Leo's Solo Meditation Retreat

By Leo Gura - May 8, 2017 | 23 Comments

90 hours of nonstop meditation in the forest

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stephanie says:

Hey Leo!

This sounds awesome. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a shorter time however. I just came back from a short silent retreat in Sedona and it wasn’t what I had envisioned – too much of a pseudo/spiritual/trendy crowd.

HondaScoopy says:

Why would the crowd matter if it’s a silent retreat?

Stephanie says:

Your question makes sense! It wasn’t just a silent retreat, there was more involved…as dialogues and spiritual teachings. It matters to me what kind of people I surround myself with.

HondaScoopy says:

I feel you. The spiritual hippie is just another paradigm and quite an obnoxious one at that
It’s funny, one or two years ago I was surrounded by “normal” everyday people and would have jumped at the chance to hang with people into meditation and spirituality. Now I’ve transformed so much and met so many people like that, but now I would much rather spend time with those “normal” everyday people who have no idea of that whole domain haha. I know my path and the work I must do, so listening to others blathering on about the universe and their own philosophical views is now completely irrelevant.

Francesca says:

It sounds amazing to get the opportunity to spend few days by yourself in meditation and contemplation in nature. But what about security issues? Especially being a women I would not feel that safe to be all alone in the forest. Any suggestions?

Brett Miller says:


Another idea I had that you beat me to the implementation! I even asked my wife for camping gear last Christmas. I’m still looking for the ideal spot around here.

I was able to do a 9 day retreat near Tuscon AZ in Jan. of this year. I was able to put in a few 10+ hour Vipassana days, which lead to major growth here as well.

Great work man.
-Brett Miller

Simon George davis says:

Looks like the perfect place! It’s hard to imagine doing something like this for 3 years straight as some of the greats have! And more probably. Forever greatful Leo for putting me on the path, it is literally changing my life everyday and the same with many more people here I imagine! Legend! Happy birthday mate

Bernardo says:

Leo, by seeing all your content from the retreat came to me a rather fun metaphor.
I’ve associated you with neo at the last matrix film, while his waiting for a train in a train station that goes nowhere. But still he gotta return to the matrix on his own.
Anyways, your progress is truly inspiring, so inspiring that it was compared with a movie in my mind hahah. Congrats for the endurance and work!

Robin says:

So what exactly are the benefits of doing it solo?

At retreats I find that even the smallest actions like brushing your theeth turn out to be quite challanging for maintaining my mindfulness and Im greatful for all the things beeing done for me.

Linkard says:

Definitely something I’ll start doing once I can live on my own. Thanks for this video

Lee says:

Hi Leo. What can I say but truly inspirational, nice work. But I couldn’t help but get a cartoon like situation in my head about a giant bear bursting out of the trees like something from the covenant and chasing one seriously terrified Leo through the woods. How mindful would you be in that situation Leo? Pretty mindful I would expect lol. Look forward to hearing more about your insights from the trip.

Leo your work is shit

Bernardo says:

is THE shit

Jimmy Feiling says:

You the head chimp leo la te da

marijn says:

Hi Leo,

It is very nice to see you on your solo retreat. I especially like these two insights.
The one where you realize that it is important to not only be mindful, but also savor the moment and enjoy it. And the fact that focusing on efficiency might be holding you back.

I am impressed that you are putting in so many hours of meditation. Might I give you a tip about also increasing the quality of your meditation.

This is the past, future, now technique.

Be completely accepting and forgiving about your past. It could not and should not have been any different.

Stop actively working towards your goals. No planning, no schedules. Stop wanting for example to earn money, to write a book, to find a wife, to become enlightened. These desires work against you because it means that deep inside you believe the present moment is not good enough.

BE enlightened NOW. Love the moment. See that it is PERFECT. Don not worry about not using the moment efficiently enough. This is exactly what you should be doing.

If you manage these three steps you will connect with the universe. Your intuition will become perfect so you will know exactly what to do or think the next moment (without looking at your calendar or work schedule) and again you will apply step one to three. The next moment will be perfect too. When you have the discipline to keep adding at the row of perfect moments, the quality of each next moment will keep increasing, you will become in contact with the universe more and more and more… You will be in a flow, you will start achieving things effortlessly (without preplanning).

This is a way to become enlightened. But notice that step three entails that first you have to stop wanting to become enlightened.



Alissa says:

Thank you for sharing with us the importance of doing these retreats. It’s great to be able to see from your videos and insights not only what it entails on a practical level but how much growth you can get out of these solo retreats.

The quality and honesty of your work is awesome, I look forward to seeing more.

Prioritising these retreats is so difficult when you have life commitments, work relationships etc, but I guess that’s the journey you have to go on.

anabeo says:

Leo, looking at these videos I wonder, why don’t you just use tons of 5-MeO to become enlightened?

Leo Gura says:

Would be too easy

I can’t expect everyone to follow me on that. And I’m not sure yet that it would actually work.

Marcel says:

Hi Leo, that’s a great one. Thanks for sharing!!

Leo how would you define dogma? Please answer if its not too much trouble.

What a very fulfilling lone undertaking. The forest is indeed a perfect place of solo retreat due to nature’s overwhelming positive energies. Thanks for sharing this.

Linda Griffins says:

Thank you
Loyal fan of actualized.org

Yann says:

Walking is amazing, by the way. Each time I walk for more than half an hour, I feel my mind draining.
Everyone who do long walks feel the same, I heard. If you don’t know how to meditate, just walk!

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