Leo's Super Healthy Vegetable Soup

By Leo Gura - April 24, 2017 | 39 Comments

The perfect personal development meal

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ELLA says:

Hi Leo, Thank you for sharing this. I’m also looking into functional food. Also the combination with a DNA profile of a person can be very interesting. I’m still looking in to it.
I also read about TCM ( traditional chinese medicine) and the food choices there. Also very interesting.
I really believe in the self healing function of a body. And I think food is a important factor.
I would suggest not using plastic cutelery, because plastic and the heat is not a good combination. If you want to mail about this topic, please drop me an email.
Take care. Ella

Gail says:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ve been doing the Whole30 diet for several months, including wild caught fish and pasture raised chicken and all organic veggies and/or fruits. I’m going to make this soup and supplement some of the meals. I’m allergic to peppers so will substitute onions.

Love all your videos. Wish you would do one on Nada Yoga some time.

Wishing you good vibes.

R says:

Paleo type of diets like Whole30 are effective short term to lose weight, but they are detrimental to health in the long run.

Quoting Dr McDougall in his TEDx talk “The food we were born to eat: John McDougall at TEDxFremont”:
4:15 “Before my eyes as a doctor, I saw people living on rice and vegetables (no dairy, just a little bit of meat at most): trim, healthy, hardy people. No MS, no arthritis, no diabetes, no heart disease in that first generation of people living on those traditional diets. Then I watched the second generation get fatter and sicker as they abandoned starch. And then the third generation, which feared starch (rice, corn, potatoes), and took on meat and dairy in their diet, and oils – they got fat and sick just like every other american.”

Michelle says:

Hey Leo,
Thanks for sharing! I am going to try this.
I know you drink a healthy shake for breakfast, but what do you eat in de afternoon/later on the day? I am very curious.
Thanks, bye!

Sam says:

Please be more courteous of other peoples’ time. This video has so much wasted time. It is fragmented and confusing. There is no ingredient list provided. 22 minutes? Please update this video with an ingredient list at the beginning.

Your other videos, all very chatty, are fine because you are sharing your thoughts and opinions about topics. This is a cooking video. You must use a different process to be efficient (eg, practice what you preach).

Thank you!

Stephanie says:

Oh, Sam. Chill out. Leo is trying something new. There are far better ways to give constructive criticism. As a professional chef I, also, see many a way to improve this as a cooking video, but, to be fair. It is not. As he says, loud and clear, it is not a specific recipe, it is him sharing a method. A way to do something. He is sharing his opinion and giving us an idea. This is no different from what he usually does, it is only a different setup and he has props. There is no ingredient list to give, because, as he says, he does it with whatever things he finds. It changes from time to time. he explains this in the video. So please, see it for what it is. A method. A way of eating and treating eating habits.
It is about the idea of making one giant batch of something, and not having to think about cooking for the rest of the week. It is not about his particular soup. He is only showing it as an example.

Monica Bordick says:

Sam- I have never posted a reply to another viewer, ever, in any forum…. you seem like a pretty miserable guy. If you don’t jive with Leo, then why watch? Those of us that are truly inspired by him, connected with him from the beginning. Move on to someone who motivates you in the way you need- you may want to look in the mirror FIRST. Everything negative in your life starts with you.

Armageddon says:

What you chatting?!

Dom says:

There’s an option on YouTube where you can set the speed to twice that as of normal, comes handy if you’re short of time. But after watching this video, I would say Leo’s just saved you at least an hour off every week, if you count the time you’ve been dealing with snacks, sandwich-making and cleaning up!

Janie says:

Why no tomatoes?

Kristin says:

He stated you can use tomatoes if you decide to. Any vegetables goes as he states, with the exception of too starchy veggies.

Brett Miller says:


Excellent! I’ve been using oatmeal as a morning substitute for high fat/salt foods for a few years. Adding soups is an excellent idea.

Get those eating habits ready for a 3 month Mahasi Sayadaw Center retreat.


