Advice For High School & College Students

By Leo Gura - October 19, 2015 | 44 Comments

Follow this, guaranteed mastery of life.

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Helen says:

Wise wise wise I’ve sent this to my son, he’s doing well at university, he’s on the right rd, this advice is gold . I wish I had this advice .when young

Galyna says:

Thank you for the video, I absolutely agree with Leo.

I am from Ukraine and when moved to USA 4 years ago discovered that I need US diploma as well, in spite of the fact that I have 5 year degree in Economic Cybernetics, so I am pursuing second degree in Logistics and love it. I will be 30 next year and very thankful to this country that I can continue my education and work as well, take a loan or pay it myself. In America it is not hard to succeed if you really have a goal and head on your shoulders. Too bad so many of us take it for granted.

Austin says:

Hi Leo,

I’m 22 and I have about a year left of college. But I still need to refine my diet, working on mastering my passion of playing the trumpet, and I still need to learn about dating and relationships including flirting. I have dated several people online and have only met one in person. Do you think I will have enough time to develop these aspects of my life?

El says:

If you keep doing it, I have no doubts that you will master that area. You can look at the so called pickup artists like Chase Amante, RSD Tyler and so on, they started at the age of at least 24-25 and look how great they became. The most important thing in life according to me in all areas possible is to TAKE ACTION.

Tiferet says:

Wow! This video is amazing!!! Thank you so much Leo!!!!

luisa says:

I am 23, just graduated. I’ve learned so much in the last year, I wish I could go back in time and put everything I know now in practice back then, when I had so much more time. What’s your recommendations to people who have just graduated?

T says:

Hey Leo,
I really appreciate your advice given in the video above.

I am a 17 year old (18 in November) High School student who will graduate summer 2016.
Beeing inspired by the vision of changing the world for the better, I pursuit starting my own online business that is in harmony with my core values whilst impacting lifes in a phenomenal way and commited myself to realizing this as fast as possible.

Because I want to get there as fast as possible I planed to purchase two online courses that I am confident about getting me there. (1.ULPC 2.ZTL)

Now these would cost me around 1800$ (ain’t got that right now)

But until then I decided to do what is called “Duales Studium” in german.. idk if that exists in America.. its when you apply for a company that will pay for your studies as well as your work.
e.g. I will work for two weeks than study for two weeks and that goes on for 3 years (gaining practical experiences as well as theoretical knowledge in the field)

Using this as a backup and beeing able to transition in these three years fully to the online business is what I intend to do.

Now… I would like to pick your brain on this Leo, sooo… I am not totally sure of whether to go into the field of economics (B.A. in internatonal management or in Logistics ) or into sometype of technical field ( product desingner or some sort of IT programmer… I know I could learn it but I am not sure if it would assist me in my journey besides the money that I would earn in any of these circumstances )

I am excitedly looking forward to your response.


AJ says:

Hi Leo,

What should be my plan in implementing everything from this video? I can’t just do everything you said in here all at once, otherwise I’ll get burned out. So my question is, how do I change my life step by step instead of trying to do it all at once and then failing?

You said to cut out junk foods, start meditating, start reading self-help books…and do all that starting from tomorrow.
Around Jan-Feb this year I tried taking on many different habits all at once, and my life did change for the time-being. But then, around March, I ended up with the habits I had the previous year.

The advice I have read in books and online tell me to take it one habit at a time, and implement one new technique or tool from a self-help book at a time, but that’s still hard and kind of complicated. How do I do this in a constructive way? If this is an important topic in self-help, could you make a video on it? I know you’ve made a vid. on how to make self-help books work 10x effectively, but what about a video with a focus on constructing a timed self-developing plan?

Thank you. I started doing personal development last year in Nov. and I discovered it via you. The first thing you’ve helped me do was lift off from social anxiety and be significantly more confident and I really appreciate your work. Thanks Leo.

Kaz says:

Did you see Leo’s video on time management?
Also, sounds like you need to set priorities.

M says:

Hey! You said you lifted off from social anxiety and became significantly more confident. Exactly how did you do that? I’ve been struggling with this for a while and I can’t seem to break out from it

Kirk marshall says:

Just what son need to hear!

Great content!!!

Especially the part about arguing with his parents realize your parent have your best interest in their hearts. Seek their helps. Parents don’t criticize your kids choice. Use a tone calmly and Encourage, encourage! control your emotional reactionand and anxiety!

Ali Rida Bahja says:

leo i have this habit of buying a book, and while reading it getting to a point where i need to relax my mind from the same topic that the book talks about, so i get another book (different topic) and i read that, and the same thing happens. It is not healthy right?
i mean do you recommend reading one book at a time?
I think i have focussing issues.

