Making Sense Of Jordan Peterson

By Leo Gura - May 11, 2021 | 5 Comments

What are the problems with Jordan Peterson’s worldview?

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Liburnit says:

I hope he watches this and makes a response video.

Iggon says:

Me too!

Sam says:

Leo,Thanks for this talk. it would seem that an individual can be in more than one stage at a time. You, at one point in this talk, say that Jordan Petersen is in stage Orange and Yellow at the same time and is skipping over the stage Green.

Brian says:

I don’t believe that the monarchy in the UK is in the same scheme as monarchies of old; we have a monarchy nested in a democracy, whereby although the queen has power on paper, not only is the Queen’s speech each year written by our elected politicians but we have democratic rights (such as a right to protest and freedom of speech).

Wilhelm says:

Best portrait of Jordan Peterson so far. I find him intriguing and carismatic. He has very good rhetoric skills. He seems quite assertive. Unfortunately his green shadow poisons much of his influence on politically uneducated people. If he could integrate his green shadow and appreciate stage green collectivism more – or things like climate change mitigation and self-love, then he would really become a really great teacher!

But is he willing to do this as long as most of his paying fans are libertarians and conservative who all hate stage green as well?

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