The Most Important Commitment You Can Make

By Leo Gura - February 8, 2016 | 20 Comments

The biggest thing you can do to shift the trajectory of your life.

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Kin says:

I can’t believe I found you Leo. I found you at the day I lost my job. I came back home after fighting with my boss that day. But funny thing was instead of depressing, I happened to click on your video “The spiritual enlightenment” and I was laughing my ass of thinking how true your words were. Since then I became a fan of your knowledge. LOL.. thank you for ALL your videos.

Sergiu says:

Leo, one question for you – are you a millionaire?

I’m asking you this because I see many people who definetely lack self-development education, but are ridiculously rich and that’s quite demotivating you know. I love your videos and will keep watching and learning, but what I see in the real world is that there are many morons out there who make money so easily that is insulting to smart people. I see smart people that are poor or anyway, far from having a private jet.They are having financial education, they are working hard, they are certainly getting rich, but so hard and slow.

It seems like if you’re a singer and you’ve got this stupid hit that 70% of the globe population will be willing to buy and make you rich, it’s enough. Why bother to read hundreds of books, and why waste thousands of hours on meditation and self-development, when life’s so easy for any idiot? There’s a saying in my language If you’re lucky don’t worry about being stupid.

You see these people so humble and natural at first, and then after becoming rich and successful they reveal their true shitty self and it seems like this world is not enough for them anymore.(aka James Arthur) I’m just saying….

OK so you’ll say, this kind of people lack self aware and education and they don’t need it anyway to get rich, or wait, maybe money isn’t enough, maybe we need more spiritual evolution which I totally agree, but if let’s say you are a smart guy (which you obviously are) and have invested money, time and energy, to get where you are, in years, but you see a stupid kiddo (Justin Bieber) making hundreds of millions from other idiots, what’s the point anyway? Don’t you see this planet is full of morons? I’m not saying to be one of them, but the smarter you get, the more you suffer and the more they’ll reject you for simply not understanding you or not willing to do the hard work.

I so admire smart people becoming rich, but I can’t agree with idiots becoming extremely rich and playing the cool, smartass.It’s simply disgusting and revolting. I admire Gates for his genius and he certainly deserves his many billions, you simply cannot be jealous on him, but admire him.

What’s the point anyway? I see smart students working so hard and not getting anywhere in life, after years and years of studying and working. It’s really unfair, and this world is so fucked up.

adam says:

seems america society not perfect ,either.

Lin says:

Why do you perceive others like Beiber as stupid? I don’t know the guy but I wouldn’t call him an idiot. Justin’s market is teenager girls, the most lucrative market in business. Generation Y has the largest amount of teens since baby boomer generation. Justin was smart enough to surround himself with savvy individuals who marketed his music to make him rich. Some smart individuals are not rich because whatever they are doing is not marketed in a similar fashion, they don’t have the drive to be rich or they are happy being where they are. Equating financial success with intelligence is not a logical comparison because there are other variables at play. You have the right to your own opinion, but for it to be substantial, stay away from “one size fits all” mentality.

Antonio says:

There are a lot of things that you cannot buy with Money for instance, real happiness, knowledge, a good body, a good health, real admiration and appreciation. All those things are bought with efforts and commitments!. Let give you a personal example about knowledge. I though that languages were a waste of time but you know life led me to learn English and I can say that all the efforts that I did were worth it because, I have met quite interesting people around the world and we speak in English this is just one example, reading is also helpful, when you are in a conversation and you give deep and wise arguments you enjoy more a conversation but when you are stupid you just talk bullshit and you can just speak with people who also speak bullshit.

Bart says:

I completely agree with you. Smart people are still so underrated by over 90% of society!

Adam says:


Leo ,hope one day you could come to Beijing of China ,and give speech to chinese people ,I really think chinese people need it .It just like a window open to me suddenly ,so I can enjoy some fresh air ,The feeling is great .


Adam says:

And beside that ,really hope your speech could have chinese version ,making it easily understand

Thank you very much for your vedio ,Leo !!!

