Learning = Observation

By Leo Gura - October 9, 2017 | 7 Comments

How to learn by harnessing the magical power of awareness

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KG says:

Observation is our greatest power. People seem to lack appreciation for consciousness and being aware. Observing what’s happening instead of projecting what you think is happening would really short circuit false assumptions and problems.

Matthew McLoughlin says:

There was a documentary I saw on the power for the brain to heal itself.

There was a man with Parkinson’s disease, I think (the one where people lose the ability to control their motor functions). Without taking any medications, he was able to regain his ability to walk through conscious walking. Thinking about every step he took consciously.

Kevin Dunlop says:

Thats true Matt I have to do that sometimes – when things get out of line in the body walking can get difficult but when I think of every step and keeping aligned walking consciously is healing

Kevin Dunlop says:

Leo, when you go out walking tonight focus on observing the reflections and shadows. Train your mind to think of them as just as important as physical objects. They are quite beautiful to observe and are another level of reality we have been trained to ignore. Then during your daytime life you will begin to incorporate an automatic ability to enjoy reflections and shadows as much as other observations. Give the unimportant things an equal importance to the important things so that your mind gets used to you changing its focus. Next close your eyes and observe the colours and lights there the shapes and changing textures there. As you get good at seeing these internal processes you may see images there taking shape. If you continue doing this you will see that this junk finally becomes more and more real and becomes dreams. Now once you can focus on this inner eye aspect of consciousness leave the eyes half open and half closed to incorporate the two views of reality as equals, they are infact the same, the real world is full of random internal visual construction processes and the internal world full of external material stimulating its dreamlike inventions. Float free of preconcieved reality as you see more and more observable levels coming together that were once separated

Kevin Dunlop says:

After a while of experimenting with broadening you observations to include reflections and shadows youll realize everything you see is a reflection or gradation of light or shadow – this changes your perception after a while , makes it more real


Thanks for post amazing info in the form of video “Learning = Observation”

Mayur says:

Our leo da Vinci !

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