry-picking if they played ska music and I said I don’t like that music. If I said I like 80s music and hate all Michael Jackson music, I wouldn’t be cherry picking if you played every 80s song in the world and avoided all Michael Jackson songs, unless I said I liked “Blame it on the boogie” by the Jackson 5, then I would be cherry-picking music I hate.

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