Lauren says:

I am in my 50’s and this is the 4th time I am listening in the kitchen, mainly to let my sons hear some of this amazing video. My three high school sons. I myself, after the 4th time of listening, once again had a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the super insightful wisdom and advice that “it blows my mind away”, life changing! Reading a book a week, read history, psychology, clean your diet, … I realize WHY now from this video, and that is so powerful and profound and it gives me the reason and more motivation to continue to do a great job on all of these fronts (that I have already done excellently)!

Thank you from the bott of my heart, a loyal fan of Leo’s.

Lauren says:

Study for knowledge, not grade. Study to figure out how life works!!!

Do this now.

To experience the exponential growth down the road years later!

Start to meditate. It is important. Make time!

Forever grateful fan and wish Leo the very best — an incredibly courageous, smart, hardworking and the most honest teacher! Thank you

Marty says:

Hey Leo! This is awesome and I wish I heard about all this stuff when I was younger. But I’m 25 now and just graduated form college. One year ago I started meditating and a lot of self-help stuff. But I have this negative feeling of pressure inside me, that I wasted a lot of time and that it is too late to get my life on the right track. I think I have to invest more time in finding my life purpose and my real passion, but it’s getting harder the older you get.

Alex says:

Im 18 and Im from Spain and I think what you say is very useful. Thanks for the advices ill put them into practice. Wish you the very best!

guana marouane says:

Hi leo, if I didnt invest my time ptoperly when I was young and now I m doing an 8 to 5 job. Does this mean that I would never be able to invest on myself and see the exponential curve of growth in my life….

Leo Gura says:

You can still see a lot of growth, but you probably ain’t gonna be the next Mozart or Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.

guana marouane says:

Actually. My aim is more simple. I’m Caring to make a career that would hold me far from where I’m to day. And this would require a lot of study. I Wonder wether I will do it by programing myself on the week-ends. … ??

Sunny says:

I love Leo’s great work and because of his work, my thinking, my life has been literally changed. I owe it to Leo. Brother, I want to give you a bear hug if I ever meet you in person. With you, the world is that much better!!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Leo Gura says:

*virtual bear hug*

Nathan says:

Leo, this stuff is pure gold in your video. I listen to you while commuting and it is a great companion for my mental improvement.

Please keep up the good work! I am dependent on your teaching now please stay here.

Thank you and continue your fabulous teaching for years to come.

My daughter listened to it for the first time today. I was so proud of myself being able to provide the opportunity for her to listen to this.

A huge fan!

Laurie says:

Thank you and this is my 7th time listening to it. I can never have enough of Leo in my place.

Gauri says:

Hi Leo,
This is a great video and I agree completely with your advice. I so wish I had received and accepted this advice a few years ago..

I am now 24 and almost on the verge of completing my course and starting to look for job

Do you have any special insights for people like me who have already put a lot of years down the drain and have had to learn some of these lessons the hard way?

Abhijeeth says:

Sir LEO ,

What MEDITATION TEQNIQUE should I practise? I Have just begun high school.

Do Nothing or the ‘ THOUGHT REMOVAL’ one???

Thomas says:

Leo, how am I supposed to meet woman by not going and partying?
Clubs are perfect places to meet people and socialize since everyone going there has the same purpose: to have fun and meet people.
I don’t drink, don’t take drugs and honestly I don’t know any better place to socialize & have contact with all kinds of people, than clubs.
I love your content and how it’s contributing to my growth, but I’m really into Real Social Dynamics also.

Leo Gura says:

You can go to clubs. Just don’t “party” there. Do what you came to do and get out.

Partying is not about going to a club, it’s more of a lifestyle.

Also don’t be anal about this. You can party once in a while. Just don’t turn it into a lifestyle like many young adults do.

Jonathan says:

Leo can you please contact me in my email i need to talk to you, it would really help me.

msg says:


I really like the website and it’s so helpful besides this topic is so important for me however I find it tough to listen and understand very well so why this video doesn’t have the script written like the other ones ???
Could anyone please write it ?

Bennet Breier says:

I agree with most of your advises. But there is one point where I have no clear idea of how to live life the best way. You are very fixed on putting all your energy on being the best person as if you could live just by yourself.
What about your social needs, your need for love and affection? How do you seize time when socializing? How do you interact with people? Do they like you?

steve says:

I love the way you speak about “in my youth”, your not exactly older, and definitely old, what are you, early 30’s. Here is the truth, the real truth. If you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise or someone with true wisdom, you must experience as much of life as possible without totally damaging yourself (hopefully). This includes as much of the good, bad, ugly and beautiful as possible. There are people who speak with wisdom learned from reading, studying, and watching others win and lose and these folks create web sites like this one, write books and may even generate large wealth leading sheep to the slaughter. Don’t get me wrong, its not that what you say is wrong, its just learned that’s all, and you are passing it on as if you own it yourself, or even discovered it yourself. I love it, you have what others have a difficult time with —- It’s called——-“Common Sense”. It has nothing to do with anything and you can not learn it. You are either born with it or not but don’t worry, there is a place for everyone willing.