Lee says:

You know how every major city has a capital. Well I’m giving this latest creation of yours a super duper awesome, with a capital A. Awesome baby, I thankee sai as Roland of Gilead would say from Stephen Kings The Dark Tower. Not self actualization book but still an Awsome series. This is the first day of the rest of my life. And because of you Leo, I’m convinced it will be an Awsome one. Bring on the brain storming with like minded people.

Matthew says:

Fort Worth represent

Mayur Ghule says:

The Mind gets blown by nuclear and atom bombs ! By the vision of Self-actualisation
And it is really hard to get there , But it is always better to go with hard things giving great bliss than easy things giving great crap! Definitely , if Actualisation gives nothing , but what you basically need , it is worth to invest in item. Lol… But That is how counter-intuitively Investing in nothing else but yourself , makes tiny life great…

Alan Travers says:

Hi Leo Thanks for all the vids and all the hard work your doing to help people around you. I was wondering if you could do a video that has something to do with all the conspiracy theories and stories we here from the public but especially the internet. From the Gvt secretly controlling the whole world and how we are all conciously unaware of being pawns to their big scheme. This includes their involvement with ‘Aliens’ presidential assassinations, 9/11 etc.

I know this sounds silly but my older brother (35) has become completely obsessed with these theories and discovering the ‘truth’ behind them. He is a very angry confrontational person and he seems to have reached boiling point. It is affecting my whole family and our relationship with him.

It’s starting to become quite stressful for me and i’m trying to control my anger with him so I don’t make the situation any worse. I know these emotions are my responsibility and I have just started my journey into enlightenment but I’m not sure this will help the situation right now. He is being a very toxic person but I don’t want to cut him out of my life, he is my brother and I want to try and help first.

I guess I’d really like to know how much truth there is behind some of these theories, (I know there are a lot!) how to deal with them emotionally and why they can effect people like my brother so much when technically they have anything to do with his life.

Your videos so far have been great and will help a lot but if there is anything you have learnt along the way that would further help my brother or the situation in anyway I would be most grateful! Thanks

Yvan says:

Dear Leo,

I wholeheartedly thank you to explain to us so potently, so aggressively, once and for all, the Supreme Power of Accountability. Your video distinguishes itself from amongst others in that it rather bears on all the affairs or activities of life (career, sentimental and social lives, etc..) than to treat of a peculiar aspect of life wherein one would or ought to improve his sense of responsibility (e.g. exercising or ambition at work).

I have been reading of the satanic Bible, and one of the points thereof that has profoundly striken me is to see how much the notion of responsibility figures both in it and in the commandments. I have come to firmly believe in such notion, and also that it well is, not only what makes one successful at work, but it also is what is fit to make one even a kind of Super Hero in other affairs of life, especially in the intercourses with others, whether it be in love or in friendship (once his importance is well understood, one can handle, so to speak, any thing in life, especially in relations with others).

Thank you kindly to make of yourself and of us Super Heroes in this life, and I look forward to integrate your forum community ! Excellent continuation to you !

Swimming Lee says:

Diving into the forum from Jurong, Singapore.

samantha castillo says:

Leo, you are amazing. You have helped me so much with your videos. I love hearing you talk, don’t listen to the haters. Keep the videos coming please!!!

Adam says:


Love you to death !!


sam says:


hello m8. im that kid from england u know what im talking about.

the subtle point almost nobody will get. long videos ha. the enlightment

retreat. all of your videos lately been amazing. get in contact if u see this

or ill bully u baldy ha.

Jack says:

Hi Leo,

I was wondering, as a year 12 student I am incredibly busy a strapped for time, also a very stressful year. Is their anyway I can use this stress large workload to my advantage in personal development. Is their any one activity I should be focusing on to get the best development gains I can while still young? Very greatly appreciated and love your videos,


Hengame says:

Love this video. It spire me to follow you all the way in personal development for my own sake. Thank you Leo.

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