Motivational Speech For Building A Passionate Life

By Leo Gura - December 18, 2017 | 13 Comments

A kick in the butt to get yourself back on track with doing the work.

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ken says:

Thanks for the video Leo! I’m just curious to know if you take into account the different levels of “natural” intelligence and/or skill that people have when others seek life counseling from you. In other words, do you think realistically that everyone can succeed at their passion regardless of natural ability? That everyone can work there way to success? Relatively tone deaf people dreaming to be singers and such is what I’m getting at here. Watching while others attain success is not always because you did not work as hard, sometimes you work a lot harder, but were just not suited for that thing. This is a devastatingly hard lesson for some to learn imho. Just curious if you have any comment. Thanks again !

Leo Gura says:

That’s a good question and it’s addressed by the life purpose course.

But in short, yes, many people will fail to succeed. Not because they are naturally incapable, but because they will have the wrong strategy and give up too easily.

Hard work alone it not enough to succeed. You must also have the right strategy. One of the things I talk about in the LP course is I tell you not to base your career around competition, because competition is always limited, a zero-sum game. Angling to becoming the next Tiger Woods or Taylor Swift is a bad strategy, especially if you’re tone-deaf.

If you instead adopt a non-zero-sum, creator strategy, as I suggest, the only thing stopping you from success is mostly yourself.

Of course everyone has natural limits and weaknesses. I never suggest that a cripple can become a boxer, or a person of low IQ can become the next Stephen Hawking. The point is to build your life and career around your strengths, not your weaknesses.

No matter what your weaknesses, there is still something unique and powerful that you are capable of doing. You have to very honest with yourself about what your weaknesses are.

Ken says:

Thanks for taking the time to reply Leo! Again, I really enjoy your videos, Happy holidays and New Year!

Gavin says:

“A cripple can’t become a boxer, but a boxer can become a cripple”

Profound Proverbs #011

Roman says:

Leo, the core starts at 5 5. Perfect. As all you are doing!
I’m a professor of electronics in Ukraine.
And I wish to say – your video are so important to survive and to go ahead.
Thank you.

Lindsey says:

I’m moved to tears listening to Leo’s BEST speech to motivate me. This is the BEST, please do yourself a favor by listening to it.

I listened to it 5 times.

Today is my 5th time, starting off my New Year’s first day.

Please donate to this great website–I’m not personally benefiting finanancially or related to Leo in any way. I’m compelled to support this great teaching.

Thank you is not enough to express my deepest respect. I love!

Lindsey says:

Kudos to Leo!

Set a long-term lifetime vision.

Do not quit. Trusting the principles of beauty, truth, hard work.
The paradox of life–serious with life purpose and working seriously toward the outcome yet at the same time life and the outcome does not matter in the end.
Do not choose a mediocre life, it’s life of walking dead, regret and wasted life.

Society and businesses are designed to cater the lowest common denominators; don’t become a lazy person. Double down when life gets tough. Have a sense of putting your life on the line. Have higher purpose!


Are you christian?

Gavin says:

I literally laughed out loud at the part where you’re telling the spiritual people to F-off

I keep coming across that line of thought over and over again – the don’t chase, no need to do anything – mentality. It was really tripping me up. Glad to hear your take on it

Lindsey says:

I have listened to this video time and again whenever I need a boost for the day, the month, to help me get in touch with the grand life vision.

Awesome insight and wisdom that can’t be found anywhere else. This is truly inspiring.

I will listen to this often.

I have benefited tremendously from Leo’s video, one of my favoriate go-to video and podcasts. Thank you!

Sinz says:

“Think about how you wanna tell the story” summarizes the paradox.

Alan Travers says:

This is not a motivational speech. It’s another rant!

I appreciate your videos Leo but you just seem to keep repeating yourself now and telling us what we’re all doing wrong, being wage slaves, playing to many video games, being lazy.

Yes I know, you’ve told us many times but I thought this video was for the people who are already on this journey like me who are breaking free from all that but are still finding it tough along the way.

I thought I’d find a video of encouragement, full of positivity to keep going knowing how great the outcome will be. You do cover this a little but I it would be great to have a stripped back video, something people like myself could listen too when things get tough, something that will just remind us why we’re doing what we’re doing in a more positive light.

This video is important and I agree, life is tough but it could do without the rant against society and even ‘spiritual people’ which seems to be another u turn and contradictory to some of the things you talk about previously. Are you saying we should always be chasing or hunting now? That hoes against accepting. I guess thats just another paradox.

Anyway, I guess the video left me less motivated and little depressed. Positivity is key, regardless of how shit society is, whether it’s a pyramid or if we’re sucking on it’s tits.

Ben Boscarino says:

Great video Leo, I really appreciate all of the work that you do.

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