Leo Gura says:

The material on this site is not just regurgitated information read and heard from second hand sources. I do a lot of reading and study, but the most important part is that I verify it through first-hand experience. If only you knew how many 100s of hours go into testing just a single topic like enlightenment or attracting women or meditation.

All the stuff I talk about you can verify for yourself through direct application in your life. And you’ll see that 90%+ of it is quite accurate.

steve says:

By the way, you remind me of my sons

Isabel says:

Great advice! Nothing new but certainly a lot that I do not apply when life becomes a vacuum. Always great to refresh, listen and ponder …………… Thank you!
BTW my message was flagged as spam because i replied “green” to the question what colour are lemons! Really!?!?!?! they are green before they turn yellow

Sinz says:

Fruit juice? I hope you mean the colored processed water they sell as fruit juices and not the natural ones coming out of real fruits

Sarah says:

It’s ridiculous how spot on this advice is. I’m 30 now and just getting into all your videos and its literally depressing just thinking about all the time Ive wasted on tv, drinking, and useless socializing and cliques.

I wonder though if I would’ve even followed this stuff if I saw it at a much younger age. I remember feeling invincible like time didn”t even apply to me. I was such a tool I probably would’ve laughed at this video.

I’m sharing it with my younger sister now and hopefully it lights a fire under her ass!

Thank you Leo!!

Leo Gura says:

Most of my advice goes in one ear and out the other. So that’s to be expected.

The average person just flat out lacks wisdom and any kind of sense of existential priorities.

Only after a few wasted decades do the lights turn on. And even that is rare.

Thelma says:

@ Leo, I started watching your videos this year and since then I have become a better person. I had low self esteem and confidence. I was inauthentic to myself. I cared what other people thought. Even jealousy got the better of me. All that was because of addiction to approval. But now I know the true meaning of happiness an now I can start my life afresh. Thank you Leo.

Kevin says:


First off let me just say thank you for the work that you put in to making these videos. Also, for providing great insight on many topics where there isn’t a lot of help for someone trying to seek more out of their life.

I am a 21 year old college student and am entering my last year of my bachelor’s. I have been feeling burnt out as of late with the looming real world in my near future. After seeing this video, I can say without a doubt that I have some work to do in my personal life. I’ll take these positive changes a step at a time because you’re completely right in saying that a strong and healthy/positive foundation can only help in the long run.

I look forward to putting much of the guidance you offer in these videos to use in my personal life. Thank you again.

Adrian says:

We are all on our own individual journey. Whether or not the advice in this video is right for you will depend on where you are on that journey. In other words, don’t stress if you “wasted” your “youth”. You did what was required for your life at that point.

Be happy with your lot. There are too many influencing forces outside of your control as you grow up, before you are self aware enough, for you to change your course significantly. Virtuosos are more often than not the beneficiaries of a combination of good luck and good parenting in their childhood and teens, receiving the nurturing and guidance they require to blossom. The rest of us do well to discover personal development at all in our lifetimes.

“Not all who hesitate are lost.” – Joseph Campbell

Allyson says:

Well said Adrian. Love the JC quote too.

Allyson says:

I wish I could get my 13 year old to take these videos more seriously. She thinks I am annoying when I try to teach her life lessons. I try to play the videos out loud where she can hear them…like in the car. I’m not sure if any of it sinks in. I hope it does. Leo and have helped me so much this past year, I don’t think I would have survived with out him. I wish I knew all this self actualization, improvement and awareness when i was her age. I just need to be careful with how much i try to push on her because it could back fire on me later. For now i hope she can recognize and learn by example. I’m a single parent with a FT job starting my own business. If anyone has any advice for me I’d greatly appreciate it.

Andreea says:

Thank you Leo for the amazing video! I found my passion in high school,history, so I applied for History College after passing my exams and my life purpose is to become a museum curator. I have always been hardworking on my history studying,I even studied supplimentary in high school and even though most teenagers choose the IT field nowadays I am happy with my choice because I am following my passion and my honest curiosity in history!

Rudolph says:

Hey Leo.
How I can fully indulge in the studied subject when constantly pressed and stressed by all the coursework and exams? I am aware that this stress is worsening my learning capacity but I can’t fix it. I understand that what I deal with here is my fear of failing and getting kicked out of college. I am in my senior undergraduate year and I really look forward to moving on to the practical world. The fear is that now I can lose this my plan if I fail finals. Because I believe that the fact that I failed to finish undergraduate in the last year would render me incompetent of delivering good work when applying for a job more than have I never studied. And going through undergraduate study again seem to me like a huge waste of time. How can I get out of this self limiting?

Thanks for your content, your advice has helped me to get where I am now!

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