Xenia says:

Hi Leo,

I have been following your videos for over a year and see positive changes in my life which I hope lead towards good decisisions. First though, I made a diet change now on AIP for more than a year. Then I discovered your website like magic, reading books, doing stuff. Anyway, my change started with a diet fix so I understand how important it is. You start thinking different not eating junkie. I like the title of the meal. Really funny! So thanks for your video. Coming home I thought I make soup too. It is cream soup but thanks anyway. Lately I realize I have been backsliding in with self actualization. Besides not doing much action I am not as thrilled and positive, loaded with loads of great changes and enthusiasm, as before. I feel like an innocent deer. How can I reload myself? I wanna write a book. Literally.

Thank you!

Stephanie says:

I really appreciate these new styles of videos. I think it is lovely to see your reach out of your usual setup and expertise. I also think it is amazingly interesting to see and hear you, one of the most confident people I know of, in this new setup, sounding so obviously less confident and comfortable than you usually do. Trust me, it is in no way criticism. I simply find it inspiring, that even the great Leo Gura, one of my heroes in life, can also be ‘out of his element’.

Tasha McDonald says:

Hi Leo,

I want to first just thank you for all of your time making your videos for helping stay on track in my life journey. Your book recommendations have not only helped me out tremdendously (by not even really making me take time out to think or do research for what my next book up to read is), but you have helped out many of my dear friends with this important part of our daily rituals, too. So, this thank you is way overdue!

Now, on to the soup. I am super excited because I am a professionally trained chef and cooking is definitely one of my passions in life and can be used for healing. But, soup has been something that I have always naturally been drawn to. My boyfriend always laughs at me because no matter where we go out, I’m always interested in what type of soup a restaurant has. To me, it actually states a larger story, as to chef(s) in charge’s journey in life. Soup takes some time initially on the front end, but ends up freeing much time later. I also find that it is a wonderful way to use leftovers in your refrigerator and pantry and the options are limitless. It is a great way to be less wasteful and best of all, the comfort that you feel from the warm bowl of soup is very nuturing for me.

I make soup every week and more recently after having battled some serious illness, really cleaned up my diet and made the switch over to all organic food. A company by the name of Purium has the most nutrient dense program that I have found to date and also sells foods and supplements that I now swear by. But, when I first went on the cleanse that this company recommends, I made the soup (similar to yours) as my pre-cleanse and post-cleanse “go to” food.

It is insane how this one little change to your diet can have such a vast impact on your life – your body and your mind, not to mention the natural energy that you get from eliminating all preservatives from your diet and eating the best sources of fresh, native, seasonal organic vegetables. Soup is an excellent way to achieve getting those nutrients that we need for our bodies to operate optimally, but also for the freeing nature of having more time to do the work that we really need to do on and for ourselves.

But, taking this a step further, this company has made these power green shakes that accomplish the same thing that the soup does and just gives you even more of a variety of already ready and available food to simplify our lives for the important stuff while treating our body like the temple it is.

The benefits that I now see by implementing this type of eating in my lifestyle (and using cucumbers and celery always cut up as my go to snacks) and avocado as this program suggests, has completely transformed me and allowed me to move into new stages of self-actualization. As I cleaned up my diet, it is as if I was able to peel back layers of my internal “onion” that needed attention. The organic food that is already prepared for me allows my focus to go to what things I need to spend time focusing on and those things definitely become even more apparent during meditation. This one simple change has definitely given me the best and quickest results from any one thing that I have changed to better myself.

So, I am definitely not surprised to have found this video here. But, I am amazed because there is definitely an awesome transformation that comes from making such a subtle little change in one’s daily life and it really becomes a wonderful habit that is part of my daily rituals that I greatly enjoy and satisfy me. I greatly look forward to my soup, my half of an avocado or my shake and it makes me extremely self-aware just in that moment. It is a very deliberate eating session and has helped my relationship with food improve substantially, as well.

Thanks so much for sharing this topic. I am stoked that you shared this same ideology that has literally been a game changer for me and my children and a bunch of my friends.

Cheers to yummy organic soup!

Best regards,

Alexandra says:

Hi Leo

thanks for sharing. A book recommendation (also with regard to your earlier How to Eat Healthy Video): “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. A rage against processed food. Very interesting.


Eelco says:

Hi Leo, this is the first video in months that I watch. Great idea. Came just at the right time. I decided to become vegetarian a month ago and also need more time. So I am definitely going to try it. I hope my three year old son will be excited about this. One question. Does this soup contain enough proteins?

