Advanced Tips For Self-Inquiry

By Leo Gura - October 30, 2017 | 14 Comments

Help for people feeling stuck with self-inquiry

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unfolder says:

Jezus Christ, tears in my eyes.
After my 5-meo experience this resonates very deep.
Thank you so much my friend – a great reminder to get my priorities straight.
Nothing but gratitude, this is gold.

Laura says:

Ok, so recently I came to the realization that everything is a dream. However, I can’t reconcile that with other people’s conciousness’. I’ve heard feeling at one with creation and other creatures, but everyone has a separate consciousness or dream, no?
And if its a dream, why don’t we have full control over everything? Is that a possibility?
I’ve been walking around with this underlying thought and its a huge mind fuck. But its unreconciled, y’know? I haven’t shared it with anyone. I just show up to work, and mother my children, but all the while I feel like non of it is real.

Leo Gura says:

You haven’t penetrated the Truth deeply enough yet. You’ve only skimmed the surface of it.

The consciousness of every being who ever lived, and will live, is you right now. In other words, Nothingness. The problem is that you are still attached to your sensory field.

Galyna says:

Can you please answer me, this is very important. I try to grasp it for a long time. You have already explained some things to me in other conversations, but please…I still can not grasp it.
So my question is: ” Do other people really exist or they are a part of my consciousness?” In other words: ” when I do not see, smell, hear, feel my husband, does he really exist if not a part of my conscious field?
Please, please please, can you give me the straight answer since I am asking this question for a long time.
So far, since I can not validate other people, feels like they do not exist without me.
“They are as real as I am” – really do not get me anywhere, I know that my ego is illusion, but I can not apply this rule to other people. I do not understand this saying. Really.
So I am not real, okay, ego is illusion, I am a focal point of Consciousness that is not mine. But are there other things when I do not look at them.
so: “yes” or “no”?

Leo Gura says:

The problem is that if I give you the answer, you will just tend to believe it, without doing the inquiry for yourself, which is no good.

It’s good that you’re so curious and passionate about wanting the answer. That energy should be put into self-inquiry.

When you realize what you are, you will also realize what everyone else is: NOTHING!

It is an empirical reality that nothing exists unless you’re seeing it. But check this for yourself. There is nothing more to reality than appearance. Appearance IS reality.

The wrinkle here is that you’re trying to make sense of this question of “Do other people exist?” from within a materialist paradigm. You’re assuming that an external reality exists, you’re assuming that physical objects exist, and you’re assuming that those other people are like physical objects. But all of this is a fabrication of your mind.

It’s possible to become conscious that what you are is formlessness itself, and all other beings are this exact same formlessness, making them and you literally identical. The problem is that you’re identified with form. You think that you and other people are essentially form. But all form is impermanent. All forms are hallucinations. Your essence is nothingness.

But don’t believe any of this. You must seriously self-inquire.

Kevin says:

Why does the psyche/ego protect us or keep us from enlightenment? Disreguarding the notion that it is an illusion and wants to seem real.

Leo Gura says:

So that you could be you.

Andrew says:

Serious question, Leo: I’ve been doing these exact personal inquiry sessions (have re-watched your guided inquiry video many times) for over 2 years and can say with certainty that I no longer identify with the body at all, or the mind as a physical thing. However, and here’s where I’m stuck: While I realize that I am NOT a single thought, a single experience or single emotion, I am VERY MUCH stuck on the idea that I am a “conglomeration or complilation of ideas, thoughts, or experiences”. I know you say that “in order to be an experience, feeling etc, you need to be a SINGLE experience” but my rational mind keeps telling me that “Yes, I” can in fact be a collection of all these things in my mind”.- Is there any advice you give as to how I can break free of this cycle of thought and deconstruct my mind, as it seems I am very much connected to my thoughts, experiences etc so much so that I think I AM these things? Is there a way to override my ego’s desire to want to associate with all these things?
Thank you,

Leo Gura says:

Right, of course. That just shows you haven’t gone very deep with your inquiry. You’re still just skimming the surface of things. You need to drill down deeper. Or try some meditation techniques. Or psychedelics. Or all 3.

Rebecca says:

I wanted to share that I had the most amazing dream after listening to your podcast the other night. The dream was radically real and intense; it has taken me a few days to even try to articulate it. I wanted to say thank you for making this podcast/video because it greatly has given me so much to feel into. I listen to most all of your content and I am working to continue my transcendence into a state of awareness that brings joy into every moment. I am grateful for all the energy and time that you put into your work and I will continue tenaciously to dive into my self reflection, become increasingly aware and experiencing this human existence.

Leo Gura says:

Cool, thanks.

Don’t idolize me though.

Vikram says:

Hi Leo,

I have recently(about an year ago) starting practicing meditation and one day i had a really great experience. It felt like i am somewhere in a very dark place but with lights everywhere. It seemed like i am in a space but there are no stars. There is nothing around me and it like a space where there is no end or start. I experienced it for a brief period of time, but to check whether it is real or not i forcefully open the eyes and l lost the experience. That night i could not sleep and for the next two days i experienced immense energy with no need to eat or sleep. Felt like i can answer anything, not need of recognition or praise, and vibrations are coming out of the body. It stayed like this for two days and after that day everything become normal again. I tried my to have the similar experience again, but i have never experienced something like this again. I am not sure what was it; could you tell me if you have ever experienced something like this or what i could be. Thanks.

Yann says:

The difficulty of enlightenment is the following: even an enlightened person would agree that although his identity is to be everything, he nevertheless has a localized point of conscience in his head. Therefore his body-mind is necessarily self-aware and he has no choice of saying “me” when referring to this body-mind he’s localized in. This is a very basic “me”, not inflated whatsoever, just a grammatical “me”, really: a pronoun.

So, no separate identity. Fine. But the perception of a separate body, for sure. Then how to call this separate body with a (potential) merged identity ?
Well, for me, the best word to describe this is “avatar”. It’s perfectly non-dual! Because by definition, an avatar IS also what he’s the avatar of.
(by comparison, the words emanation, vehicle, emanation, etc, are dualistic.)

Daniel says:

what if i understand perfectly what you are saying and just come natural to me Leo? what should i self inquiry?

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