Understanding Bias

By Leo Gura - September 6, 2021 | 5 Comments

Bias, mind, love, and God explained

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Stephen says:

Simply amazing work, Leo. I cannot begin to explain the profound impact your words have had on my life. Thank you.

Joel says:

Leo, when your were taping this video (or any video) weren’t you operating with an infinite number of biases: the bias to breath, the bias to have a particular posture, the bias towards particular clothing, the bias to speak in English, the bias to pause between words, the bias to speak at a particular volume etc. If no biases=GOD, then being alive prevents becoming GOD. Joel

White Goat says:

Thank you Leo.

Max Raoy Gron says:

What’s wrong with having sex with children? Have you met these criminals? You have no idea that it’s not the act itself that’s bad, it’s done in a bad way. Child molesters are bad people, children consider this rape. As for sex with my mother, it’s considered rape, is that good?!!! Don’t be silly, those acts are very bad, if I commit adultery I’m committing disloyalty to my girlfriend. If I give the best school to strange children I never met I would be stealing someone else’s children. Stealing isn’t good yet at the same time amorality can make you look bad, personally I no longer have morals but I have rules, cherry picking my actions. My rules are selfishness, wine, greed, self-reliance, not stealing, killing, poisoning, abusing or violence. You can’t reach my level and be a criminal. I don’t think criminal was invented, it came as a fluke of breaking the law, people don’t invent these things. Therefore in rejecting my biases I follow the law, I pay my taxes and I was never disloyal to my girl. It makes sense when all the attacks and all the treating you like it’s bad that you do that is gone when you drop your morals.

Max the shithead says:

Rationality and science, eh? I can’t follow Leo’s teachings sometimes, it’s too painful. God is love? What’s with this talk of God? I think loving everything, even a terrorist, even a murder, isn’t logical. Loving everything? Leo’s teachings are scary, as for love, being less picky an eater, I think it’s worth a try, let’s love the look of an ant, let’s love the vomit! However, as it feels like ants crawling on me, it was hard to write all of this. I think I should be unbiased in things, without questioning Leo, that’s the reality.

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