Joey says:

So I tried this out with a few tweaks.
I used broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, dried chilies, and brown lentils. I followed all the spices, I used black instead of white pepper (I really don’t think it matters) and added turmeric, which was a great addition to this. I read a couple of things about olive oil and lemon juice though. I heard that the oil and lemon juice will break down at high temperatures if you cook them like this, so I added a cup of virgin olive oil at the very end and the lemon juice I add once I’ve already poured a bowl.

I cooked it for 40 minutes in the stock and water and added the lentils at the last 20 minutes. It’s delicious. I would never eat this amount of vegetables normally and there is easily a weeks worth in my fridge now. I’m not super concerned with carbs since I am pretty skinny, so I had this with some toasted sourdough bread, and I felt great. I had a lot of energy today, I felt good, and I had the drive to do things like exercise and yoga.

Didn’t cost much to make, and it made a lot. Taste great, and didn’t require much prep work. Loved mushrooms in this, I would highly recommend using turmeric, and the brown lentils were a nice addition for a little more body to the soup.

My only regret is not using more mushrooms!

Thanks for this. I can see myself making this regularly.

R says:

Oils are actually cancer promoting and have adverse effects on arterial function – check out the referenced research in Dr. McDougall’s Aug 2007 Newsletter “Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils?” and in Dr Greger’s NutritionFact.org video “Olive Oil and Artery Function”.

Best is to replace the oil in this soup by grains or pulses.

Marnie says:

There are good and bad oils (no non-duality there.) Olive oil is beneficial/good for you…vegetable oils bad.

Eugene says:

Thanks Leo!
I will try the soup. I like to eat healthy n fact it is how I eat but I am not a vegan cause I need the protein. I exercise lot with weights. I was a carpenter and I could have never done that kind of work being a Vegan
Thanks again

R says:

Proteins are of no worry on a Vegan diet, it can actually improve your performance in body building.
Check out the channels of Jon Venus and Guilt Free TV, and a good overview in the video “Can Vegans Be Top Athletes?” by Mic. the Vegan.

Additionally, going Vegan is probably a must for personal growth, to step up from Orange to Green in the Clare Graves model.

Floris says:

After I made the soup, my mom came in and said that I could keep this for like three days instead of the 1 week given in the video. So did a little research and found many people saying that soup can be kept best for like top 3 days, although some said it could be kept a week.

My question, is the time you can keep the soup -1 week- accurate? Anyone a sensible answer?

Other question. The amount of kc I’m getting since eating much vegetables is a bit low, I started buying chocolate bars to counter this, but don’t want to eat to much of this. Any good kc increasing options?

sue says:

Hey Leo, firstly love the outfit second, how about stepping it up a level and adding barley and some chickpeas, ps barley is healthy a whole food , also chickpeas full of protein and super healthy especially for diabetics, also very important on a vegan diet. Why not add some kale and spinach leafy greens, and where are the onions, garlic and ginger, perfect for flavour and nutrition. Try leeks, turnips, celery and celeric great for a flavour boost . Lastly parsley, game changer. i have a recipe I posted today @sueshealth instagram today


Talin says:

Hi Leo. I genuinely appreciate the information you provide here on your site. I love the person you are and I strongly relate to your videos, especially the one about the hero’s journey. That video describes my life and I listened to the call because I wasn’t left with much of a choice after having lost both my parents at the age of 16, now at the age of 36, I’m about to launch my company as I have attained my holy grail and I’m ready to pass on the knowledge to my tribe. I can’t say that my life is any easier, it is deeper and richer than I could have imagined before starting my journey, but just as challenging in sharing the wisdom now, as you mentioned.

I just wanted to say thank you and send you my love. Your sincerity is felt in all your videos. I’m so happy to have found you.

Dave says:

Do you store the soup in your fridge in the same pot?

Marnie says:

Best to store in glass storage dishes (I.e.: Pyrex)

barbara says:

hi leo,
i’m wondering if you actually are grasping the real idea of healthy food!
there are two principles i learned from my parents whom i call health-nutrition-fanatics: as less processed as possible, as fresh as possible (best: fresh from the tree) why: because it’s loosing energy and vitamins through heat, oxidation and simply aging.
storing food is best in its natural perfect packaged form like a whole tomato or whole grain (a grain can preserve its germing quality over hundreds of years, as grains show, discovered in the egyptian pyramids).
to get the maximum out of your food you should process it directly before you eat it.
i think even though it looses vitamins, it’s not bad to eat food from the day before, but storing it for a whole week?
and then just take some (processed) vitamin pills to gain the vitamins you didn’t gain with your food…
i think you are fit to conclude the rest of the thought!

barbara says:

actually i’m from germany and just figured out you might not know about the concept of ”vollwerternaehrung” i couldn’t find a direct translation but would be something like ”wholefoodnutrition” or if that’s not possible with english words ”whole-food nutrition”. in germany there has been a big movement in the health sector around that concept since more than 50years (whole grain bread etc.). there are several german authors who talk about that stuff and why it is best to keep the food unprocessed and in it’s natural form for as long as possible. some of the keywords to understand this from a modern perspective are ”phytochemicals” and ”bioavailability” of food.
some of the phytochemicals are verry short lived substances.
i wish you good luck in finding fast healthy food and provide the “solution” to others. but to learn it, to find it you might have to understand the healthy slow of it first.
what’s verry good about the new videos is that if you are doing them during the following year, while you are still learning about it, you will provide sth like a learning process to your audience – but maybe you shouldn’t call the videos super healthy… call them helthy aproches, experiments, solutions, compromises.

Lisa Betters says:

Leo one of the things that would really make your soup tasty is garlic and ginger fresh or powdered.

Mark says:

Hey Leo,

Just wanted to add a quick substitute instead of stock using bone broth for added minerals and immune support. It can also help people with stomic issues to heal the gut lining.

Melody says:

It’s 11:30 pm and you made me prep that soup. I just finished slurping a big bowl of this mouth watering yummy soup. I added lots of cilantro and parsley and tomato puree to it as well.
Thanks a lot
Sending my love and care to you

Aaron sherman morris says:

Hey just got started on my soup! I have added quinoa for extra protein. Also a few scoops of Amazing Grass superfood powder for all the good stuffs in there. This should keep me from going to wholefoods everyday and spending $20 making a bowl.

Mike says:

Hey there thank u for posting videos, because I noticed that you nailed some points that I have asked for as far as we talk about impression that it made on me.

Mike says:

Btw the soup was original and it was a cool snack.

Jamie says:

Hey Leo! Thank you for this recipe! I’m am trying to break down some barriers in my mind surrounding food (meat-centric, clean plate club). This recipe and this mindset of freeing up time and stress of preparing meals really hit home. I made a big batch of this soup last Sunday and have been eating it all week long. I have also challenged myself to simplify my breakfast and lunch. I haven’t eaten meat in almost a week and I’m feeling great and really honing in on hunger cues vs eating out of boredom. This soup is awesome but the lesson here is greater. I have removed stressed and focus of external things to dedidcate more time to self actualization work. The veggies were a little limp for my liking, so I put a big portion in the blender. Just as good, if not better, because the oil emulsified instead of sitting on top… and the lemon juice is what my vegetable soups have been lacking for years! Thank you! Thank you, thank you! So appreciative of your wisdom, insight, and desire to share with others. Peace and blessings.

Donna Turner says:

Aloha Leo! This is my first time on your website and have been enjoying your videos tremendously. Thank you so much. You are so generous with your time and information. I have been praying for a “buddy” or someone with your intellect to be a friend and talk to me and not hold back, and the X-tra’s are the people on your chat line. It’s all so perfect. Peace and blessings.

Simon says:

Hey, isn’t 1 hour cook time way too much? i.e. Brocoli is cooked in 10-15minutes tops

Margoth Araya says:

Regards Leo, trully appreciate your efforts for teaching this great diet habits and own recipies, didn’t know you have culinary instints inside of you also, lol.. My passion in life is food, I’m a chef in heart, but now that I’m looking into your videos…I found a great inspiration for dedicating to healthy and delicious foods, I can tell you there are many simple techniques that can transform a simple squash into heaven’s art, mouthwatering… take care and big thanks.

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